Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"BANG. HEAVAN."—Man Shot Dead On Lake Shore Drive

A 25-year-old Brighton Park man was shot dead as he drove south on Lake Shore Drive at Fullerton this morning.

Navarro | Illinois Dept of Corrections
The man has been identified by a police source as Jorge Navarro, who was paroled last September after serving part of a 3-year sentence for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in a vehicle, according to state records.

Navarro’s Lexus struck the center median and crashed after the 3:45 a.m. shooting.

A male passenger in Navarro’s car called 911 to report that shots were fired from a passing vehicle and that his friend, Navarro, “isn’t waking up.” That man and a female were not injured, police said.

Navarro is a documented gang member who was arrested last month for aggravated assault of a state employee.

According to prison admission records, Navarro sports a number of tattoos including several 5-point stars. His right hand was emblazoned with the words “Motivation,” “Family,” “Bang,” and “Heavan.”
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  1. I guess he didn't stay woke, as the kids say these days

  2. Well, I bet he won't be going to "Heavan"

  3. Serious question, if he was on parole and arrested for assault last month, why wasn't he sent back to prison? I guess all's well that ends well.

  4. Biggest impact he had in life was on traffic this morning on Lake Shore Drive..., and he screwed that up big time.


  6. A gang member actually hitting their intended target? That's even more shocking than the Lake Shore Drive part.

  7. I suppose we should be relieved it was not a random killing.

  8. I hope the center median wasn't damaged.

  9. Who took that mugshot? I've never seen a perp actually smile in one!