Monday, February 13, 2017

Woman Robbed During Craigslist Meet-Up

A Craigslist meet-up turned sour in Uptown Sunday when a woman who hoped to buy a PlayStation 3 wound up being robbed instead.

The woman told police that she went to the 900 block of West Montrose around 10 a.m. to purchase the entertainment system after agreeing to a deal online.

Once she arrived in Uptown, she was met by about five men in their late teens, the woman said. When she pulled out her phone to check on the details of the transaction, one of the men whipped out a gun, and another man took her cellphone.

The entire group then ran into a nearby residential building and fled out its back door.

According to the woman, the gunman had short dreadlocks and carried a black semi-automatic. All of the offenders were male, black, and stood between 5’10” and 6-feet tall, she said.
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  1. If you're gonna do business on Craigslist tell the prospective seller/ buyer to meet you at the police station

  2. Please, people, go with your gut feeling and get the hell out of there quick. Your gut feeling is not evil - it is the truth speaking to you. Listen to it.

  3. Thats more excitement then any video game could ever give to a person. Well worth the 300 bucks. Rham.

  4. Imagine that!? In Uptown?

  5. If your going to do business with craigslist users do it at the public library.Just stay out of uptown and use the one in rogers park on clark street.Only safe way.