Sunday, February 19, 2017

Probation For Woman Who Left Cats And Dog To Die In Lakeview Apartment

This pit bull mix, "Vinny," was one of three animals left to die in a Lakeview apartment, police said | Photo: CWB source
It’ll be 12-months probation for Christina Laskero, the 22-year-old woman who was accused of moving out of a Lakeview apartment in September and leaving two cats and a dog behind to die from neglect.

Laskero has pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals and failure to perform animal owner duties, according to court records.

Laskero | Chicago Police Dept
Police said Laskero failed to return to her apartment at 505 West Belmont to feed and care for her pets, a pit bull breed named "Vinny" and two cats, "Georgia Moon" and "Champ.”

The animals were found three months after Laskero moved out when a building engineer entered Laskero’s apartment to investigate “a water leak and odor emitting out of the residence” just before Christmas.

Once inside, the worker summoned police after finding ”deplorable conditions.”

A Chicago Police Department gang and animal crimes investigation team said in court records that Laserko admitted to leaving the animals behind.

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  1. Very sad, but what’s up with the building manager? “Found 3 months after Laskero moved out”! The manager must have noticed that she stopped paying rent. I am a smalltime landlord and when someone stops paying rent I first try to contact them. If I cannot contact them I post a notice on apartment door and state I will be entering apartment in 48 hours, required by law.

    1. Also, I'm sure Lakeview's beloved Beal Properties hadn't a clue who lived there anyway as their was constantly milk crates and other debris from the alley perched by the side windows for whomever to come and go as they please....without a key ya know.

    2. 3 months is the norm for how long it takes for a landlord to be allowed to enter the apartment and evict a non-rent paying tenant. It's a private residence with ability to enter only with permission or a warrant before that.

    3. She didn't move out. Mommy was still paying her rent. She just decided to not go back home to get pets for 3 months.

  2. What a disgusting creature, I hope she has a short and miserable life just like she gave! What a putrid excuse of a person!!

  3. Yeah, probation always sends the message that this is a serious crime.

  4. She should be given their fate. I cannot even fathom this level of cruelty. #theywalkamongus

  5. Probation instead of death by starvation & dehydration? "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" Nope. "Welcome to the Petsmart!"

  6. It becomes very clear in reading these articles that the problems we are having with crime and violence in Chicago is not the police and/or their willingness to make arrests, but the judges that continually fail to hand out justified sentences.
    I am continually reading articles on this site where gang bangers, and common criminals are given a slap on the wrist for what I would consider serious crimes.
    As a citizen, I suppose all I can do is continue to vote to recall these judges...but the new judges do not seem to be any better than the old ones that were recalled. Is there anything else that can be done?

  7. Just read the reviews of 505 Belmont and Beal Properties.
    It would be nice to see the city put Beal out of business.
    Pam Zekman, are you reading this?

  8. I can't imagine how it took 3 months for the building engineer / manager to discover this horror. No one heard the dog barking or whining or the cats meowing because they were starving? No other tenants complained about the smell? Or fluids from dead animals leaking through the floor? Must be a LOVELY place to live!

  9. This person makes me sick.

  10. Is it possible she only pleaded guilty to the owner neglect charge and still has to face the judge for animal cruelty? This is from

    *** JUNE 2017 HEARINGS ***

    JUNE 5, 2017 (Monday)
    **COURT: Branch 43 (Judge Kuzas), 3150 W Flournoy, 9:00am
    --LASKERO, Christina DOB 071494 (16121702601, HZ562404)
    charges(2): 1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01)
    1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3) Plea of guilty 03Feb17
    arrest: 28Dec16
    arresting officer: CPD ACT
    animals(3): 1 dog (deceased), 1 cat (deceased)
    history: 29Dec16 $1500 I-bond, 03Feb
    note: 03Feb17 plea of guilty to owners duties, 12 month supervision, check-in
    every 4 months for proof of medical treatment; cruel treatment probably
    nolled but not stated in court computer.

    1. Could this be the same person abusing dogs in Wisconsin?

      Full Name: Cristina Marie Laskero
      Address: 539 West Caine Street Apt 11
      City: Whitewater
      State: WI
      Zip Code: 53190
      Date of Birth: 07/xx/1994
      Race: C
      Charging County: Walworth County, Wisconsin
      Case Number: 2015WL002610
      Charge: Intentionally Mistreat Animals
      Statute: 951.02
      Type: M
      Charge Date: 02/10/2016
      Case Number: 2015WL002610
      Charge: Intention. Imp.Animal Shelter Sanitation
      Statute: 951.14(4)
      Type: M
      Charge Date: 02/10/2016

    2. Yeah, Same person. The Whole family is fucked in the head.

  11. The charges in Wisconsin was dropped bc there was no evidence it was her. Her ex girlfriend on the other hand was charged with it and even plead guilty