Friday, March 10, 2017

WRIGLEYVILLE: Carjacker Forces Woman Into Trunk, Drives To Far South Side, Crashes

The woman was found more than 23 miles from Wrigleyville
UPDATE 6:33PM—Police now say the woman was sexually assaulted before being locked in her trunk. Case may be related to February 28 sexual assault at gunpoint in Lakeview. New details posted HERE.

Our original story follows...
A Wrigleyville woman was forced into her trunk at gunpoint and then driven to the city’s Far South Side by a carjacker yesterday evening.  It all played out less than two blocks from Wrigley Field (and the 19th District police station). No one is in custody.

The woman managed to escape from the trunk after the offender crashed her car at 11516 South Throop—more than 23 miles from where she was abducted.

She said the man forced her into the trunk of her Mazda around 8:30 p.m. in the 3700 block of North Fremont, according to police.

The gunman then drove around the city for more than 90 minutes with the woman trapped in the vehicle’s trunk. He stopped at least twice along the way, the woman said.

Finally, around 10 p.m., the man crashed the car in West Pullman neighborhood and fled the scene. After the impact, the slightly-injured woman was able to free herself and seek help.

Police said the carjacker is black, he weighs about 200-pounds and he had a goatee. He stands about 5’10” tall and was wearing a red sweatshirt with khaki pants.

The woman was being treated for minor injuries at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.
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  1. This is simply too much. What the ****. She was going to be held, gang-raped and killed.

  2. What a horrifying ordeal!! She is lucky she wasn't raped & murdered!! Perhaps this horrific crime will shed some light on what has been going on around here for years. I was pleased that it was all over the news this morning. Lets keep up the momentum.

    This is what happens when "social service" agencies invite criminals to our neighborhood and the mayor decimates the police force. It's a recipe for disaster.

    This poor young woman will surely have emotional trauma from this event for years to come. I am so happy that she survived this ordeal and wasn't harmed even further.

  3. Again, local PRAVDA reporting that there's only a "vague" description of the POS.

    1. That's all anyone has to go on. Most people when put in the spot of victim are extremely stressed and scared and do not pay attention to identifiers or forget as the crime continues and afterward as the mind may block the horrific things that had happened.

  4. --- HEY TUNNEY and CAPPLEMAN ---

    Look, nobody here thinks you're responsible for every criminal ass-hat walking the neighborhood. OK? We'll spot you that.
    Your mayor is bigger than you are. Your alder-zoo is bigger than you are. Toni Preckwinkle and Kim Fox are bigger than you are. Let's be fair. Let's start there.
    You have done NOTHING. (Please let's not hoist this stupid-ass deal to protect the bar owners in the entertainment district with private security. Please don't go there Tommy.)
    Let's deal with basics.
    - Neither of you have admitted there's a problem. Not even that.
    - Neither of you has even commented on such obvious issues as the COH, or The Crib or gang presence in the parks. No comments on murders or street crime. NOTHING!
    - Neither of you has proposed shit.
    - Neither of you has conducted an interview on this topic. Here or anywhere.

    Want to know why people are so pissed? It ain't rocket science.
    You've got time to post pics of you eating baked goods. Mouth watering tales of how your neighbors pies. You've got time to support a paper bag tax. (Good god!) And propose 'creative loitering'. And lie about cops being at the Red Line station. All the time in the world for that.

    And (apparently) zero time / energy / interest to deal with the #1 issue around: SAFETY....CRIME.

    Show up in these pages. Make some clear statements. Propose something, anything.
    Show some f'ing leadership. Or do the decent thing --- go home. Watch Oprah reruns. Take up crochet. Whatever. But do something, or get out. Have some self respect.

    1. Excellent comment. Sadly, voters have allowed this BS to continue by re-electing these mopes who do nothing for their constituents. People are getting fed up with the criminal-friendly city of Chicago and are fleeing. Who will pay all the taxes and fees when we all leave?

    2. And yet both keep getting voted back into office, which leads one to question what is wrong with the citizens?

  5. I'm sorry to say this. But I think it's time for trump to send the Feds to Chicago!