Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lakeview Partiers Wrestle Gunman After Early Morning Shooting On Sheffield; And Another Shot In Uptown

The victim was shot in the building at right. | Google
UPDATE 6:50PM APRIL 17 — Charges have been filed. Story HERE.

UPDATE 5:19PM — Here's the latest information on this morning's shooting.
  • The victim was shot in both legs, according to new information
  • The offender is a 24-year-old man who most recently listed an address in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, according to a source. 
Our original report from this morning follows.

Party-goers fought a gunman and wrestled away his weapon after a man was shot in Lakeview early Sunday morning.

The offender is in custody, and the victim is in serious condition at a local hospital.

Police said the offender was told to leave the party, but he returned to the second-floor apartment at 2943 North Sheffield moments later and shot a 21-year-old man in the left knee.

Many partiers fled the scene, and some flagged down a passing patrol car to report the gunfire.

Other people grappled with the offender, took away his handgun, and held the man for police. The suspect is being treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital for a minor head injury that he suffered in the fight.

Two shell casings were recovered at the scene along with one live round that witnesses removed from the gun before cops arrived, according to a source.

The victim’s condition was stabilized at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

This morning's shooting is Lakeview's first of the year.

Another Uptown Shooting

About an hour before the Lakeview incident, Uptown recorded its eighth shooting of the year.

A 15-year-old boy showed up at Weiss Hospital with a gunshot wound to his right cheek around 12:15 a.m., about 15 minutes after shots rang out in the 4400 block of North Racine, according to police.

Witnesses said the gunman fled with three other individuals into a building on the same block.

The victim’s condition was not immediately available.
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  1. And the promoters of the area want you to buy a condo to live around these 21-50 year old kids.

  2. I used to live in this building....sad to see that this area has turned into the wild west due to clueless gun toting morons. After a move further north near the ball park for another 13 years, I finally threw in the towel and headed to the quiet safe area of Naperville where the only concern I have at night is driving slow enough so I can avoid bunny rabbits on the road (versus begin shot, strong-armed robbed for my cell phone, or beaten by 'youths' visiting the hood from other armpit neighborhoods in our fair city of Chicago.

    1. If all the good leaves...then who is left to STAND?

  3. How much is a one bedroom apartment in Naperville?

    1. As someone who used to live in Uptown, commuting to Naperville was a bitch.

    2. A one BDR in Naperville is a hell of a lot cheaper than Lakeview. I admit that I miss a lot about the city, yet the shit-show unfettered crime due to a spineless alderman, a worthless City Council, and a hamstrung CPD isn't one of them. I get my 'city fix' courtesy of a 65 minute drive to the city, enjoy what it has to offer for 3-4 hours, then we get the hell out of there. Stay safe former neighbors....

  4. The best part of Naperville is you can carry a concealed firearm legally just abut anywhere you go.

  5. Naperville is great -- but you don't move there unless you have a job in the burbs. I left Laeview for Lake Forest (with the family) but also switched from working in the Loop to commuting n Mondays via O'Hare as a consultant.

  6. A common theme of armed individuals traveling to parties in this area from worse 'hoods is to provide "goods" to the white 20/30-somethings who believe they can dabble in certain substances without suffering any of the very real, and very violent consequences. I'm glad no one was killed -- and I'll applaud those who wrested away the loaded gun -- but I'm skeptical that the party-goers are 100% innocent (maybe most were, but at least one person is not). What are the odds this man wandered up to a second story apartment on his own the first time? Were the doors to this building on a busy street in a bar heavy block just left wide open on a weekend night for anyone to enter?

    1. actually I had a right next door neighbor who actually every weekend opened all his and the apartment building doors and had after hours parties till 5:00 am. He played in a band and in his apartment and kept us all awake. It eventually brought dangerous characters to loiter in front and behind the building on up to them going on the back porch and looking in the kitchen windows and stealing bicycles off the porch, even 2 years after we forced the land lord to remove them. So yes some idiots leave the doors open for party on weekends to invite the dangerous and homeless