Saturday, April 08, 2017

3 In Custody For Overnight Robbery At Belmont CTA Station

The Belmont Red Line station entrance | Chicago Transit Authority
Three suspects are facing charges after an early-morning robbery at the Belmont Red Line station today.

A witness said that one of the three men pulled out what appeared to be a gun, took her friend’s wallet, and then fled upstairs to the platform around 1:40 this morning.

Cops arrived quickly and found the offenders sitting on board a northbound train that was preparing to leave.

No weapon was found.

CWB Chicago will have more information on the case after charges are filed.

Robbery At Damen Brown Line

The Paulina Brown Line station entrance | Wikipedia
A group of teenage offenders jumped a man and then robbed him at gunpoint of his Chrome notebook bag yesterday afternoon outside of the Damen Brown Line station, 4643 North Damen.

The victim told police that the teens split up after they jumped him and stole his property around 4:45 p.m.

Police said the robbers were four black males and two Hispanic males, all between 17- and 19-years-old.

The attackers broke up into two groups after the robbery, with some running north on Winchester from Wilson and others running south on Ravenswood from Wilson

Juveniles Charged In Paulina Brown Line Robbery

The Paulina Brown Line station entrance | Chicago Transit Authority
Four juvenile boys are facing robbery charges after they tried to hold up a man at the Paulina CTA station around 10 p.m. on March 25.

The victim told police that one of the boys claimed to have a gun while the others hit the victim and struggled to take his phone.

CTA dispatch held all Brown Line trains, which allowed Chicago police to catch up with the suspects at the station, located at 3410 North Lincoln.

No further information was available about the case because the offenders are juveniles.


Other notable hold-ups:

- A Lakeview man fought off a robbery attempt while he walked his dog in the 1700 block of West Henderson around midnight last Sunday. The victim told police that three offenders jumped out of a dark 4-door vehicle and demanded money. He resisted and the men returned to their car and fled northbound on Ravenswood.

- Later that morning, a man reported that three offenders held him down and went through his pockets during a robbery near the 2400 block of North Lincoln in Lincoln Park. The robbers took the man's phone and wallet before running away.


  1. Ya know I was just thinking today...... it should just be reported when they're are NO robberies on the CTA within a 24 hour period.

    I'm sure the recent transplants appreciate the info though.

  2. Crime is down people, move along....

    1. It is down -- once you leave Chicago.

  3. I live a block from the reported robbery on Henderson St. I think I heard it go down; I was in my back yard around that time and I heard what sounded like four "pops" from that direction. I was surprised that the report above didn't mention an attempted shooting ... which makes me wonder if the narrative is telling the entire story.

  4. if you hear 4 pops that sound odd you need to dial 911 and report somebody shooting a gun

    1. And they don't pick up even after 12 rings? So you call again and it's 10 rings?

      Some people gotta go to work.

  5. I thought last year Tom Turkey our alder puss was going to have police patrol the Belmont station........or was that just my bull from him

  6. The social centers have put lakeview
    On the map as easy pickings.