Saturday, February 18, 2017

"8 Years" For Brandishing Gun & Beating CTA Driver In Wrigleyville (But He'll Be Released In Less Than 1 Year)

Dillard | Illinois Department of Corrections
A darling of the Lakeview social service circuit has been sentenced to prison for attacking a CTA bus driver and threatening the driver with a handgun in Wrigleyville one year ago.

Yet, despite being "sentenced" to "eight" years in prison, 24-year-old Rojah Kimble Dillard will be set free in less than one year.

Prosecutors said Dillard attacked the driver and brandished a handgun near the Addison Red Line station shortly after 7 p.m. on February 18, 2016. A passing police vehicle was flagged down, and the cops arrested Dillard after a short pursuit.

State records show Dillard's sentence and actual time served are quite different
Officers recovered a handgun about 100 yards from where Dillard was arrested, police said.

Dillard this week pleaded guilty to aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and aggravated battery of a transit employee.

He was sentenced to four years in prison for each crime.

But, after Illinois applied its criminal-friendly sentence reduction policies, Dillard was told that he will be released from prison on February 8, 2018, after serving less than one year in prison.

Here's the Illinois math:
4 years + 4 years = 8 years.
Sentences ordered to serve concurrently = 4 years
Automatic 50% reduction of prison sentence = 2 years
Credit for time spent in jail awaiting plea = 357 days actual prison time

A Long History

Dillard, who listed The Crib youth shelter at 835 W. Addison as his home, has a long history of arrests, threats, and violence in our neighborhood.

He received a five-year sentence after pleading guilty to a 2011 strong arm robbery at Sheffield and School. Of course, he was released after serving less than 2 years.

On January 27 last year, Dillard—using the name Rojah Daleyon—was charged with battery after an armed Center on Halsted security guard told police that Dillard pushed him and tried to take his gun. The case was dropped after the Center failed to show up in court.

Last September, a woman told police that Dillard blocked her path as she walked in 3200 block of N. Halsted and then followed her, saying “I’ll beat your ass. I’ll shoot all y’all. This is my neighborhood.” The complainant failed to show up in court and charges were dropped.

In August 2014, Dillard was arrested after allegedly participating in a large fight at the Night Ministry weekly outreach in the MB Bank parking lot at Belmont and Halsted. That victim also failed to show up in court and charges were dropped.

One month before that, Dillard was charged with battery after allegedly headbutting a 22-year-old client at the Broadway Youth Center. Again, charges were dropped when the victim failed to appear in court.
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  1. Our court system is bullshit and these church basements need to be shut down for bringing in these dangerous as hell violent career criminals that these outreach programs cannot do anything to straighten this out. The i creep now thinks lakeview is his property to destroy

  2. who was the judge

  3. Please tell us he will be too old for the CRIB at 25?! Send this guy elsewhere when he gets out!

    1. He's never stayed at the crib
      They just like to use that address

    2. He's never stayed at the crib
      They just like to use that address
      Oh, yes, yes. Of course. But ask The Crib for their client list to prove their statement. They won't give you one (if it exists) because it's confidential. Funny how criminals know the address and what it is but they *never* use it. Why would they pick *that* address? Hmm.

      Here's one for you. There's a GoFundMe up for a "homeless youth" who "lives at The Crib." It's accompanied by a video of the "youth" going to bed at The Crib. Did you know:
      1) The "youth" has shelter
      2) The Crib scenes were staged
      3) At least one of the other "clients" in The Crib footage is a convicted robbery offender?

      Hey, care to share any information about The Crib calling in a man with a gun at their shelter two weeks ago? Or would you rather claim that the person who called it in to 911 didn't really work there? Any other details you'd like to share before we publish ours?

      We posted video (twice) of a convicted robbery offender *entering* The Crib. We also secured city records that showed the offender called 911 from The Crib at 3 a.m. to report that HE was robbed there. The social service warriors tried to discredit us by saying that the robber was "visiting a friend who works at The Crib," but he wasn't a client.

      So, apparently, The Crib feels it's okay to have convicted felons "visit" their shelter for troubled and marginalized youth at 3 a.m.? Interesting operation, if that were true.

    3. Ps ! Maybe you should talk to the Pastor of the church because she is notorious for not prosecuting any of the kids. The pastor has cameras everywhere and so many kids have broken in. Her reasoning is she " feels bad for them "
      Ask why she dropped parking lot security before the crib opens down to weekends only ?
      How dumb is that ... smh !

    4. Once again CWB.....eeeeeYOUCCH!!!!!!!!!
      Another fact-based roasting. No bullshit ad hominem attack.
      Just another wicked intro-to-reality lesson.
      Thank you.

    5. Well to answer your question. When your homeless or just getting out of jail and need an id, the city gives vouchers. However, a couple years back they changed the form to only use the address of the organization that supplies the voucher. Just because the id says that address did mean that's their active address

  4. Thanks for showing how the system works.

    I need to move out of Chicago, along with my business. There is no hope in turning this place around.

    This person should be in jail for a long time because they show not hope of turning around, but instead he'll back on the streets in no time, to terrorize people.

  5. This city sucks! His next crime will be murder.

  6. This is EXACTLY why the criminals continue to commit crimes. If this is how the Illinois formula then obviously the sentence needs to be a lot longer.

  7. Every bit of this is just shocking!
    And from A nice young man with with a lovely neck tattoo.
    Shocking I say.

  8. This is so messed up...This guy is a future killer. He needs to be behind bars for a long time.

  9. Dillard needs a job. If he worked 8 hours or more a day he would probably be too tired to commit crimes.

  10. Can someone explain the rationale behind the "Automatic 50% reduction of prison sentence" policy?

  11. He's getting his life together. He almost graduated high school, but he had to quit when his criminal career was interfering with his studies. And he nearly got his GED during his last stint in the pen, but officials released him before he had a chance to finish. Now he's just trying to get by. Poor guy. Same old story. If only....

  12. I mean, he deserves the credit for the almost year he spent awaiting trial. The other stuff though... eesh.

  13. This is just silly. The State really needs to rethink this. Violent felons should get no time off.