Monday, February 13, 2017

Robbery Offenders Surprise Lincoln Park Psychic

A Lincoln Park psychic salon reported losing over $1,500 to a pair of robbers on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Officers went to the shop in the 2800 block of North Lincoln after a caller reported seeing the robbers trying to force their way into an attached apartment.

When cops arrived, they learned that the salon itself had been robbed of cash.

The offenders are described as a heavy-set white man in his 30’s who stands about 5’8” tall and a white female who stands about 5’2” tall.

An ambulance was called to assist the apartment’s occupant, who reportedly suffers from a serious medical condition.
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  1. Is this a robbery or a burglary?

    1. Revenge. The dude never won the lottery or the love of his life on Friday like she said.

  2. Not very prescient for a Psychic. Not very good for their business. Maybe there are better Psychics in the neighborhood.

  3. I can believe they didn't see this coming.

  4. Guess she couldn't see that coming, huh?