Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wrigleyville Bartender Accused Of Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse Of Two Girls

A 28-year-old South Side man who told police that he bartends at a large nightclub in Wrigleyville stands accused of sexually molesting two girls, according to court records.

Booker | Cook County Sheriff
Prosecutors charged Lyle Levon Booker of the Grand Crossing neighborhood with aggravated criminal sexual assault of a child under nine-years-old and indecent solicitation-aggravated criminal sexual abuse, the records show.

A 14-year-old girl told police that Booker sat on her bed last month, touched her inappropriately, and offered her $100, then $200, and eventually $300 if she would let him perform a sex act, the state’s complaint says.

During their investigation, detectives heard from an adult woman who told them that Booker had repeatedly sexually abused and assaulted her when she was eight- or nine-years-old, according to police records.

Booker turned himself in last Thursday at Area North police headquarters, 2452 West Belmont.

A judge set his bail at $500,000.
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  1. Bartends a large nightclub in Wrigleyville? Do we know which corporate beertap he worked at?

    1. He told police that he works at Deuces and the Diamond Diamond Club. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. You mean the bar where Tunney is hosting his annual "Fee drinks on me/just re-elect me" Christmas party?? This is rich! Lol

  3. This is not true. At first it was said to be a 8 year old and it's been switched to a 14 year old?.. no credible sourcing.

    1. Uh, no, honey. Let's polish those reading skills. There are two females involved here.

      And if the court filings aren't credible enough for you, we're probably never going to convince you that your friend has been charged as reported here.

  4. That is what his perverted ass get he been had issues that he never seeked help for now karma got him.