Sunday, April 23, 2017

THE FRIENDLIER CONFINES: Cubs Home Game Arrests Down Sharply This Year

The Friendly Confines have been much friendlier so far this year.

Arrests at Chicago Cubs home games are down 72% so far compared to 2016..

Cops have made only five Cubs-related arrests through the first nine home games of the season—way down from eighteen arrests during the first nine games last season.

Katz | Chicago Police Dept
This year’s first Cubs arrestee was Paul Andre Katz, identified in his police arrest report as a 52-year-old Chicago attorney.

Katz was arrested inside Wrigley Field as the team played the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 14, according to police records.

Cubs security told police that they asked Katz to leave the stadium about 90 minutes into the afternoon game because Katz “was using profanity, disrupting, and causing a disturbance while seated at the ballpark,” court records say.

When Katz “refused" to clean up his act, security asked him to leave the park “due to him violating the code of conduct. Subject refused to leave and was detained by Wrigley security,” police said.

Katz is charged with criminal trespass to land, according to court records.

Technically, there was one arrest earlier than Katz’s: Reuben “Big Rube” Hunt, a 39-year-old from Humboldt Park.

Hunt | Chicago Police Dept
He was arrested outside of the stadium at 4:16 p.m. on opening day after a 54-year-old Sports Services concessionaire told cops that Hunt hit him repeatedly in the face and body with a cane.

But the attack is alleged to have happened on March 8 in a different part of town, so CWBChicago editors have ruled Hunt’s arrest to be “non-Cubs-related.”

A total of 87 arrests were made in connection with the Cubs’ 81 regular season home games last year.

Another 62 arrests were made during the team’s 2016 post-season play.

CWBChicago editors determine if incidents are "Cubs related" by reviewing police reports for all arrests made within a quarter-mile of Wrigley Field and within 3 hours of any Cubs home game.
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