Monday, April 17, 2017

Charges Filed In Lakeview House Party Shooting

Charges have been filed in connection with a shooting at a late-night house party in the 2900 block of North Sheffield on Sunday.

Warren | Cook County Sheriff
24-year-old James C. Warren IV of the Auburn Gresham neighborhood is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm, according to court records.

A judge this afternoon set his bail at $800,000.

Witnesses told police that Warren was asked to leave a party that was being held in an apartment at 2943 North Sheffield around 1:15 a.m. yesterday.

Warren left, returned with a gun, and shot a 21-year-old man in the legs before bystanders wrestled the weapon away and held Warren for police, according to records.

The victim was reported in serious condition at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center yesterday.

Warren was treated and released from Presence St. Joseph’s Hospital after receiving a head injury during a fight for control of the gun, police said.

Two shell casings were recovered at the scene along with one live round that witnesses removed from the weapon before cops arrived, according to a source.

The shooting was Lakeview's first of the year.

Warren is due back in court on April 24.
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  1. these college people need to stop inviting anybody into the apartments and the landlords need to stop them 50 or 100 people parties in their buildings, So destructive to the other tenants in the building and the neighborhood. City needs to fine land lords when idiots are having 50 or 100 people animal house parties in their buildings. Hope the guy shot sues start getting to landlords for renting and continuing this kind of mess parties.

  2. The landlord has no control over these parties. He can try to break the lease after the fact but his job is not to police the tenants. This has to be one the most stupid comment I have read on CWB

    1. I am a landlord, I call police or take police reports and file an emergency eviction notice go to ccourt and they the party animals are out in 30 days or less. A residence is a home not a bear garden to keep all other up and be destructive to me my building and other tenants and neighbors, Land lord has lots of rights especially in these 3 flat buildings in fact he has more power to evict tenants

    2. I'm sorry but I am a real landlord and eviction of a tenant is extremely difficult and you can't just evict someone for being a "party animal". You have to have lawful reason for eviction, tenants legally can have parties if they so choose. If said tenants repeatedly break the noise laws/rules then you have starting ground for eviction. Nothing in this article claims or implies these tenants are habitual "party animals" or that there were 50-100 people there.

  3. I've lived next to a house like this, and it's a fucking nightmare. I agree that the police should be able to fine the owner for this kind of crap.

    1. To the guy that claims to be a landlord and evicts people in 30 days, you're a LIAR!!! Cook County Evictions Court is slow and inefficient. Evictions take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. CPD does and will issue fines to the tenants that host these parties.

  4. LIAR IDIOT you have them sign in the lease no 20+ parties and if they do 30 day eviction DUH