Friday, November 04, 2016

World Series Victory Party Sparks 21 Arrests In Wrigleyville (Here's The Play-By-Play)

Outside Wrigley Field Wednesday | the1stMikeC
Let's just get right into this, shall we? CWBChicago estimates that there were 21 arrests related to the Cubs' seventh World Series game and the ensuing mayhem. Now, here's the play-by-play from police reports and police and fire communications, accented with some tasty post-season videos:

6:04PM — The ball game doesn’t start for another hour, but it’s never too early to get arrested in Wrigleyville! 17-year-old juvenile gets locked up for shoplifting Cubs gear at Sports World, 3555 North Clark.

7:45PM — An ominous sign: There’s a fight breaking out at the Salvation Army canteen truck, 835 West Addison.

9:13PM — The Addison Red Line station is closed to..., ha, hahaha. Excuse me. I’m sorry. This is funny. Heehahah. Whew! …The Addison Red Line station is closed to keep people from coming to Wrigleyville.

9:19PM — “We got a bar brawl at Cesar’s Home of the Killer Margaritas.”

9:38PM — Person with a gun. Male white, Cubs jersey, drinking a beer, holding a flag and a gun at Ashland and Addison. (Listen HERE)

9:55PM — “Are those people coming in on trains? I thought they shut it down?”
“NO. These are just people walking in.”
“Close it off when you can.”

9:58PM — “Get ‘em off the light posts!!”

10:03PM — The crowd just pulled down a traffic signal at Clark and Addison. Live wires are exposed. Officer: “They’re climbing on the trucks and all kinds of shit.”

10:05PM — Deputy Chief: “Have officers surround the light poles so these fools can’t take them down.”

10:20PM — Guy needs an ambulance because he punched out a bunch of windows on Belmont and he’s bleeding heavily. By noon, five businesses on Belmont will report broken windows.

10:45PM — There’s a fight inside the paddy wagon. Racine and Addison.

10:54PM — A customer is refusing to pay the $500 “table fee” at Greystone, 3441 North Sheffield.

10:55PM — Three men are running on the train tracks at the Addison Red Line station.

10:56PM — As the game goes into extra innings, the command post has a revelation: All undercover officers were sent home in the 6th inning.

11:23PM — Man detained for “a good amount of cannabis” at Addison and Racine is set free because they can’t figure out how to get him to jail.

11:47PM — Cubs Win!

11:52PM — Telemundo’s complaining about people on top of their TV truck at Taco Bell.

11:52PM — Command Post: “Can you notify Cubs security that they have about 15 people in the upper level of Wrigley ballpark. We’re not sure how they got in."

11:53PM — Clark and Addison. Men on the light pole.

11:53PM — Clark and Waveland. People on the light pole.

12:01AM — It’s now 25 to 30 people inside Wrigley Field, er, “Wrigley ballpark.”

12:04AM — Police radio communications are so jammed up, officers are calling 911 to report incidents and status changes.

12:09AM — Here’s a twist. Clark and Waveland. Man fell OFF of a light pole. Ambulance rolling.

12:10AM — Brainstorm! “We’re going to open the Addison Red Line so these people can get out of here.” “Oh. Okay. Yeah.”

12:17AM — Observation post: “South of Newport, you have four blocks of dense crowd.”

12:18AM — “Get these people off the camera trucks at Taco Bell before they flip one of them!”

12:20AM — 900 block of Newport: 10 people who don’t live in the building have forced their way in and now they’re partying on the roof deck.

12:28AM — Order from the Chief of Patrol: "That Sheridan [Red Line] platform is a short platform, so make sure too many people don't go up there and die."

12:31AM — They broke the front glass at the cancer treatment center.

12:36AM — Robbery in progress at Clark and Addison. Three men are beating and robbing a man in front of Vines bar.

12:38AM — The Bureau of Electricity needs a police escort so they can get in and handle those live wires.

12:46AM — Question for incident commander:  What’s the plan? How are these people getting out of here? They keep walking around in circles. Answer: “I don’t know I’m just a political hack.”

12:47AM — Crowd has pounced on a white box truck outside of the Cubby Bear. They’re ripping the roof off and looting the Cubs memorabilia that’s inside.

1:17AM — Garbage cans on fire in the alley at 3600 North Greenview

1:20AM — Drone crash. 3500 North Sheffield. Operator becomes arrest #13.

1:34AM — A woman who lives two blocks from Wrigley Field says a helicopter is hovering over their house. She wants it to move on.

1:36AM — Shots fired. Ashland and Wrightwood. Three people fired shots and ran into the alley.

1:37AM — Car on fire. Roscoe and Southport.

1:39AM — People “jumping roof to roof” in the 1300 block of Addison.

2:15AM — Squad car just got involved in a hit and run. 2400 block of North Lincoln.

2:27AM — Squad car gets rear ended. 1400 block of Irving Park.

2:32AM — Bicycle officer is struck by an Infiniti. Officer is “up and walking around” but goes to Northwestern for treatment.

2:40AM — People are “pretty battered and cut up” after a man jumped the bar and started throwing glass and bottles into the crowd at Lokal, 2500 North Ashland.

2:40AM — “How far are we pushing this crowd eastbound on Addison?” “Into the lake would be nice.”

2:56AM — Police declare an emergency when a large crowd begins throwing bottles and bricks at Addison and Ashland. Officers later compare notes:
“This ain’t no different than the South Side.”
“Worse than the West Side, man. It’s worse than the West Side.”
“I’ll take the South Side over this crap.”
3:13AM — Trash cans on fire in the alley. 3800 block of Greenview.

