Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gunman Threatens Women On North Center Street; "Oh My God! I'm Gonna Die!"

A Lakeview woman and her friend ran for their lives after a man emerged from a North Center alley, pointed a handgun at their faces, and racked the gun’s slide early Sunday.

911 callers reported hearing one of the women scream, “Oh my God! I’m gonna die!” and “He has a gun!”

Other callers saw a man running from the scene as the women ran in the opposite direction.

The victims, who sought help inside a nearby bar, said they were walking in the 1800 block of West Grace near Lincoln Ave when the man emerged from the alley around 12:20 a.m.

The women ran away despite the offender’s threat to shoot them if they did not stop, police said.

Police are unsure of the man’s motive because the women did not stick around long enough to hear what the man wanted.

They describe the gunman as a white male wearing a black or gray hoodie who stands about 5’8” tall.

Robbed On Ravenswood

Two offenders mugged a man in the 4400 block of North Ravenswood on Saturday evening.

The victim told police that the robbers pulled out a handgun, took his wallet and phone, and then fled northbound on Ravenswood.

He described the offenders as two black men in their late teens or early 20’s. Both wore black hoodies, and one may have worn a backpack.

Crickets From The Alderman, er, "Governor"

Both of these incidents as well as Friday evening's fatal shooting of an armed woman occurred in the 47th Ward, which is represented by Alderman Ameya Pawar.

Pawar has said absolutely nothing about any of it, largely because he's too busy running for governor.

But, we're pretty sure that he would've found time to show up at an anti-police rally, had there been one. He's a big fan of those.
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  1. "But, we're pretty sure that he would've found time to show up at an anti-police rally, had there been one. He's a big fan of those."

    1. Looks like "Dumb and Dumber" standing in photo

  2. Please go to Ameya Pawar Facebook page & express your thoughts. We don't need someone who is anti-police running for Govenor. He doesn't really know what he stands for, just jumps on the bandwagon. This state has enough problems already.

  3. As a local cop, thank you for that last paragraph! Pawar hates police

  4. If Rauner got tough on crime, put more police on the street and increased jail sentences, he would probably get re-elected.

  5. #notmylakeview

    problem solved

  6. And so it begins.........Ravenswood and North Center are beautiful communities and neighborhoods.Correction;Were beautiful communities and neighborhoods.The Scum who have ruined Lakeview and prey in Uptown have moved west.WAKE UP! This affects everyone who lives,works,or visits these 2 neighborhoods.Sadly,the majority of the people you tell about this will be in constant denial until it happens to them.

    1. Nothing "beautiful" about the area.

  7. You mean the same alderman who promised to serve only one term but couldn't help himself and ran again?

    1. Pawar has stated publicly he will not run for a 3rd time. He has turned his back on his ward. The Greater Rockwell Organization sent him a letter requesting a scaled down version of a new TOD project. He sided with the developers (who contributed to his campaign fund) and gave them free rein. Tunney, to his credit, works out compromises between neighborhood groups and developers.

    2. You are correct. Tommy works out compromises between the safety of neighborhood groups and the developers of robbery, burglary, assault, and generalized thuggery throughout the area.
      Jimmy would too. Except for that full time sleepy and absent thing.

  8. The damage has been done in his ward and now the move up the ladder to try to destroy the state even more then it is. Do not vote for this moron. Wake up!