Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Man Mugged After Being Followed From Boystown I-Hop; Two Familiar Names Charged

Brown (top) and Williams allegedly followed their victim from the Boystown I-Hop. | Chicago Police; Google
Two men are facing robbery charges, accused of attacking and robbing a man after following him from the Boystown I-Hop early Monday, prosecutors said.

One of the men is on probation for setting a Boystown home on fire last April. And, incredibly, the same two men were featured in another robbery story on CWB Chicago last summer, but charges were dropped when that victim failed to appear in court.

Keith L. Williams, 23, and William C. Brown, 29, are each charged with one count of robbery in the latest incident after a 23-year-old man said they jumped him and took his wallet and iPhone near the 3900 block of North Pine Grove around 3:30 a.m. yesterday.

The victim had been out celebrating his birthday.

A police tactical unit found Williams and Brown 30 minutes later as they tried to use the victim’s credit card at a BP service station near Lawrence and Marine Drive, according to court records.

One of the men told police that they dumped the victim’s wallet in the 3900 block of North Lake Shore Drive. Officers went to that location and found the man’s property.

A judge this afternoon set bail at $150,000 for Brown and $100,000 for Williams.

A Long Time Coming

Last July, police arrested Williams and Brown in Lincoln Park after a man reported that they beat him up in an attempted robbery near the intersection of Clark and Fullerton. Prosecutors charged both men with battery, but the cases were thrown out because the victim failed to appear in court.

Brown was previously convicted of beating and robbing a man who was hailing a cab near Belmont and Sheffield in 2013.

Despite receiving a 4-year sentence in that robbery, Brown was paroled in 2014 after serving barely a year in prison, according to court records.

Williams pleaded guilty in connection with this fire at 651 West Aldine
Williams received one year’s probation after he pleaded guilty to setting a 126-year-old Boystown home on fire last April

In 2014, Williams was featured on CWB Chicago after he managed to get arrested twice and victimized once on Halsted Street in a single week.

Aside from that notable week, Williams has racked up a series of other arrests in our neighborhood. According to court and police records, criminal charges filed against him in our area include:
• An April 2012 charge of aggravated unlawful use of a knife in the 800 block of Aldine, which ended with a sentence of 3 months probation and “destruction” of the knife.
• Shoplifting at the Boystown Jewel-Osco store in September 2012, which earned one year’s probation.
• Obstructing traffic outside of the Broadway Youth Center, 3179 N. Broadway, in September 2012.
• Criminal trespass at the Center on Halsted in February 2013. The charge was thrown out when the Center—per its policy—failed to show up in court.
• Battery at the Center on Halsted in September 2014. Again, the charge was thrown out when the Center failed to show up in court.
• Theft at the Forever Yogurt, 3510 N. Halsted, in September 2014
• Battery in the 3500 block of N. Halsted in August 2015. The charges were dropped when the witness did not appear in court.
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  1. Hold on. The guy who lit that house on fire was caught and is now out walking around?!

    1. Yep. On probation. Not walking around any more. He'll have to post bail this time.

    2. That fire was actually an accident if you knew the real story !

    3. That fire was no accident. That building had been up for sale for months with no offers. It then burns down and lot gets merged with the one next door just in time to begin building a large apartment complex on both lots.

      It's much easier for the city/county to prosecute a case where the perps admit to trespassing and "accidentally" starting a fire while trespassing then to actually do some real police work and determine it was arson. A continued pattern for our city/county to sweep the real crime under the rug. It allows people that should be behind bars to freely walk our streets and commit more crimes.

  2. These two seem to have been fully transformed to stand up citizens after a few unfortunate run ins with the law. The message is clear; violent repeat offenders are welcome here in Lakeview. Sidenote- nice job CPD for acting quickly to apprehend these two shitbags destined for another quick wrist lashing before making their next appearance on CWB.

  3. The other firebug from that incident, however, is still out walking around.

  4. It's hard to blame them for re-offending when judges and victims continue to let them off the hook.

  5. How in the F do these SAME faces keep showing up?! I'm so glad I left. What an F'ing mess!

  6. Don't forget about Kim Fox and Tommy Dart. Between the 2 of them, these two will be out in no time. Watch and see.

  7. No matter how many times these creeps, Center On Halsted star players keep committing horrible and robberies the Center On Halsted will just keep feeding them bedding them clothe them. I dont know how the Center on Halsted and Howard brown can hold their heads up high knowing that about once a week a nasty crime is being committed by people they have invited down to this neighborhood and are supposedly teaching them something. What are they teaching them, the criminals to rob us even better?

  8. The Center on Halsted remark is spoton. While noble in its concept, it's execution has proven to be an outright failure.

  9. Catch and release, rinse and repeat.

  10. I was robbed by these men on a CTA train car running express from Sheridan to Berwyn around 4 AM in late September. They used the same BP station in the incident. I worked with police and did a photo lineup, tentavively identifying one suspect (95 percent certainty, in hindsight my tentativeness was needless because police formed photo lineup from train car video). If I was in better frame of mind at time of incident I would have been able to identify both of these men. I obtained surveillance video from McDonald's and 711 with the suspect I identified clearly using my credit card at 711 on Addison near Waveland. Both men I could observe in video from McDonald's at Wilson and Sheridan. Detevtives obtained this video as well. No arrests were made in my case. A third person was involved in the attack on me. The offenders in my robbery unlocked Divvy bikes on Marine Drive and Ainsle and used the bikes to ride around using my credit card to buy fast food, phone accessories, and vodka. The two officers responding at Berwyn Red Line would not let me in their squad because I had a bloody nose (my hands were held behind my back as an offender punched me in the nose). Other people riding on train did nothing yo intervene. Offenders had been robbing another man on the train car when I first became aware of them. I said something to them and one asked if I was going to be in his business and moments later the other slapped me upside my head causing my ears to hum and saying, "give it up!". Subsequently he brandished a round metal object in front of my face. I became fully aware of the two men who appear in today's story by finding this blog in an internet search of he/she type maurauders or marauders around Chicago. I have followed their ongoing arrests on chicago police mugshots adult arrests. I am sorry there was another victim but I am glad they were arrested. They were recently arrested in an incident of battery in the 700 block of W. Wilson. Thank you for your work on this website to inform people of all the attacks on innocent people. These attacks do not make the newspaper or radio or TV coverage and that is understandable. But your blog is tremendous for awareness.

    1. Thank you for your support and kind words. We hope that you will consider contacting the detective who handled your case to make him aware of the fact that these men are in custody. Best wishes to you for a full recovery.

    2. Never though about it but I'll bet they really see greater opportunities when the trains are running express and skipping stops.

  11. The person that was robbed by these guys, please call your detective or call the 19th District Robbery Team. The Robbery Team Officers are the ones that caught these guys and would be more than happy to help add more charges on these thugs.

  12. Stooges, any comment here? Any suggestions? Any leadership?
    Yeah, didn't think so.