Thursday, February 23, 2017

Man Had Loaded Gun On Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, Cops Say

A romantic ride on a Chicago landmark seemed like a grand way to spend Valentine's evening in our beautiful city.

But those plans quickly turned "un-romantic" after cops found a 24-year-old man packing a loaded .45-caliber handgun on Navy Pier’s famous Ferris Wheel, according to court records.

Police went to the pier around 7 p.m. on February 14 after security reported that someone was smoking pot on the 196-foot-tall ride.

Security directed arriving officers to the car that Xavier Crump was riding in, according to police records.

Cops said they found 3 grams of pot and a glass pipe in Crump’s possession before he volunteered that he also had a gun in his front left pocket.

Police said they recovered a .45-caliber Rock Island Armory handgun that was loaded with eight live rounds.

Crump, of downstate Morris, is charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon without a concealed carry license. He has no previous criminal record in Cook County, police said.
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  1. A 1911 is a little too big to be carrying in a front left pocket. It's also pretty heavy so I wonder how low his pants were saggin'. On the plus side...he did have little chance to accidentally discharge.

    1. Just what I want - me and my family on the Ferris wheel (or anywhere else for that damn matter) and some clown 'accidentally discharges' a large caliper hand weapon.
      Terrific add to city life.

  2. Anything less than 10 grams of pot is an optional ticket from cops, as possession of small amounts of weed have been decriminalized in Chicago. I'm surprised cops were called for something so trivial and am even more surprised that they even showed up. I would expect in a city that is boasting 100 murders YTD without having even completed two months in the year, the police would have better things to do with their time.

  3. Maybe have GANG NIGHT AT NAVY PIER.
    Invite rival gangs on one night.
    Not a gang member? Stay home.

  4. Sigh the new Ferris Wheel is not that old and already has it's first weapons arrest. Should have left him up there.

  5. Metal detectors at Navy Pier?
    Why not?
    They got em at the Lyric Opera and Ravinia.

  6. A new riff on "shoot for the stars"...

  7. Bringing a loaded gun to a tourist attraction in downtown Chicago while smoking pot. Brilliant!

    I do give credit to the young man for being forthcoming with police about his gun.

  8. He had NO criminal record, so he could have got a CCW. At least then he wouldn't have a gun charge on top of the weed and paraphernalia charges...Or if Chicago did the sensible thing and pass Constitutional Carry everyone would be better off! That still wouldn't help him with the weed charges (which will keep him from legally carrying a firearm in the future; if they charge him with a felony and he is convicted).

    1. Seems like a great plan to me.
      We just don't have enough weed smoking f'ed up doofuses packing heat anywhere in the city now, do we?

  9. He was a tourist in our sleepy community so I demand he be let go.