3:16AM — 19th district dispatcher reads off a list of 911 calls that are waiting for police service. It takes her more than 5 minutes to finish.

3:17AM — An intoxicated female is crawling down the street in the 900 block of Oakdale. The concerned citizen says the woman “appears to be breathing.”

3:22AM — Jenny just got robbed by three men armed with a handgun at Belmont and Lake Shore Drive.

3:27AM — Trash cans on fire. 3600 block of Leavitt.

3:30AM — Man is beaten and robbed at the Belmont Red Line station.

5:06AM — Five drunk men and a drunk woman “throwing potted plants at cars.” 3700 block of Halsted.

5:44AM — At Southport and Byron, a truck driver reports that “a male or female is down and lying in an awkward position.”

8:39AM — Someone is painting a big blue “W” on the sculpture at Diversey and Lake Shore Drive.

11:00AM — Oh, by the way. Remember that call of three people firing a gun at Ashland and Wrightwood earlier. Welp, it looks like the call was legit. A guy’s calling now ‘cuz he has bullet holes in his car.

11:18AM — Some places have no chill, man. An officer intervenes in an armed robbery in progress at the Wrigleyville Taco Bell. One arrest.

12:04PM — A guy in the 3800 block of Claremont wants to talk to the police. He and two of his friends were outside his house at 3:30AM when they all got robbed at gunpoint.

1:21PM — Officers learn that their days off for Friday have been canceled and they need to report to work at 4 a.m. for the parade. Fuck.

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  1. The Telemunod truck got messed up at Taco Bell. LOL!


  3. “This ain’t no different than the South Side.”
    “Worse than the West Side, man. It’s worse than the West Side.”
    “I’ll take the South Side over this crap.”

    From what I noticed during my short time out there, most of the troublemakers looked like they were from the west and south sides.

    1. Stupidest comment ever.. I can't even with this shit

    2. Hmmm. And how would you make that distinction, were they wearing "West Side" and "South Side" nametags?

    3. The west and south sides of what? Naperville or Indiana? I've spent the day looking at videos, pictures, and from with my own eyes, this is not the usual riff raff that is messing up the 'hood.

      So is this ran by the same Deputy Chief that is cashing in a comfortable $170,000/year? Again, he let the undercover cops go home before the game was over, they did not have support from other surrounding departments, and people got hurt property got damaged- both public and private.
      This is funny to read because it is like child's play compared to the everyday crime, but c'mon, our finest couldn't control this AGAIN!

    4. Uh oh, some of you snowflakes might need to seek your safe spaces.

    5. West and south side chicago, is wwere they are speaking about. Both not very good parts of town.

    6. Weird. From the pics all I can tell is that they look like drunk white guys from the 'burbs.

    7. No I was there and the crowd changed around 1am just like it does every weekend so take your 2 cents and you know what. I was there you weren't! packs of thugs just looking for trouble just like every other weekend. Most of the problems happened out side of the bar area. Sharks looking to feed

    8. Weren't there 700 arrests with the Bulls celebration. .not to mention the destroyed buildings and a few murders. Ummm...yeah..Northside knows how to celebrate calmly for the most part.

  4. Look....when you're a guy, and the team wins the big climb a traffic light pole.
    It's what you do.

  5. Doesn't exactly match da tronc's version, does it? Thanks for doing some actual reporting.

  6. they cubs won so the cubs insurance should pay for this damage to the neighborhood, GO TEAM GO!

    1. They're going to have to save that $ to powerwash and repaint the outside of Wrigley. What started as chalk is now straight graffiti.

  7. How far are we pushing this crowd eastbound on Addison?” “Into the lake would be nice.” lmao!!! This made my day.

    1. That's what I said about the Pride Parade re-route years ago (and I'm gay).

    2. They use a similar rough for the Pride Parade and have it end in Grant Park. But then it would expose the false attendance numbers.

  8. Ouch, I guess the crowd got tired of catching people falling off the light posts.

    In all seriousness, THANK YOU to the police for working long hours, during some colder nights, and dealing with much nonsense (from leadership and fans) after being on your feet for 12+ hours. Every cop I talked to had a good attitude despite it all. I know that you're often stuck in your cars going from job to job on a normal day, so it was really nice to get to meet many of you face to face.

  9. Stay classy Cubs fans

  10. It seems that even though the Cubs had an amazing season the Police brass did not start planning until the very last minute and did a horrible job at whatever plans they did make. Thank you to the Officers that have some knowledge and experience that did whatever they did to keep this circus to as minimal as possible

    1. What is or are a "Police brass?"

    2. You are on the Internet, genius. Police brass means the bosses.

  11. "5:06AM — Five drunk men and a drunk woman “throwing potted plants at cars.” 3700 block of Halsted"

    (That's a tame DAY near COH)

    1. What kind of plants? Those Spider plants are fine, but if they're cactus plants, then I insist on charges being filed. That's just reckless.

  12. I was in the middle of this once in a life time experience until 3am. Talked to alot of cops who seemed really laid back and just let the party go on. I say they did a damn good job seeing some of the things I did and all the people that were out there on the streets. Cheers to the Chicago PD and the great job they did!!!

  13. 99 percent were rather tame. Add your derelicts and drug dealers to the drunken red necks that's still about 1%

    1. White dudes from the 'burbs. Take them out and you probably have one or two incidents from actual Chicagoans.

  14. How many homicides as a result of the "suburbanites" partying in Wrigleyville? That's what I thought.

  15. Why should it be the responsibility of the CPD to get drunks off light poles? Let them climb up there and fall and die...that might deter others. It's saving people from themselves that creates all the chaos.