Friday, February 10, 2017

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Armed Woman Fatally Shot By Cops After Taser Fails To Bring Her Down

Michele Robey in 2013 | Facebook
Two veteran 19th District police officers shot and killed a woman who was armed with a large knife in North Center on Friday evening, according to a department spokesman.

The woman lunged at officers with the knife repeatedly and she was shot after an officer’s Taser failed to bring her down, the spokesman said.

Seconds before the woman is shot, an officer’s Taser can be heard crackling on police radio traffic captured by CWBChicago:
[Sound of Taser] 
Male Officer: Shit! 
[More Taser sound]
Male Officer: We got [unintelligible] with a knife. Taser deployed. Nothing happened. 
Dispatcher: 1922, is that you on Western? 1922? 
Male Officer: Shots fired.
Listen to the audio HERE.

At 5:47 p.m., the male officer and a female officer—both with more than a decade on the force, according to a source—responded to calls of a woman with a knife inside CVS Pharmacy at 3944 North Western.

The woman, identified by a police source as 55-year-old Michele Robey, left the store before cops arrived, but the officers soon encountered her nearby.

Robey failed to drop the knife and repeatedly threatened cops with it, according to police. At least one officer deployed a Taser and a witness reported seeing Taser wires dangling from Robey's back moments before police fired.

Tasers can be ineffective if the target is wearing thick clothing such as a winter coat.

A large knife is seen lying near the curb at Western Avenue and Irving Park in a photo that was tweeted from the scene by Fox32 reporter Craig Wall.

Robey was pronounced dead at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center about an hour after the shooting.


Robey's family and friends recently expressed concerns about her well-being after they saw unsettling social media posts.

On January 17, Robey posted a photo of the Interstate Blood Bank in Albany Park and circled two areas of the facade that she titled "Angels and Demons," prompting two concerned reactions.

Five days earlier, Robey posted a note to a young woman's page. "Hi. I'm sorry I hurt you," Robey said. The woman's response: "I suggest you leave me alone."

And in early January, a friend wrote, "If you are friends with [Michele]... please please do what you can to check on her..she is in trouble... if I was in Chicago I would be at her door but I'm in Oregon...please help"

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  1. Maybe don't threaten and lunge at people and officers with a deadly weapon. The taser was an unnecessary courtesy.

    1. Maybe you don't know a damn thing about mental illness. Or basic decency either. Troll.
      Nobody wants a brain disease. Sort of like cancer that way. And just look at all of the "unnecessary courtesy" we waste on those cancer people.
      You can treat mental illness.
      Stupidity behind a keyboard. That's another matter.

  2. Something in this story tells me the officers will not be charged with murder. Other officers have not been so fortunate.

  3. That is an extremely sad story, cannot blame the police, but just tragic.

  4. I wish there could have been an option of taking a baton and striking the knife hand/arm. I'm not blaming the Police but wish the mentally ill could get better assistance.

    1. I'll take you on with a knife vs. a baton. Prepare to be seriously injured. Can't quite figure out why people seem to think a knife isn't a very dangerous weapon.

    2. I wish you would try out for the Bears the need a quarterback but only for Monday mornings

    3. Mr. Jones,
      The above gentleman is correct, a knife is a deadly weapon. Which can easily kill with just one strike.

  5. obviously she was mentally ill and should of been in an approved facility all along

    1. Ok Dr. thanks for that advice

  6. Feel sorry for the cops.

  7. Would that device called "The Alternative" have been of use in this situation? I think that's a good possibility.

  8. Use of force continuum done correctly!

  9. Good Luck to the Officers
    RIP to the deceased.

    Had a similar situation years ago with an Oriental woman in a crowded supermarket. She has a terrified look on her face and did not respond to commands or gestures. I didn't have a TAZER in those days but I did have OC spray. I maneuvered her so I would get a good shot and as backup arrived surprised her with a shot to her eyes. She turned away and I grabbed her by the collar and slammed her to the floor and the struggle for the knife was brief but intense.

    As it turned out she was older than she looked and was an Agent Orange victim from Southeast Asia. There were no injuries and she went to the hospital not jail.

    1. Officer -
      Thank you for your courage, especially in the situation you described above. You risked a lot to save someone who was in danger. Mortal danger.
      It's really sad that some people can't see it that way. Or maybe they choose not to.
      Nobody's a damn hero just for showing up at work. Nobody.
      But risking your own safety to save somebody else. Somebody you don't even know. And who's 'vulnerable' in the worst sense of that term. Well that's the REAL definition of being a hero.
      Thanks for inspiration. Thanks for setting the bar high.

  10. Fortunately this woman is unlikely to have a sea of "activists" "reverends" and local media clamoring on her behalf for the crucifixion of the police officer.