Monday, January 02, 2017

#1: City's First Homicide Victim of 2017 Identified; "To run out the club past his body....I just fell to my knees praying."

Maurice Delaney (inset) and the Iyanze restaurant party room | Facebook, Iyanze
Chicago police have identified one of the two men who reportedly shot each other to death in an Uptown restaurant’s party room early on New Year’s Day.

38-year-old Maurice “Head” Delaney of Skokie was pronounced dead at 5:19 a.m. yesterday by doctors at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, about an hour after the shooting.

Police have not yet identified the second man.

They were the first two recorded homicide victims of the year in Chicago.

Cops raced to Iyanze Bolat West African Cuisine shortly before 4:30 a.m. Sunday after callers reported shots fired in the “bar area” of the two-story business at 4623 North Broadway.

Witnesses told police that shots rang out as a party in the second-floor lounge area was ending.

“I'm still in shock what I saw,” Suzette Bariffe said on Facebook later. “[Delaney’s sister] and I were just kicking at the top of the stairs with Maurice ‘Head’ Delaney, getting ready to leave. He asked us if we were good.”

Then, the shooting began.

“To run out the club past his body....I just fell to my knees praying. IT’S TOO MUCH. I'm praying for Heads wife, children, mother, family, and loved ones," Bariffe said.

Also in shock was Delaney friend Danielle Dean. “We lost a real good dude. He was a real father, brother, friend. He helped everybody. To know bro was to love him. This shit is crazy. So many good memories.”

Yet a third friend remembered Delaney as a “North Pole legend.” The “North Pole” refers to a faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang that is based near Thorndale and Winthrop on the city’s Far North Side.


Police continue to actively investigate the shootings, an indication that the circumstances may not be as cut-and-dried as officials have said.

Shell casings that were found after a man was seen shooting a gun on a nearby side street moments after the killings have been collected. The casings do not match those found inside the restaurant.

Multiple individuals have reported that no firearms were recovered at the shooting scene. Police have not responded to inquiries seeking comment on those reports.

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  1. I hear rats eat each other too. Maybe all the gang bangers and rats in Chicago will start taking each other out in 2017 and that will cut their respective populations down to safe levels.

  2. Congrats to 019 on the Ghoul Pool!!


  3. “I'm still in shock what I saw,” Suzette Bariffe said on Facebook later. “[Delaney’s sister] and I were just kicking at the top of the stairs with Maurice ‘Head’ Delaney, getting ready to leave. He asked us if we were good.”


    While quickly reading the quote, I read that Delaney's sister was kicking him in the head lol. Ahhhh, she was steady "kicking" it (enjoying casual conversation) with "Head," Delaney's nickname. So clever I am.

    Am I the only one that envisioned these two engaged in an old western standoff in which they both technically won...and lost. 🤔

  4. Wow. A dead North Pole Legend. These animals have no idea where the North or South pole is on our planet.

  5. -- More than 800 homicides in 2016 --
    Please friends and neighbors...
    Never ever let anyone say it's 762. That horror show is a lie.
    The real number is 795 dead, several waiting in intensive care, and almost 40 'death investigations' that will come down as murders in the next several weeks.
    It's NOT 762.
    It's "More Than 800 Homicides"
    Please don't ever let the clown squad that runs this city ever anything else.

  6. I knew him and he wasn't a gangbanger at all. Nice and polite dude. He even worked at a hospital transporting sick patients. There's something more to this story

    1. Definitely a good dude man ... RIP

    2. No he was not a gang banger. North Pole legends doesnt mean gangster

    3. "North Pole legends doesnt mean gangster"


      Man, that's funny. Go lie to people who want to hear it because that crap don't fly around here.

  7. Head Delaney sounds like he drove all the way from Skokie to Chicago looking for trouble on NYE and he found it. Unfortunately, both individuals underestimated each other and met their demise. Heads friends and sister are going to say he was "such a great guy, etc. etc. etc." but the fact remains that in the end he was nothing but a cold blooded murderer. He definitely messed with the wrong dude in 2017.

