Saturday, December 03, 2016

Daisy Duke-Wearing SWAT Team Biter Gets Probation (And Other Recent Court Action)

Sydney Marovitz Golf Course and McCovins (inset) | Chicago Park District, Chicago Police Dept
Court cases for some crimes we've reported on CWB Chicago have wrapped up:

One participant in a bizarre incident that saw cops and SWAT team members chasing Daisy Duke-wearing crossdressers across the Sydney Marovitz Golf Course has reached a plea deal.

Cops chased the suspects after people reported that they were zapping victims with a Tazer during lakefront robbery attempts in June.

Officers described a wild foot chase in the middle of the golf course, which was packed with duffers: “He’s wearing a pink hat and spandex” one officer screamed into his radio as the pursuit roared through fifth hole's 515-yard fairway

Cops caught up with the fabulous fivesome in the middle of the fourth hole fairway where a SWAT team member was bitten by 19-year-old Eric McCovins who threatened to have AIDS, police said.

McCovins has now pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated battery to police officers. A judge sentenced him to two years' probation.

Theft and trespassing charges against most of the other arrestees were thrown out, according to court records.

Prison For Wrigleyville Coke Deal

Pelt | Chicago Police Dept
Daniel Pelt, a 57-year-old Conservative Vice Lord gang member who sold drugs to an undercover cop across from Wrigley Field this summer, has pleaded guilty to manufacture-delivery of cocaine. He received a two-year sentence.

Pelt has a long, violent criminal record that includes a 30-month sentence for battering a police officer; multiple 10-year sentences for theft and burglary; two six-year sentences for robberies, and multiple drug convictions.

All totaled, he's been sentenced to more than 60 years in prison since 1983, but Illinois keeps giving him more chances.

Burglary Boneheads

It'll be two years' probation for Aaron Kaser, the 31-year-old Lakeview man who has now pleaded guilty to stealing a laundry list of tools from a neighborhood garage in September.

Kaser | Chicago Police Dept
Cops on patrol in the 1200 block of West Newport noticed that Kaser was hauling around “a lot” of tools that Kaser said he subsequently said he had "found."

Pressed for more detail, Kaser took the cops to an open garage in the 3200 block of North Sheffield where Kaser said he “took the tools…before someone else did.”

According to cops, Kaser was hauling a ProLift Work stool, a DeWalt hand drill, a DeWalt grinder, two jack stands, a Tekton torque wrench, two boxes of drill bits, a socket wrench with a bag of attachments, three portable work lights, a 50 foot extension cord, a bag of wrenches, three screwdrivers, and a C-clamp at the time of his arrest.

- Gerald Harris received probation for breaking into a Lakeview man's garage and stealing a $950 bicycle. Harris, 30, pleaded guilty to burglary in the October case which occurred in the 1100 block of West Newport.
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  1. Sixty years of low punishment, midnight basketball and rehabilitation have not positively affected Mr. Pelt. Why not institute a 10 strikes rule and hand people like him life sentences? At what point do we finally come to the conclusion that he is a net drain on society and his freedom will continue to cause harm to others?

    1. Look dude. As long as they're keepin' ya'll high as hell on those drugs delivered to your doorstep via Sir Pelt, et al..the more "progressive" people the area attracts, the more the bars and businesses pay with their CASH proceeds to keep everything hush.

      The proverbial "revolving door" and "viscious cycle" has numerous meanings in that city, especially Lakeview.

      This is all keeping your true unemployment stats off of the front page of USAToday.

  2. Is anyone else who's reading this ready to vomit? Probation, probation, probation (i.e., slaps on the wrist); charges "thrown out," (WHY?!!); a two-year sentence (of which only a few months might be served); and all for some pretty serious charges. THIS is why we continue to have issues in this area of the city. Come to Lakeview, rob/steal/plunder, get off easy. Fuck!!

  3. Whata joke, these judges are the real criminals!!!!

  4. Get use to it ! Prepwrinkel and Kim Fox will be doing much more of the same. If there is no violence or guns in the criminals background, probation. That includes selling narcotics near a school, church or park. Believe it or not if your a cartel member here from another country, have no criminal background in cook county, and get caught with get a I-bond. Might as well steal and sell drugs. The consequences are minimum.

    1. Your comment about no violence or guns is absolutely wrong. As a long time reader of CWB I have read dozens of stories showing violent and/or gun toting criminals getting off with probation. Judges and prosecutors don't give a shit that they keep putting violent repeat offenders back into our neighborhoods.

  5. Those sentences will leave them shaking in their boots.

  6. Wow, here I am working hard, playing by the rules, and PAYING TAXES. I should really consider becoming a criminal in this county -- it seems to pay well and come with few consequences...

  7. If you voted for Kim Fox, then you're part of the problem.

    1. I did not vote for Lil Kim and was vocal to my friends that she is criminal-friendly and anti-cop.

  8. Your burglars are getting no prison time. Open your eyes and ears.... politicians keep pushing for less or no prison time for non violent offenders the police can not keep up when as soon as they lock up a felon, he/she gets released

  9. And I really don't mean to be rude or un-PC or anything but that Pelt guy looks just like one of the finance "directors" of COH. I literally had to do a double take/read. They could be twins sans the frown.

  10. Pelt, aka the human thumb. It looks like he'd pop right out of a cannon if we could aim it high over lake Michigan.

  11. That Pelt dude is simplt dreadful, if he looked me in the eyes I would turn to stone.

  12. I think Eric McCovins is the guy who broke into 5 homes, kicked in the front doors on my block and spit in my eyes and told me I now have AIDS. This Eric McCovins looks just like the guy

  13. CWB: THANK YOU for the updates on the results of the arrests previously reported here.

    It is a f'ing joke that McCovins and Kaser were sentenced to two years' probation.

    Do you know the name of the Judge in the McCovins and/or Kaser case?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!