Wednesday, December 28, 2016

PHOTO OF THE YEAR (GRAPHIC IMAGE): Strangers On An Uptown Street

It was 2 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. The day after Labor Day. 91-degrees as Chicago’s bloody summer began winding into what would be an equally bloody autumn.

Eight shots rang out in Uptown.

Pastor Jones ran from Uptown Baptist Church and stopped at the fallen man’s side. His right hand rose to the sky.

Another man, practically jumping from his own skin, kneels at the pastor’s feet.

Another man approached. He kneeled down and began administering CPR through the victim’s white tank top, freshly stained with five distinct red blotches that slowly grew.

A police sergeant arrived. A couple of bystanders recorded the moment with their phones. And one of those pictures quickly made its way to us.

We were immediately struck by the image. The nine complete strangers who were brought together by a  moment that, terrible as it was, played out nearly 800 times this year in Chicago.

Gregory Sims, 25, was Chicago's 522nd homicide of the year,  according to the authoritative research of

Like 81.6% of Chicago's murders, his killing remains unsolved.
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  1. A very strange scene. A hero trying to save a life....and it's not the Cop. It just seems strange to me that the Cop is not even assisting. CPR is not easy.
    Some cities are equipping Cops with war wound dressings that stop blood flow from the wounds. Since we've got a hell of a lot of war wounds in Chicago- how about that and some decent first aid kits.
    Yeah- I'm not judging the victim.

    1. Are you willing to pay the extra taxes to cover those first aid kits and the millions it'll cost to train Officers correctly? Also to pay for the lawsuits if a Officer hurts someone more or fails to save a life? And where is the assistance when Officers get hurt? No where.

    2. Sims was a piece of shit gang banger involved in multiple shootings. Let him die along with the rest of his homies. As long as you liberal idiots keep caring about these predators, uptown will always be a cesspool. Remember the innocent bystander repairing fire extinguishers who was shot in front of Truman? He deserves compassion, not this waste of sperm.

    3. "A hero trying to save a life....and it's not the Cop"

      ^^ Wow, you seem to know the entire story based on this single image, huh?

      I'm not a cop, and I don't even know a member of CPD personally, but it really angers me how individuals feel they can judge a first responder by one single photo or one 30 second video clip. If someone where to take a random photo of you on your job at any given second, what exactly would that look like? Would every photo accurately depict you in a flattering light?

    4. This isn't a heart attack victim that definitely needs CPR. If this guy has bullets lodged in his chest which is apparent CPR will possibly cause more damage. Most bullet wounds don't require CPR. Just a lowly cops experience that has seen more than his fair share of shooting victims.

  2. And look, Jesus Christ himself is hovering over him!

  3. At least people tried. This city can feel heartless.

  4. UNBELIEVABLE ! Someone looks at the scene and IMMEDIATELY finds fault with the cop ????
    The brainwashing is astounding.
    READ ! He arrived after the CPR started...and from his apparent "defeated" looking body language it seems he thinks the kid is already " gone ".

  5. "And look, Jesus Christ himself is hovering over him!"


    spit my coffee out. Thanks. Lol


    To the poster commenting how the SGT wasn't sucking dude's face for CPR... did you see anyone standing around the officer wearing a uniform? No, right? Well, think tactics. We need to establish security and our form of assistance is calling CFD. If officers are on scene and the crowd is not threatening to kill us or overrun the crime scene, yes, by all means, treat the victim. Also, officers need to give OEMC victim(s) info to facilitate rapid care by CFD, let's them know how many ambos are needed, especially if Plan 1 necessary, protect from scene (I've had people grab shell casings/guns in front of us), call CPIC, request routes be clear, etc.

    I had a dude shot in a grocery store, female shot in leg in door, I was alone (well, female partner stayed in car). Female was alive, male was dead. I wanted to put a TQ on her lower leg but had to clear the building first. The security guard's gun was laying on top of soda cans (idenfitided via footage). He was in process of drawing when offered shot him first in side chest (between body armor) and second round to head. His body fell face down but when I saw him he was face up. The offenders rolled his body and tried to take his gun but left when they grabbed his empty holster. CFD showed up to treat the female before I finished clearing. That's all kind of detailed but we do things for a reason. You're a professional at your job and I trust you know it better than me. Things may not make sense to you but we do things for a reason.

    In the army, casualty care under fire calls for all to return fire first and injured soldier performs self-aid from covered position. Point being, you're no good if dead yourself.

    This isn't a movie, this is real life. In the fast districts we see this pretty much daily. These shooters may change and come right back to the crime scene. Their boys will agitate and threaten to shoot and kill us, present physically aggressive posture, and be completely uncooperative. Talk to staff at Mt. Sinai...gangs will show up and fight at the actual hospital where victims have just arrive.

  6. If that's the preacher guy, reaching for the sky while shooting cell phone video....I find it hugely amusing that his tshirt says "Those who think they know everything annoy those of us who do"

  7. Dead man laying and as stated, pushing on the heart to get more blood pumping will just push more of it out of his arteries/organs. The formerly closed pressured system has some big leaks.
    Plus pushing up and down on the chest cavity when there is a bullet(s) in there can cause more damage to the surrounding organs/arteries/tissue as you are causing movement.
    Might want to give the po-po some credit sometimes, or at least don't attack them all the time.