Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Suburban Man Stabbed During "Apparent Robbery" In South Lakeview

A 21-year-old gang member from suburban Justice, Illinois, received multiple stab wounds during a possible robbery in South Lakeview overnight.

Surveillance image of a Chevy Cobalt connected to the attack
Around midnight, witnesses saw one or two carloads of men confront the victim and another man as the two victims parked a car near George Street Pub, 2858 North Halsted.

One offender appeared to have a gun and the older victim, 37, put his hands in the air, police said. A gold chain was ripped from his neck during the attack.

Other attackers yanked the 21-year-old out of the car, beat him, and stabbed him three times in the chest.

The younger man is in good condition at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, according to police.

Multiple witnesses reported that occupants of a silver 2007 Chevy Cobalt, seen here in a surveillance image, were involved in the attack.

A Toyota Prius and an unknown model of Chrysler also fled the scene.

Police sources were unable to explain why the two victims were targeted by up to three carloads of "suspected robbers."
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  1. They need to keep that shit out of our neighborhood!!!!

  2. Thx for your reporting, CWB. Couple of questions
    - What was the police response like? Ie, how quickly, how many cars?
    - I assume police have the license plate (blurred out above) and "know" which suspects to pursue?

  3. It should be noted that none of the people involved with this crime had anything to do with the bar. Thankfully their attentive staff were there though to help this situation from escalating any further.

  4. Hey CPD, run the plates on that sweet Cobalt and get the tags on the Prius and Chrysler from the all seeing eye at the intersection. If they are stolen, go fish. If not, uno!

    1. Ya thanks Detective

    2. How about if they are leased or rented? Then what? Tell you what, post where you work so CPD can send someone there to tell you how to do your job. Until then, go get your shine box and stand on the corner with your yap shut

  5. This is being reported in another blog and I am sure will impact area merchants greatly. If things were bad enough already, now OPEN SEASON is an official Cook County States Attorney policy!
    The "new direction" the States Attorneys office is moving. This is an actual e-mail from the Cook County State's Attorney:
    Hello Everyone,

    The Cook County State's Attorney's Office has a new policy concerning retail thefts.

    Felony Review will not be approving felony charges unless the property in question is valued over $1000.

    However, if felony charges are based upon the offender's prior criminal history, then charges will not be approved unless the offender has ten or more prior felony convictions.

    Felony review assistants will be looking at the defendants on a case by case basis with this in mind. There will still be scenarios where felony charges are appropriate even though the $1000. value or the 10 felony conviction threshold is not met. Those cases can still be evaluated for the upgrade.

    Officers and Detectives should communicate with Felony Review or Donna Norton and myself, on specific cases that require exceptions to this general rule.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Donna or me.


    Mike Deno
    Supervisor of District 5
    Cook County State's Attorney Office
    10220 S. 76th Avenue
    Bridgeview, Illinois 60445
    That's not 10 arrests, that is 10 CONVICTIONS. I guess Cook County is looking to implement a harsh "10 strikes and we may possibly consider charging you with a crime if you keep getting caught" policy.

    1. Well that certainly makes Christmas shopping more economical this year. We've added all these officers and taken away the ability to lock people up.

    2. This is terribly disturbing. And to think we suckers pay all these taxes & fees for ABSOLUTELY NO PROTECTION from violent, worthless, career thugs like this. Truly disgusting that the criminals are being coddled and we are fair game for them to terrorize again and again. :(

    3. How do the citizens of Chicago go about sueing the State's Attorney Office? There has got to be something we can do about this. Must taxpayers just lie down and accept this nonsense? Perhaps making national news would help in light of the reputation our city already has with all our murders.

    4. If that letter is true, it's not just 10 convictions but 10 FELONY convictions. Who the hell with 10 felony convictions is still on the street?

  6. If the above letter is true, how can the CC SA get away with essentially rewriting the law by re-defining what a felony is? The threshold for a felony is $300, and there's no law requiring any prior number of arrests or convictions. Absolutely disgusting and shameful.

  7. 3 cars one robbery--------sounds like a training, ojt,exercise."students take notes there will be a test later"

  8. Only 10 or more prior felonies? Why not 100, or 1,000, or 10,000.....

  9. At least 2858 North Halsted is a block or two from the Hospital, also from the Days Inn, with its naiive tourists having no clue the area's Fuckhead of an Alderman turned the place into official Gang turf.

  10. Basically this is two groups of thugs fighting over their prey, meaning us - the law abiding, tax paying citizens of this neighborhood. They're fighting over their happy hunting ground.

  11. But remember folks, "cops are racist, they are the problem what's wrong with this world, and criminals need restorative justice, not harshness."

    1. The majority of Americans do not believe this. Especially not the ones on this blog. We support you. Please support us as well.

  12. " Felony Review will not be approving felony charges unless the property in question is valued over $1000."

    Another crack at cheating on crime stats to improve their metrics.