Sunday, March 19, 2017

Accused Wrigleyville Rapist: Released From Prison Early Despite Violent Past

Henigan in photos from the Tulsa (OK) Police Department; Antioch (IL) Police Department; and Facebook
The man who's been charged with raping, robbing, and abducting a 24-year-old Wrigleyville woman on March 9 is a three-time convicted felon who has been released early from prison three times, despite having a violent track record. That's according to a CWB Chicago review of Illinois court and prison records.

To summarize 31-year-old Jarqueese Henigan's adult years:
2004: Sentenced to 4 years for burglary
2006: Released early
2006: Sentenced to 10 years for firearms charge
2011: Released early
2011: Sentenced to 6 years for possessing a firearm in a robbery
2014: Released early
2017: Charged with raping, kidnapping, robbing Wrigleyville woman
Sadly, one of the next entries in that timeline will almost certainly include the phrase "released early." Illinois never learns.

Bad Behavior Earns Rewards

Most recently, Henigan was convicted of robbing a Game Stop in the Wisconsin border town of Antioch, Illinois.

He was 25 when he and another man pulled out handguns and took the store's cash and video surveillance tape in September 2011, according to Lake County records.

Henigan was unaware of a second surveillance camera that captured the crime, leading investigators to one of his co-conspirators.

Henigan and the other gunman were arrested soon after the third man was scooped up in a Lake County traffic stop three days later.

The suburban Daily Herald newspaper reported optimistically in 2011 that Henigan, "faces a mandatory prison sentence of six to 30 years."

In fact, Henigan did receive a six year sentence. But, he was also given Illinois' standard 50% discount off of that sentence and he was paroled in 2014.

Prior to that, Henigan was given a 50% discount off of a ten year prison sentence that he earned in 2006 for attempted aggravated discharge of a firearm in Lake County.

And, before that, he was given another 50% discount off of a four-year sentence for burglary in Lake County.

"While You Were Out"

After being paroled on the robbery case he resumed his practice of having run-ins with police.

Wilmette authorities charged him with excessive speeding, fleeing, and eluding police in September 2015.

Then, he went missing until he was picked up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last August on an Illinois prison fugitive warrant.

Details about what happened after that were not immediately available.

A Good Boy

Henigan got divorced almost immediately after being released from prison in 2014.

Illinois prison records indicate that he has at least four gunshot wound scars, including one on his head and two in his back.

Apparently, he just isn't that popular of a fella.

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  1. and police refuse to stop and frisk because these violent criminals may sew the city so Tom and his friends keep saying. Total BS Tom turkey and police in this neighborhood. STOP AND FRISK STOP AND FRISK then you can rid this neighborhood of this dam criminals hanging out on the blocks waiting to rob and rape

  2. STOP AND FRISK under Jodi Weiss brought street crime and gang activity down by over in Pilsen back in the day. Due to ACLU: WHITE RICH LIBERALS that live in the cushy North Shore, STOP AND FRISK was STOPPED.. . They wouldn't live with bullet holes in their living room as I did for several years. Pilsen is wide open gangs do as they please. ACLU are responsible for insane street crime as I see it.

    1. Thank you for seeing the truth

  3. Stop and Frisk can only do so much when the Illinois laws allow automatic 50% off your sentence just for breathing.

  4. Very sad indeed. Between Kim Fox and the judges in Cook county, this criminal will be back on the streets before long at all. In the meantime, Rahm and his minions complain about the need to stop gun crime. How about enforcing the laws on the books?! Our local elected officials have abdicated their responsibility to keep us safe and are now looking to blame the Feds. Let the police do their job (get the ACLU off their backs) and investigate the negligence in the SA office and judiciary!

  5. Have no earthly idea why you'd think stop and frisk would work. Even convicted criminals are out in a matter of months or years.

  6. Get rid of ACLU in Chicago and then it will get better.

  7. Due to ACLU: WHITE RICH LIBERALS that live in the cushy North Shore..??????? North Shore ? The North Shore community is far removed from any of this. They are in a completely different social economical community that has very little to do with our neighborhood.

    1. Actually in a roundabout way, they kinda do, ie,. They contribute to the coffers of our tiny dancer mayor and alder creatures because many of them agree with their progressive Marxist agenda, so long as it never gets near their backyards, they KNOW what's best for us backwards ass unenlightened chumbalones. Keep voting democrat.

    2. We live in Lake Forest - believe me, we aren't overly interested in what happens in Lakeview - after we sold and moved. We saw the crime and once the kids were older, it was time to move.

    3. Then why are you posting?

    4. So you raised your kids in a criminal environment. Nice job. Mom and Dad of the year.

  8. I hear a Democrat is running for governor to fix things. LOL!

  9. Forrest Gump was primarily thinking of IL politicians and legislators when he said - Stupid is as stupid does. Someone can be Sentenced for 10 years but out in 5! Stop and think of that for a moment. It's amazing how the entire state of IL can allow something like this which is so idiotic. It makes me want to laugh and cry and get angry all at the same time.