Saturday, January 28, 2017

Muggings On The Rise In Wrigleyville, Boystown

After a slow start in January, Wrigleyville and Boystown are starting to see street crime activity thaw out, with seven robberies reported in the past 6 days.

And, in nearby Lincoln Park, another DePaul student has reported being robbed at gunpoint.

Here is a rundown of the latest recent reports:

Saturday, January 28

• An intoxicated victim told police that he was robbed at knifepoint near Wilton and School around 4:10 a.m. The offender—described as a man dressed as a woman in a gray one-piece suit with a black jacket—took $50 from the victim and fled in an unknown direction.

Thursday, January 26

• In Wrigleyville, a man reported that he was robbed at gunpoint of his wallet in the 900 block of West Cornelia around 3:15 a.m.  He said the offender displayed a black semi-automatic handgun during the robbery. According to the victim, the gunman was a thin, 6’1” tall black man with dreadlocks. The offender, who wore a black skull cap and a dark hooded jacket with some red on it, was last seen running southbound in the alley behind Clark Street.

• At around the same time, two DePaul University students reported that they were robbed at gunpoint near their campus housing facility at 1237 West Fullerton.

The students, an 18-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, told police that two offenders pulled out handguns and took a purse, cash, and both of their cell phones before running southbound on either Lakewood or Wayne from Fullerton.

Both gunmen were black, in their 20’s, and had short hair. One was heavy-set and the other was thin, the victims said.

On January 18, another DePaul student reported being robbed at gunpoint in the 2400 block of North Seminary, about two blocks from where the couple was held up.

• A Walgreens employee was punched in the face by three men when she tried to stop them from stealing a bag stuffed with liquor from the store at 1001 West Belmont around 7:30 p.m.

The three men are black, in their late teens or early 20’s, and all stand about 5’10” tall.

The one who punched the woman wore blue jeans, a black hoodie, and black gloves. He weighed about 150 pounds and carried a backpack.

The second man weighs about 170 pounds. He wore a red baseball hat and a jacket with the number 26 on it.

The third offender also weighs about 150 pounds. He carried a backpack and wore a black skull cap, a black coat with white trim, black jeans, red gloves, and black Air Force 1 shoes.

Monday, January 23

Around 7:20 p.m., a Boystown lawyer reported that he was robbed by two offenders who twisted his arm and took his valuables behind his house in the 3200 block of North Halsted.

The robbers took the man’s iPhone, wallet, $200 cash, and his Illinois State Bar Association identification card.

He described the offenders as two black men. One was slender, stood about 6-feet tall, and wore a light gray hoodie to cover his head and face. The other stood about 5’7” tall, and wore a black jacket with lettering across the chest.

Both men were last seen running northbound in the alley toward Aldine.

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  1. Gonna be a long hot deadly summer. And not one fucking thing will change, no matter how many programs and funding ideas and cops (real or Walsh's rent-a-cops) and empty blank promises from the 44 alderpuss are out forth .... sigh ...

  2. I wonder how long it will be before condo/homeowners and renters insurance premiums skyrocket and become unaffordable in that entire area. All that personal property can be claimed on one of those policies and I'm sure many do it. I know years ago the deductibles doubled on those policies offered by the cell phone companies and so many exclusions were added that it made no sense to pay for them.

  3. This is why I rarely take my phone with me at night let alone cash money...

  4. Okay I might be an old fart(53) but if your out after 11pm in the city of Chicago you are looking for trouble.And if your out at 3:15 am well sheesh,You are a Target.

    1. I work 3rd shift and use red line, I'm a legal law abiding adult 58 years of age and have to work to pay my bills. We need real protection for our citizens and the robberies occure all day and night even school kids and grandmothers in the day light hours early morning are being attacked. Somehow I get the feeling that legal citizens are to hide in doors in the evening WRONG we need much more police and in patrols watching for these bands of criminals looking hunting for victims.

  5. One-piece suit??

  6. It's safer in the 3rd world than Boystown! Seriously - you would probably find less risk of robbery/assault in most 3rd world cities than Chicago. What does that say? And NO - it's not all about a shortage of cops.

  7. Stricter gun laws will solve this. Summer jobs too.

    1. False. Glad I got out of Chicago!

    2. criminals will not work for minimum wage and usually dont even had a HS diploma so they are limited to minimum wage so they rob people. Chicago has the strictest gun laws problem is Judges will not put people away for 4o years. I f you murder during a robbery they usually serve tops 7 years and back on the street. A long term career criminal If caught with a gun serves less that a year in jail

    3. @10:20 PM
      Ummmmm, maybe go in and have your sarcasm meter recalibrated.

    4. Don't worry, I caught your sarcasm. It's a lost art.

  8. Stricter gun laws? What a joke.

  9. And nothing ... but the sound of crickets ... out of the alderpuss's office about anything to improve Boystown. SERIOUSLY, TOM, why have you sat on your ass for over six years now??? I think it's time WE got all up in YOUR butt!!!

    1. over 10 years ago I had a conversation with Tunney and he said he was being lenient with questionable types because he wanted a the neighborhood to be friendly, possibly safe place for gays and trans gendered teen and youth. Problem with that thinking is we are also letting (inviting) way to many plain and simple violent career criminals headed to jail but before jail assaulting violently harming robing and never becoming part of our neighborly society. Tunney's and the social agencies good will thinking is in reality very flawed