Monday, March 06, 2017

"16.5 Years" For Three Robberies (But He'll Be Set Free Next June)

Perkins (inset) beat and robbed a man near Belmont and Halsted in 2015, prosecutors said
He punctured a man’s eardrum and busted the victim’s kneecap during a robbery on Boystown’s Halsted Street bar strip in September 2015, prosecutors said.

Earlier the same night, he robbed two other people on a Blue Line train.

Last week, Keith Perkins pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery and one count of aggravated robbery-indicating the presence of a firearm in the cases.

Now, Perkins is getting a taste of Illinois "justice."

He’s been sentenced to 5-1/2 years in prison for each of the three robberies.

A normal person might think that three 5.5-year prison sentences will keep Perkins behind bars for over 16 years.

But, no.

He’ll be paroled in just over one year—on June 15, 2018.

Three Attacks In One Night

The Boystown victim suffered a punctured eardrum and a broken kneecap at the hands of Perkins and co-defendant Oscar Suarez near Belmont and Halsted, according to prosecutors. The duo also took the man's phone.

Earlier that night, a CTA rider told police that Perkins placed him in a chokehold while Suarez went through the victim's pants and took his phone and wallet.

A second victim on the same train told police that Suarez punched him in the face while Perkins and third man, Elohim Bey, held him. Suarez then went into the victim's pockets and took his iPhone, the victim said.

Suarez is being held without bail awaiting trial in the cases.

Bey last month received a four-year sentence after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated robbery-indicating presence of a firearm. He’ll be paroled after serving just one year and one week of his prison time—on February 16 of next year.

The Perkins Reduction

How did Perkins go from seemingly 16.5 years behind bars to just over a year in prison? Follow along:
• The judge ordered the three sentences to be served concurrently. So, that takes Perkins down to 5.5 years.
• Illinois gives virtually every inmate an automatic 50% sentence reduction. That takes him to 2.75 years.
• Subtract the time that Perkins sat in jail fighting the cases.
• Voila! He walks in just over a year.
Remember this the next time someone tells you how terrible Illinois is toward criminals.
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  1. This city, county and state sucks. The MSM should but will never publish a story like this because Rahm controls the narrative in Chicago. Editorial boards all pay homage to Rahm. The goal is to keep people stupid, and it works. The machine continues and it seems will never stop, even if half of Chicago has buyers remorse for voting Rahm in 2ce. Is there any hope for this hell hole? Thank you CWB for getting the truth out there.

  2. Replies
    1. yes what is the judges name .. Need to compile a list of bad judges they need to be VOTED OUT. Judicial system in Illinois stinks

  3. I don't understand the concurrent sentencing... Does it really not matter whether someone robs one person or 10 people? Is there a guideline these judges follow that has been codified somewhere?

  4. I can't stop laughing

    1. Why is that? Have you had a broken knee cap? This guy may never 100% recover from his injury, definitely not before these scumbags get out.

  5. Is there anything we citizens can do about the short sentences? What is going on here is scandalous - you would think one or more journalists could make this into a major story and get the non criminal citizens all riled up. Would John Kass at the Tribune touch this?

    1. The large, liberal newspapers in town will NEVER cover this critical issue in any meaningful way. Can you imagine a more relevant and necessary story line than tracking future violent crimes by convicted criminals who are released after only serving a fraction of their sentence? It would be soooo easy to do. Congrats to CWB for honest reporting, sadly a rarity these days.

    2. You can't single out media in Chicago alone. Use the drop-down on DNAinfo's page and select the only other option....New York. They feature the same stories, BS and "tone" as the Chicago stories.

    3. It sounds like a plea bargain, in which case you need to take it up with the State attorney's office.

  6. Elohim Bey, aka Sideshow Bob, the court sentences you to...

  7. We need to elect a new State's attorney, and judges who are tougher on crime.

  8. Just an FYI, one should always be on guard on the el train. Im not blaming the victims here. Wearing headphones and absorbing yourself in a book are the most counterintuitive actions to self preservation. I've seen people mugged and assaulted because they weren't aware of their surroundings.

    1. Sick blame the victims. This is not a war zone its the criminals fault and we need to start pushing for 3 strikes out laws

    2. Wearing mirrored or very dark sunglasses and having earbuds in on very low volume is also one sure way to keep them the fuck away from you too. They hate it.

      My guess is 75% of those people you think aren't "aware of their surroundings" are more than you ever are.

    3. "Aware" progressive hipster in red skinny jeans with bad breath jumps on Red Line at Lawrence at 3am and immediately strikes a commando jujitsu pose with no earbuds and eyes wide open like a deer in headlights. They know there's nothing of value in your "starving artist" clutch purse either. Nah, ain't nobody gonna mess with YOU!