Wednesday, March 22, 2017

River North: High Rise Resident Tore Down 44th Floor Wall To Burglarize Neighbor's Unit, Prosecutors Say

Esquivel-Perez is accused of tearing through a 44th-floor wall at 10 E. Ontario (right) | Google
A River North man is accused of carrying out one of the most poorly-planned burglaries in history.

36-year-old Epifanio Esquivel-Perez used a hammer to tear down a wall between his high-rise apartment and a neighbor’s unit, prosecutors say. He then crawled through the hole, collected the neighbor’s valuables, and walked out of the neighbor’s front door, according to court records.

It all allegedly took place on the 44th floor at 10 East Ontario this month.

The neighbor’s cell phone, keys, identification, purse, Brookstone speaker, and white laser pen were recovered from Esquivel-Perez, police said.

Cops say Esquivel-Perez “admitted to entering [the neighbor’s unit] through drywall and taking the victim’s property. He further admitted to damaging [another neighbor’s] door knocker,” which was worth $200.

Esquivel-Perez is charged with residential burglary and criminal damage to property.
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