Friday, March 10, 2017

NEW: Wrigleyville Woman Was Raped In Car Before Thursday Abduction; Connections To February 28 Case Eyed

Chicago police tonight have released new details about Thursday evening’s carjacking and abduction of a woman in Wrigleyville.

Police have revealed that last night’s victim was sexually assaulted in her car before being abducted. And, for the first time, police are now saying that the incident may be related to the February 28th sexual assault of a Lakeview woman in her vehicle.

Here is the latest information:

Around 8:20 p.m. last night, a gunman confronted a 24-year-old woman as she walked out of her garage and toward her residence in the 3700 block of North Fremont Street.

The man, who approached her from behind, forced the woman into the trunk of her car and raped her, police said tonight.

With the victim in the trunk, the man proceeded to drive to the Far South Side where he tried to withdraw money from her account at several ATMs.

Around 10 p.m, the man crashed the woman’s car at 11516 South Throop and ran away.

Tonight, detectives announced that yesterday’s attack is “similar and MAY [involve] the same offender" as the February 28th attack.

In that case, a woman was walking to her vehicle in the 1200 block of West Barry around midnight when an unknown man raped her at gunpoint after forcing her into her vehicle.

The February 28th attacker is described as a black man between 25- and 30-years-old, 5’9” tall, about 160 pounds, with short black hair, and a medium complexion. He had a short beard or scruff on his chin and a mole on his face. He was wearing a brown or green colored vest, a black button-downed shirt with white markings on the bottom and dark colored pants.

Last night’s gunman is described as a black man between 25- and 35-years-old, 5’10” tall, who weighs 160 to 200 pounds. He has short black hair, a medium complexion, and a scruffy goatee with a thin mustache. The man was wearing a red colored zip-up style jacket with brown khaki pants, police said.

Police have offered several personal safety tips:
• Always be aware of your surroundings.
• Pay special attention to suspicious people in the area and report to the police.
• If confronted by an offender, remain calm.
• Remember any unique descriptive characteristics of suspects (Scars, limp, etc.)
• Never pursue a fleeing assailant, provide the information to police.
• Call 911 immediately and provide a detailed description of the offender.
• Walk in pairs.
Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call Area North investigators at 312.744-8261
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  1. You basically have to have your head on a swivel folks. Add to that - you need to NEVER let yourself be taken to a secondary crime scene, e.g. - don't get into your trunk. Learn BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga AND MOST IMPORTANTLY -- A HANDGUN and IL CCW.

  2. He should run to the Center on Halsted so they can protect him from the police.

  3. Sad. This is serial in nature. I love that neighborhood...Sad, sad to hear. Please, everyone be vigilant, and be careful.

  4. Hey Tunney, how about those extra police we were told were coming? Oh right...they can now attack women at not even F'n 9pm and get away with it cause you are an asshole and wont get us the police we need and pay for.

    1. They are pulling manpower off of midnights and putting them on 1906 cars plain clothes and letting them leave at 2am.

      This is bait and switch because they are on the midnights sheets and on paper it looks like they are working midnights when in fact they are not.
      Fooling the public and downtown.

    2. They are hiring private security. Cause we don't pay enough taxes for actually police already.

  5. Rahm is not going to do anything.

    Write to Trump and Jeff Sessions.
    Give them the chance to catch prosecute and hang the rapist.
    It will make Trump a hero to the people who want safe streets and law and order.

  6. Read this awful news and then went to the Tribune to see if they were running it. Didn't see it there, but one headline caught my eye: "Alderman moves to protect Lakeview mansion from demolition." Apparently Tunney is too busy protecting broken down inanimate objects to be bothered with protecting people.

  7. If he stopped at "several" ATMs, likely one or more would have cameras (even the cheap ones) or surveillance footage from nearby. This is not Sherlock Holmes stuff, CPD, if you want this person caught you can circulate his picture and ask for the public's help. What's worse is that this happened TWO BLOCKS from a large CPD station and less than a block from an elementary school.

  8. Let me add an item to the police safety tips:

    • Never vote Democrat again.

  9. Always amazes me when the media interviews residents and the usual response is, "It's scary. This kind of thing never happens here! It's so unusual for this neighborhood." Seriously? Live under a rock? It's been happening! Try reading CWB every day!

  10. This is the stuff of horror movies. A female raped, thrown in her own car and then this animal tried to use her ATM card so she can have the honor of paying for this crime. Can you imagine?

  11. Hey Tunny, how does this happen blocks from a police station?

  12. It sure does seem like Lakeview is being terrorized by outsiders.
    If we can get some of these crimes classified as terrorist acts,
    can we get additional help from the Feds?

  13. Wow! CWB has a full description of the criminal while all other local "media" refuses to provide one.

  14. In the density of the city, so many opportunities for bad people to hide and sneak up on us, especially at night.
    Frankly, I would not go out or come home by myself even if it meant quitting my job.
    This type crime is so horrible, the terror these girls must have experienced is unspeakable. Imagine being in that trunk, after being raped - not knowing your fate. Even if you did have a gun he soon would have confiscated it - you really have no defense.
    I see girls walking down on our dark street at night and I'm only a mile north of Wrigleyville.
    Don't they watch the news or read the paper? I wish there was a way of notifying everyone asap when these crimes are committed - as they do on college campuses when an email or text blast goes out to everyone.

  15. He'll be caught and out in 4 years.

  16. How many police were assigned to the case when Rahm Emanuels son had his iphone stolen? This case should have 5 times the number of detectives on it right? Meanwhile 5-6 full time police officers drive Alderman Burke around town and guard him 24/7-as if his own mother would even recognize him. Pull that full detail and assign them to walk a beat in Wrigley immediately. This city is so crooked it needs a big flood to wash off the stench.

  17. How many cops were parked in front and in the alley of Emanuels house that's all that he cares about.

  18. So sad. My heart goes out to these young women.

  19. And how many here were complete fools and voted for Kim Foxx?

    1. Not me. Not in a million years.
      I was at a charity / awards event well before the election. Preckwinkle dragged KF up on stage. Then, completely unrelated to the event, pitched a shameless commercial for Fox. An embarrassment even by Chicago standards.

  20. Are there no ATM videos of the suspect?

  21. This is absolutely terrifying. I am getting the fuck out of this city.

  22. This young woman will never be the same. I partied with all my gay buds, young woman that I was..buzzed and dressed to the nines. .stumbled home all hours..never had a problem. That was a long time ago, sad for younger people in the hood now...