    RIP Ali...

    1. Just to let you know Head was the most caring,loving son,brother,uncle,cousin and father anyone can ask for . And to whoever this is i can say the same that Ali was nothing but a cold blooded murderer . Likewise he got just what he was looking for . Now S.I.P my love Maurice Delaney "Head"

  8. David Edwards is my name and anonymity is for cowardsJan 4, 2017, 11:39:00 PM

    The worst crime against humanity isn't murder because in order to live you must die . The worst crime against humanity is the assassination of ones character and it should be punishable by death . In the Bible in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 it says there is a time to kill and in the HOLY QURAN surah 2:190-193 it says the same , so I. God's wicked eye murder is acceptable but blasphemy isn't . Maurice Delaney was everything they say he was without malice . The reputation of the brother Ali was one of self-destruction because of drugs as most lost young brothers in society . The brother Ali allowed his drug abuse to take control of his inner peace and in return a brother who was at peace expiration date came to early in his life. There is no reason why we should be assassinating the character of anyone without knowledge of them and Ali was not in a good place mentally that evening and because of that 2 brothers are gone way to early . Head was a hero and saved lives because Ali was on a mission to kill . He returned to the club with an assault weapon shooting senselessly outside of the club before entering it with intentions to do the same . We are living in a time where senseless acts of violence is plaguing our urban communities and there is not enough focus on how we should address the root of the problems but we should start with abolishing guns .
    HEAD see you on the other side , and Ali RIP ! NO MORE DRUGS and alcohol .

    1. My friend, if you have specific information that Mr Delaney acted as a hero then you should post it. Leave out all the magic book nonsense. It just makes you look foolish.

      The question I have for you is this: Why was the father of four children out at 4:30 in the morning, at a party in a public place, drinking and carrying a gun?

      I'm not saying this precludes him from having acted honorably. But these circumstances and the references to him as a 'legendsry north poler' suggest something else.

  9. Didn't know Maurice Delaney outside of work, but at work he was well mannered and a very respectable individual. I'm still in shock reading about this article and to know that he is now a statistic. You can read about homicides all day in Chicago, but when it's someone you knew personally or interacted with, it touches home differently. 38 years of age is too young to depart this earth especially leaving 4 kids behind. I know nothing of the other gentlemen but two lives were taken. What disturbs me the most is once source states that it was a standoff/shootout and another source says that there was no weapons recovered from the crime scene which means there could be a shooter out there on the loose. Bless both of their souls and prayers for Chicago.

  10. First I offer my sincere condolences to the families of both parties during this difficult time. I knew Maurice from working at out previous employer. From the first time I met him, he was a very shy guy who simply did his job. As we begin to get more accumumated, the more I learned how cool and down to Earth he really was. From talking about sports, fashion,life he spoke with a lot of sense. There were times we would hang out after work (generally up North) and had a good time. We hung out for a while, until one day we got into a huge disagreement and haven't spoken since then. This is what bothers and hurt me the most because despite what happened, we never made our peace and that's something I have to carry in my heart forever. That's hurtful. It's so hard knowing and hearing that the first homicide of the year ends with someone who know personally. Hurts likes hell. I can never imagine the pain of losing a love tragically like this.

    Maurice, know that regardless of what happened, I don't hate you brother can't hate you. The only thing I hate is what happened and that's losing your life. No matter what the news says, reports say, 2 lives ended tragically on January 1. These 2 Black males in their 30s from Chicago IL lives end for no reason necessary. These families have to grieve loses and no matter what people say about whatever parties, they are somebody family member and there's no need to demise the character of nobody. No one is perfect. No one.

    May the peace of God be with these families during this difficult time.

