Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Alderman Wants City To Close Double-Homicide Restaurant

UPDATE 10:30AM JANUARY 5: DNAInfo reports that "an orange sign stating the business was closed 'by Order of the Superintendent of Police'" has been posted in the restaurant's windows.

Our original story follows...
An Uptown alderman is calling on the city to shut down the restaurant where two men reportedly shot each other to death during an early morning party on New Year’s Day.

Cappleman | Wiki Commons
46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman wants the police department and Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection to close Iyanze Bolat West African Cuisine until “we have a full understanding of what happened.”

Chicago’s “problem building” ordinance allows the city to close businesses in extreme circumstances, including when a homicide takes place within the business.

Cappleman said he met with Iyanze’s owners last summer to discuss its late night parties that were “disruptive to the neighborhood.”

“We discussed the limits of their business license and issues that may result if I continued to hear complaints about noise and other nuisance issues,” Cappleman said.

Iyanze was asked to participate in a local business task force, too, but “unfortunately they did not attend,” Cappleman said.

38-year-old Maurice Delaney and 31-year-old Ali Mohamed shot each other to death around 4:15 a.m. on January 1, according to the scenario released by Cappleman hours after the incident.

Mohamed was shot eight times and Delaney three times. More shots were fired on a nearby side street.

No weapons were recovered at the shooting scene, according to multiple police sources.
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  1. Hey Mr Social Work -
    Could you PLEASE say something useful here?
    Were they operating outside the limits of their license?
    How many complaints? Any sustained?
    Other violations?
    How many calls to that address in 2016?
    You're the f'ng alderman...right?

  2. Dear Jim
    Thanks for taking over my spot at CWB. Those guys have been roasting my ass so bad I swear the water boils every time I sit down to take a dump.
    You're like a whoopee cushion of frozen peas buddy on a summertime bus seat. Thanks.
    I'll be sending some delicious baked goods as a small token of my appreciation.
    Post 'em on Twitter whenever you can!
    Your pal, Tommy T

  3. Looks like the restaurant failed to support Cappleman or to payoff the shakedowns. Good old Chicago. Makes you wonder who was behind the hit--or the hits--taking place in Uptown. What? A Chicago politician who's also a corrupt organized criminal? It's not possible. LOL!

  4. I don't think they were both shot!! There were NO GUNS found at the scene, so how could they have guns? The policeman that shot the guy on the southside also had "no gun" just like this..............

  5. This neighborhood does not need an establishment that holds parties for gang gatherings and THAT IS EXACTLY what they do. They want to be a restaurant fine, but 2 people MURDERED each other in their establishment (1 BLOCK FROM A DAYCARE). Additionally they violated their liquor licenses (they do not have a late night liquor license) and did not have adequate security. The neighborhood will change and this violence and the gangs and establishments supporting it will no longer be in control.

  6. Emanuel commissioned a 6 month study of the problem. It discovered that Cappleman is an idiot.

    1. Son of a bitch...and that only took six months!
      The wheels of Chicago government are really turning now, boys and girls.
      I wonder when that analysis of ice making roads slippery is due. That'll probably take a lot longer --- tougher to figure that.