Thursday, February 02, 2017

"40 Years" For Serial Lakeview Burglar (He'll Be Free in 2021)

He’s  been convicted of burglary seven times before, but that doesn’t mean Daunta Head will be spending a lot of time in prison for his latest convictions.

Head | Ill Dept of Corrections
In most states it would, but not here. Not in criminal-loving Illinois.

Head just pleaded guilty to four burglaries in Lakeview and Uptown.

The judge sentenced him to four ten-year terms

Now, you may be saying, “Gosh, forty years is a lot of time, CWB.”

It is. Until you do the Illinois sentencing math.

Here’s how it works:

10 years X four sentences = 40 years

All of the sentences have been ordered to run concurrently, so that makes it 10 years.

Illinois automatically cuts nearly all sentences in half at the moment the inmate sets foot in prison. 10 years divided by 2 = 5 years.

Now, subtract the number of days that Head sat in jail waiting for his case to wrap up.

When it’s all said and done, Head is going to be paroled in October 2021, according to state records.

Four Break-Ins

Head’s “forty year” deal came in exchange for guilty pleas in connection with burglaries of three Lakeview residences in the 3400 block of North Marshfield as well as an Uptown home, according to court records.

Head forced his way into the homes and stole valuables during the spree in late 2014, encountering at least one homeowner along the way, police said.

The victim managed to take a cellphone pic of Head as he walked out of the victim’s home. Moments later, Head was captured on “clear surveillance footage” carrying a suitcase stuffed with valuables onto a CTA bus at Ashland and School, police said.

Cops entered the bus, prompting Head to abandon the bag and run off the bus into some nearby alleys. Within 10 minutes, another surveillance video captured images of Head peddling away after stealing a bicycle from a garage in the 1500 block of Melrose.

Charges for burglarizing the garage were dropped as part of Head's plea deal.

Head was arrested two weeks later after detectives learned that he pawned an item from the Lakeview burglaries on the South Side for $6.

The suitcase that Head left on the bus contained a passport, 55 “banking records,” an iPad, a Kindle, an HP laptop, a Samsung DVD player, a purse, a digital camera, and miscellaneous jewelry.

In 2005, Head was sentenced to two six-year terms for burglary and four years for theft from person.

In 1999, he received three nine-year sentences for burglary.

In 1998, he received two five-year sentences for burglary.

Something tells us we’ll be seeing Daunta Head again. Hopefully not in our homes.
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  1. 5 years for the first time, maybe, but SEVEN times. Even the most liberal person in the world must think these sentences are crazy. Hey Bruce R., take a break from the non budget and how about some criminal justice reform???

  2. In 1999, he received three nine-year sentences for burglary.
    In 1998, he received two five-year sentences for burglary.

    Even by Illinois math, that is impressive.

  3. Lol sounds like a story from the onion, unfortunately it's not.

  4. most likely he will serve maybe 2 years and be released. Governor Rohmer cut money for jails and Rahm Emanuel has no budget for Jail or rehabilitation so short sentences for all criminals.

  5. Cancer to society. He'll hurt someone in the future when this pos breaks into an occupied home. It's tragically not if, but when. Habitual offender.

  6. yes and sadly the social agencies and our representatives (aldermen) think we need to welcome with blind eyes career violent criminals to this neighborhood. Representatives think if we act kindly to the dangerous downtrodden to our neighborhood we can "teach" them to be come productive members of society and later they will become productive and work and buy down in this neighborhood. FALSE the violent career criminals only commit more violent crimes down here. WARNING to our representatives stop inviting this criminal filth to our neighborhood or all the good people will move out to the safer suburbs and also people stop coming down for business. Inviting and bringing down dangerous career criminals to your free bed and breakfast is destroying this neighborhood.

  7. When it's somebody else it doesn't matter to the judges and politicians. However it is breaking news when an alderman loses 3 bucks in a break in. Imagine the rage a home owner feels having their burglary plea bargained away like it never happened. These lenient plea bargains are never in the interest of the victim. Arrogant criminals terrorizing every part of the city but all that is pushed is that the cops are the problem.

  8. As soon as he gets out he'll be right back at it, probably on the way home from release. What ever happened to three strikes and you're out? Three felony convictions and you were sent away for good, I remember reading about that years ago..........

    1. Professor Eustace McGargleFeb 10, 2017, 1:32:00 PM

      We've never had the "3 strikes" here in Illinois.

  9. He is military trained as well which means he is trained in how to avoid capture, and possibly he can be violent. But hey it's only burglary so let him out to violate citizens homes and take their belongings