    1. Oddly, the peace of god didn't appear in those hours / moments before a double homicide.
      Maybe if more people would stand up and take actual, real, action against violence / hatred / gangbanging....instead of slagging off the whole thing on somebody called 'God'....then something would actually happen.
      Until then...well, just keep prayin', and stacking up the bodies.

  11. Let him rot in the ground with other dead gangbanging thugs.

  12. My name is Darlene, and I have know Maurice for many of years. Responding to a poster asking why was Maurice out partying?, Is there a crime to party, parrticularly, up north, that is how we party..Until the lights come on!!!!!!!! Maurice was a good man, a standup man... He was a legend, and will continue to be a legend. HOw and why associate the word "legend" with gangster!!

    He was a damn good father and friend to EVERYONE..

    Maurice was quite and humble to say the least. He ventured in mulitple businesses particularly sports.

    Lord I pray we as a nation can come together peacefully!!!!!!

    1. Ironically his Gangster Disciple name up North was also "Legend." Nice to see all his gang member family supporting him online. Too bad not one of them gave him CPR, privided first aid or provided statements to the police. But they all helped themselves to "Legends" gun. Just my own observation.

    2. As a reply to Anonymous on January 7 who asked "Is it a crime to party?". Of course it is not a crime. But is it in any father's best interest to be out partying...let alone until after 4 in the morning?
      Is it in their family's best interest for a parent to be out until 4 AM?
      Many parents haven't figured it out that their kids don't need the lastest toy or gadget as a expression of their love...children need time, rules/limits, frequent daily attention as expressions of love.

      What is the number one indicator of a child succeeding in school? Is it the type of school they go to (public vs. private, city vs. suburban)? Is it who is richer vs poor?

      NO: Children who sit down for one meal a day with parents and sibs do measurably better in school, feel safer and loved, and have less behavior problems. So for a very simple solution for future generations : have a meal together as a family as often as you are able. Turn off the TVs, cell phones and listen and check in with each other.

      Maurice, Ali...we all benefited from your existence. If there is an afterlife, just make sure they have Chicago pizza by the time I get there!

      It's all about love folks...

      Jai Bhagwan

  13. Darlene -
    I'm the one who posted the comment about partying.
    I'll say it up front, if Mr Delaney was a friend of yours, I'm sorry for your loss. More pain and more grief does not serve any of us. So, please, I am sorry.
    But what you wrote in no way addresses my comments.
    I know plenty of people 'up north' who aren't partying at 4:30 in the morning. In fact, I don't know anyone there with four kids who parties 'until the lights come on'- much less while armed with a gun.
    I'm not saying your friend deserved to die. Absolutely not! It's horrible.
    If you think it's perfectly normal for the father of four kids...associated with a gang or be out, armed and drinking (+?) at that hour, OK. That's what you claim.
    But please don't be upset when other people point out that bad things, maybe very bad things, are WAY more likely to happen to someone who behaves like that. It's just a fact. If you think risky behavior doesn't make for risky results, you are mistaken.
    And prayers aren't going to change it.

    1. Mr. Anonymous, people dont go out who has children? I can asure you dat majority of the people there were parents. I know of a few that has more than 5. Who sad that it's a crime or unresponsible for grown people to go out to enjoy themselves for as long as they please. Northpole simply means from the Northside of Chicago. Have a heart and respect! This is a issue that we has to fix, senseless crimes as such! Both were victims of circumstances and may them both R.I.P

  14. I met Maurice at the gym. We workout almost every night while he was looking for a job. Until he finally gotten one as a medical transport at the hospital he started focusing on his work and working out for his health. Hes probably one of the most humblest, nicest, guy i know.. i think its wrong for people to judge him based on other people comments or social media.. without actually knowing him. He was talk good things about his kids.. even introduced them to me at the gym. Hes a good father, good friend, good worker.. rest in paradise.. condolence and prayers to his family and loved ones.. you ll be miss bro.. we always work out to 2-3 in the morning.. fck all these ignorants.