Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lakeview Server Robbed After Work Tuesday

A Lakeview server was robbed as they left work last night in the 2900 block of North Sheffield—the same block where a man was shot at a house party over the weekend.

The server was jumped around 10 p.m. near Sheffield and Wellington, police said.

They described the robber as a black man with a mini-Afro who was wearing a black varsity jacket with red and white stripes. The offender fled westbound on Wellington on a white or gray bicycle.


A robbery victim walked into the 19th District police station after being pepper-sprayed and robbed nearby on Sunday evening, police said.

The victim said he was in the 3600 block of North Fremont around 7:40 p.m. when “7 or 8 black females sprayed the gentleman and stole his cell phone,” an officer said.

No one is in custody.

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  1. The thugs and thugettes are running amok ... and the sound of crickets chirping issues forth from the collective offices of the mayor, the aldermen/women, the police commander .... and it's only mid-April. Imagine July. Shit.

  2. right outside the police station...lovely

  3. Our "leaders" are clearly looking the other way while all the mayhem is going down. It's as if they think we should embrace the criminal element that has invaded our area and let them "conduct their business" by robbing & beating us. I doubt this would be tolerated in the suburbs. And I never thought I'd want to live in the burbs, but this is getting ridiculous. :(

  4. "3600 block of North Fremont" mean literally right next to the police crime problem here....people can get robbed outside the police station and get away with it..but naw... crime is fine here right Tunney....