Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Boystown Man Charged With Burglarizing Halsted Pizza Joint Is Suspect In Other Cases

Philip Kordowski (inset), charged with burglarizing Boystown's Venicci Pizza, is suspected in several other heists.
A 51-year-old Boystown man with a lengthy prison record is charged with breaking into a Halsted Street pizzeria this month and cops say he is also suspected of burglarizing several other local businesses—including Alderman Tom Tunney’s Ann Sather Restaurant on Broadway.

Cops set up surveillance on Philip Kordowski’s home in the 500 block of West Hawthorne Place last week and took him into custody as he walked his roommate’s dog, according to court records.

Kordowski is eyed in this liquor store break-in on March 5. | Chuck Rogers
He is charged with breaking out a window and rummaging through two cash registers at Venicci Pizza, 3343 North Halsted, on March 4.

When cops went to return the dog to Kordowski’s roommate, they saw a gray sweatshirt with the words “The night is dark and full of terror” written on the back lying on a chair.

Video images from the pizza burglary showed the offender wearing an identical sweatshirt, prosecutors said.

Cops asked the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to also charge Kordowski with breaking into Alderman Tom Tunney’s restaurant at 3415 North Broadway and the nearby Revolucion Steakhouse on January 22 and a liquor store at 3158 North Broadway on March 5. But, an attorney in the office determined that there is insufficient evidence to pursue those cases, according to police records.

Kordowski is currently on parole for a series of burglaries and an armed robbery in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

He was sentenced to three concurrent 12-year terms for those crimes in 2008.

Kordowski’s previous prison sentences include:
• 8 years for burglary in 2003
• 8 years for burglary in 2002
• Another 8 years for burglary in 2002
• Yet another 8 years for burglary in 2002
• Still yet another 8 years for burglary in 2002
• 3 years for attempted burglary in 2001
• 5 years for residential burglary in 1996
• Another 4 years for burglary in 1996
• 5 years for receiving/possessing a stolen vehicle in 1996
• Another 4 years for receiving/possessing a stolen vehicle in 1996
• 3 years for retail theft in 1994
• 2 years for theft in 1989
• Another 2 years for theft in 1989
• 4 years for burglary in 1983
• Another 4 years for burglary in 1983
He is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail.
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  1. Well, I guess the good news is that since he has more than 10 prior convictions, the CC state's attorney will actually follow the law as written instead of re-writing it as she pleases and actually charge him with a felony (not that it will do a damn bit of good given that he obviously isn't made to serve any real time). Disgusting and shameful example of our system.

  2. Another example of how broken and useless Illinois courts and corrections are in providing any sort of justice. Disgusting!