Sunday, January 15, 2017

Feds Slam Police Academy As Rahm Promises To Train 1,000s Of New Cadets

A “use of force” training video that cadets watch at the Chicago Police Department’s academy is 35 years old.

35 years ago, Chicago cops drove these. | CopCarDotCom
The video has been in the department eight years longer than Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Not only is the video old, according to the US Department of Justice’s new report on Chicago’s police, it is "inconsistent with both current law and CPD's own policies.”

The relatively good news is that some cadets sleep through the movie.

So, here we are.

Four months after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a plan to replenish the ranks of the Chicago Police Department by hiring 1,000 new cops over the course of two years, there appears to be a big, big problem.

The federal review slams CPD’s training program as “outdated” and “severely deficient.” And those are the nice parts.

Under Emanuel’s watch, the department has lost over 1,000 cops as the mayor refused to hire enough new officers to keep up with retirements and other separations.

Our local district alone has lost 100 officers under Emanuel.

Now, there are hundreds of more retirements set for 2017, and the city finds itself playing catch-up with an academy that suffers from “severe deficiencies that impede recruits’ preparedness to police constitutionally and safely,” the federal report said.

But, what is the alternative to exposing a surge of new trainees to lousy instruction? Should Chicago outsource its training to a properly-run academy until the city can get its act together? Yes. But that seems politically impossible.

At the same time, it’s difficult to imagine that the department can suddenly offer world-class training while simultaneously cranking out a record number of new cops.

As it is, academy instructors can’t even keep the cadets awake, the feds said.

DOJ observers who watched a use of force class at the academy said “several recruits were not paying attention, one appeared to be sleeping, and there was minimal attempt made to engage the students in the lesson…the instructor arrived to the class ten minutes late and dismissed students twenty minutes early from this critical class on how CPD officers should use deadly force.”

Not surprisingly, when investigators asked recent academy graduates to explain the legal standard for the use of force, only one in six could do it.

Investigators also found that cadets are being taught old techniques that would put their lives at risk on the street.

Elsewhere in the academy building, a gun storage room was found “unlocked with loaded guns left in open…unattended” and “training guns and ammunition were stored close to guns loaded with live rounds,” according to the report.

Once out of the academy, newly-minted cops spend months working the streets with a Field Training Officer (FTO) at their sides.

Yet the FTO program itself “is poorly structured and operates in a manner that actively undermines, rather than reinforces, constitutional policing,” the report said.

CPD executives candidly told investigators that the department’s on-the-street training is a “hot mess, “terrible,” and “simply ‘warm butts in a seat.’”

The FTO program has been a failure for so long, police blog Second City Cop said it was "in a shambles — and that's being kind " 2006.

Even the department’s recent boast of having trained thousands of veteran police officers to use a new cache of Tasers came under fire.

The department’s Taser training was poorly handled and rushed, investigators found. And cops were expected to learn to use the devices "without proper curriculum, staff or equipment."

Cops told the feds that they left the Taser training sessions feeling confused about how and when to use the less-lethal system.

Overall, the academy’s instructors are not up to snuff, the report said, and there weren’t enough trainers to properly instruct last year’s cadets. And that was before Emanuel’s desperate hiring surge.
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  1. CPD could expand or outsource recruit training to the Cook County Sheriffs Academy, U of I Poice Training Institute, or Illinois State Police academy. Recruits would then be state-certified and could receive a 30-day CPD familiarization course.
    An outside perspective would be beneficial and help breaking the insular and hidebound CPD culture.

    1. CPD officers are state certified as all police officers are. Cook County Sheriff, are you serious???? The person in charge of Sheriff's Police has never been in law enforcement. She is the daughter of a judge. Please verify your information before posting.

  2. Unbelievable. Are there any adults in charge around here? How about DOJ points out Rahm and the aldermen who run this city have no training while they're at it.

  3. Other than that, Mrs. was the play?

  4. The report is biased against Chicago Police, with poor investigations by the Federal Democratic Liberal Government, that was poorly rushed just as anti-police Obama is finishing his term.

    The report cites numerous incidents that are NOT recent and people involved that are long gone!

    No organization is perfect, but this report was made by one of the most imperfect organizations and that is the Federal Government with a Democratic agenda and tilt!

    How does the Federal government take under a year to investigate Chicago Police of over 12,000 Officers, yet it took 18 months to investigate Baltimore Police of about 4,000 Police Officers and two years to investigate Ferguson, MO. Police Department, which has about 80 Police Officers at most? HMM??

    So, how does a so called report which cites incidents of over 30 years ago have to do with today's police officers, many of whom were not even born in this filthy city yet?

    This is a shoddy, anti-police driven agenda from the whiners and race card hustlers to make money off Chicago Police, down the road with frivolous lawsuits against police!

    A report from long ago incidents has to do with anything in today's anti-police agenda and climate?

    This is like bringing back what happened in the "1960's and 1970's decade" today and whine again 50 years later! Basically NONE!

    See "Second City Cop Blog", for a better perspective on this Police witch hunt!

    This opinion is from a current 019 District Police Officer, working your beats!

    1. Thank you, and know that the vast majority of sane people support you and CPD.

    2. This is from a citizen in the 19th district. Thanks for your hard work! My family and I appreciate it and are thankful everyday that you protect us.

    3. I wish I could take you to lunch, officer. It sounds like we're on the same wavelength on a great many things. Thank you for continuing to come to work in such a ridiculous environment.

    4. Just a small thought on this, and due to the nature of this post I have to preface it by saying it isn't anti-anything or angry. But as someone that does analysis for a living, chaining together a string of angry rhetoric-filled statements is not a good way to prove against bias. As a third party looking in this looks like finger pointing and the inability to accept or identify any responsibility. Thus making your statement strongly biased against any criticism.

      Just food for thought.

    5. correct...that is a small thought indeed

    6. Officer, thank you for being here and for the job you do. I too wish I could buy you lunch some time.
      On a sober note relative to SCC: I agree with SCC some of the time. Disagree frequently.
      But SCC could hardly be called a 'better perspective' in my view.
      They consistently present a knee-jerk, pro-cop perspective, as biased as any BLM blog.
      Sure, they criticize the management team at the CPD, something richly deserved and very necessary. But the extent to which they coddle bad actors like Burge, Abbate, Van Dyke and others is truly reprehensible. It is that attitude which - that 'FU, we ARE the law' stance - which has really damaged the department IMHO. It has poisoned relations with many who would otherwise support the police. That is a tragedy.
      Again, thank you. And please stay safe.

  5. Another result of two few police officers is traffic law scofflaws. Be careful at stop signs, they don't even slow down.

    1. Thats the way that it is and you can never change it.

  6. what does police training have to do with crimes committed in Lakeview this group seems to have lost its power by reporting on a federal investigation and the large lack of reporting crimes in thies neighborhood any more

    1. best to put this...?????
      Suggest thinking this through >
      If your dentist last went to training during the Nixon administration, MAYBE this might have something to do with why your fillings fall out and you've got crummy looking teeth. Maybe.
      Nonexistent training says a ton about the city's (also nonexistent) commitment to providing quality police services.
      Not a criticism of any officer. It is an indictment of the mayor's office and the city council.

    2. too bad district 19 cannot get some of them head busting career criminal shooting/ killing to rid the neighborhood out of these violent career criminals THAT DONT LIVE DOWN HERE JUST HANG OUT AND COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES