Monday, February 13, 2017

Burglars Strike While Lakeview Man Showers — But Cops Track 'em Down; 2 Arrested

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A Lakeview college student helped cops track down two burglary offenders this morning after they broke into his apartment while he showered. Charges are pending.

The man called police when he realized that someone had come into his apartment to steal his sister’s purse while he hosed off in the 3800 block of North Kenmore around 10:45 this morning.

Using the man's descriptions of the offenders, police stopped a southbound Red Line at the Belmont station moments later and found the duo onboard.

The freshly-showered 20-something identified both burglars and police recovered his sister’s belongings, police said.

A source said one offender forced his way through a back window while the second suspect played look-out.

We will have more details on the offenders after charges are finalized.

In Other Burglary News…

Burglaries this year continue to be reported at 2016’s escalated pace, according to city data. At least two other Lakeview residents have called the police to report burglaries in progress at their homes since Friday:

• At 2 p.m. yesterday, a man found an unknown burglar standing in his bedroom in the 1100 block of West Addison. The man said the offender fled with two other men. He did not file a report because he did not notice anything missing.

• On Friday evening, an unknown person tried to pry open a woman’s rear door in the 600 block of West Waveland. The woman was home, and all of her lights were on at the time of the burglary attempt, police said.
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  1. I saw a person in my apartment - but nothing was missing. Was that person an invited guest ? Was it a relative ? Oh, NO........... Then make a police report. Remember - no report, no crime. When will people wake up and start reporting crime???? ( And the sheep will be gathered for the slaughter ). This is only the beginning.

  2. See, I'm not paranoid for keeping a gun in the bathroom when I shower!

  3. High resolution cameras at Addison and Belmont stations please so the criminals can all wave hello and goodbye when they come shopping in our hood. Seriously, how about a giant screen showing the camera feed of everyone coming and going to show them they are on candid camera. Might serve as a deterent.

  4. Not sure what the guy on Addison could have been thinking when he refused to file a report. A man was standing in this person's bedroom, that is a crime in itself regardless if anything was stolen or not.

  5. Can you let everyone know the juvenile caught was released and probably back at it. Also look his social media up if it is still public you will just love what he has to say

  6. I live very near waveland and LSD, and didn't recognize 600 W. Waveland. I went out and looked at the buildings on Waveland, and they start at 620 (google maps also puts 600 W at 3700 LSD). Is it possible that 3700 LSD was misaddressed as 600 W Waveland? I'm not nitpicking, I'm interested because this is in my backyard. Thanks!

    1. 600 block of Waveland. Not 600 Waveland

    2. Thanks, read right through that for some reason.