Sunday, December 11, 2016

HO-OH-NO! Four Arrests At Wrigleyville Christmas Bar Crawl

Gravity mishap caught on tape | Screengrab via @the1stMikeC
After years of withering criticism from neighbors and increasing scrutiny by the city, Wrigleyville’s annual Twelve Bars of Christmas shitshow was significantly less shitty, yet still a good show this year.

CWB Chicago estimates that “only” four TBOX participants wound up in jail this year. That’s down from six last year; seven in 2014; and eleven in 2013.

TBOX organizers began adding more private security, clean-up crews, private ambulances and portable toilets in 2013 after the bar crawl started sucking up police and fire department resources that were supposed to be protecting a broad swath of the city.

Chicago police tactical units from five outside districts patrolled Wrigleyville during Saturday’s event.

The king of Wrigleyville drunk fests, St. Patrick’s Saturday, is also seeing somewhat less shit with a little more show.

The March mess saw 21 arrests in 2014; 17 in 2015; and only seven this year.

Even with fewer arrests at TBOX 2016, the local police and fire department communications managed to remain entertaining. Here are some highlights:

Rock & Roll Elf or bizarre Jewish street gang? You decide. | Screengrab via @the1stMikeC 
10:45AM — Witnesses report a “21- to 25-year-old woman vomiting as she’s walking out of Old Crow Smokehouse.” She’s taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and appeared to also be the victim of a battery, police said.

1:22AM — Moe’s Cantina needs an ambulance for a “downer.” The call is forwarded to TBOX’s private ambulance service.

2:46PM — “Male white in a black jacket is being beaten by a female white in a Christmas sweater.” Addison and Lakewood.

2:51PM — The fire department can’t find a reported female down at Clark and Sheffield. 19th district commander Marc Buslik reminds dispatchers that “the organizers of this caper have private ambulances so there may have been a transport.”

2:51PM — Confirmed. The drunk girl from Clark and Sheffield was swept away to hospital by the angels of Superior Ambulance Service.

3:38PM — Outside the Coffee and Tea Exchange, “a male white and a female white in matching red holiday sweaters” are beating each other up.

4:25PM — At Clark and Addison:
On the first arrest of TBOX
The drunkards gave to me
Two men in jail for 
5:02PM — “A severely intoxicated male, white screaming for help on the street” at Southport and Waveland.

5:28PM — The man who was screaming for help has now crashed onto a store’s Christmas display, and he’s refusing to get up. He’s described as “the man with trees on his sweater who’s sitting on a Christmas display.” 3600 block of Southport.

5:45PM —
On the third arrest of TBOX
The Irish Oak gave to me....
Another douche charged with batteryyyyyy
5:46PM — Man walks into the 19th district police station at 850 W. Addison and reports that a “highly intoxicated female got into his vehicle and passed out. He doesn’t know the woman.” She’s hospitalized.

7:41PM —
On the fourth arrest of TBOX
Moe’s Cantina gave to me…
A combative man slamming his own head into the concrete floor while fighting others.
(Sorry about that. Some of these TBOX scenarios require extra syllables.)

2035PM — An intoxicated man calls police because Nisei Lounge's doorman is "being mean" and won't let him into the bar. The man promptly passes out on the sidewalk. Ambulance scoops him up for a sleigh ride to detox.

9:55PM — Intoxicated male white is battering pedestrians as they pass by Clark and Roscoe. He’s wearing “a blue stocking cap, blue sweater, red snow pants, and no shoes.”

12:26AM — “Send me an ambulance. I gotta a drunk who slipped on the ice and cracked his skull” outside Slugger’s World Famous Sports Bar.

12:50AM — In the 1400 block of West Cornelia, an unknown male white is sleeping in the first-floor stairwell. The caller does not remember what the man is wearing, but he has antlers.

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  1. Are the people taken away in ambulances charged for the ambulance ride as well as the ER visit?

    1. The city always charges for ambulance pickup. I was charged $1,100 for a ride from Barry and Broadway to Illinois Masonic, three blocks. However since they don't have social security number they are rarely paid.

    2. I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't be.

    3. The ambulance companies make big contributions to the mayor so they get away with the outrageous charges. I wonder if someone reported the ambulance company to the Lisa Madigan, if she would even respond.

    4. Have any of you ever been in an ambulance? It's expensive because they are essentially mobile hospitals now.

  2. Thank you for listing more proud moments from the daily life in Wrigleyville. Keep up the good work folks. Maybe next year we can double the arrests. Something to be proud of. Now, how many of the folks that came here actually live in Lake View?

  3. Should be renamed the Wriglyville Christmas ( Drunken ) Brawl !

  4. Thank God it was snowing.

  5. "Man reports that a 'highly intoxicated female got into his vehicle and passed out.'"

    As the kid at the end of Animal House said, "Thank you, God!"

  6. are people nuts,or am I living in the old days??

  7. As someone in the alcohol sales business, it never ceases to amaze me how many people get so over-served. I mean I know how, but the law clearly doesn't allow for it and in many cases it's the bar/servers' faults. Of course, it is Chicago.

  8. I don't even like leaving my house to walk my dog during TBox day. Man, I'm old.

  9. Maybe a dumb question, but it appears that just about all of the people who live in the neighborhood don't want this event or others like it, so why can't they shut it down?