Saturday, December 31, 2016

Convicted Boystown Robbery Offender Gets Arrested Again

A neighborhood pest is in custody, accused of punching a woman in the face and taking her friend’s cellphone near the Addison Red Line station on Tuesday.

Scurlock | Chicago Police Dept
39-year-old Kendricks Scurlock of the 800 block of West Grace is accused of attacking the victims around 5 p.m. and then running through an alley that runs parallel to the L tracks.

Cops found him standing on the corner of Wilton and Waveland with the victim’s iPhone moments later, police said.

He is charged with theft and battery. A judge set bail at $50,000.

Scurlock served time for a 2011 robbery in the 3300 block of North Halsted.

He has been arrested ten times since getting out of prison.
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  1. I just returned from a cross-country road trip. Yes, Chicago is a joke. It's a big country. No reason to live in such a left wing horror show when dozens of other states offer so much more.

  2. I'm guessing "800 block of Grace" means he lives at here:

    I thought Section 8 had prohibitions for those with criminal histories?

  3. Is this the same Kendrick Scurlock who's facebook profile says he used to work at the Center on Halsted?

    1. Probably. He's been arrested at the Center On Halsted twice. Of course, they never showed up in court, so he got free passes on both.

    2. 39? At the COH youth center? Why do they even let him in? It's so obvious he isn't 12-24 what they consider to be a youth. Plus, if they know he's committed two crimes on their premises, why would they have let him in after the first time? I must conclude that the people at COH are slow learners. "Restorative Justice" is neither restorative nor justice.

  4. The old 12 Strikes and you're out.

  5. So in the 72 months since the beginning of 2011, Mr Scurlock has been able to serve time for one robbery AND get himself arrested 10 times since then.
    Well done. You've been a busy fella.

    ---- HEY STOOGES ----
    Yes that's you Crappeman and TeeneyTommy and Michelle-Do-Nothing....
    Just where the hell are you all.
    - Out there campaigning for REAL sentencing?
    - Posting your ideas to get criminals off the backs of taxpayers and law-abiding citizens?
    - Doing anything (besides mouth-breathing) about 800+ homicides in Chicago in 2016?
    .....yeah. I thought not.
    Terrific. Outstanding citizenship. Good god what an embarrassment.

  6. Some lame judge will probably give him a pass on this one as well.

  7. Sooo...hard working people are randomly subjected to stop and search at the trains, but armed criminals travelling over ten miles take the Redline to Lakeview all day and night??...This dude does NOT live on Grace street.

  8. Last time I looked punching someone in the face and taking their phone was called Robbery which is a Felony. Wondering if someone from Kim Foxx's office decided that Mr. Scurlock already has enough Felony charges and maybe we should try something different. Afterall, we don't need any more people of color in Cook County Jail. No one was really hurt. Just punched her in the face and took a phone.

  9. Another case of our legal system absolutely failing to protect society from a proven violent predator.