Sunday, November 06, 2016

Woman Raped After Being Lured By Fake Uber Driver In Boystown Sunday

Chicago police are cautioning users of ride-hailing apps after a 21-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by a man who gave her a ride in Boystown this morning.

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The woman told police that a friend ordered a car for her in the 3300- to 3500 block of Halsted around 2 a.m. Daylight Time and she got into a vehicle that she believed was her ride. Police did not say which app the woman used, but a source said it was Uber.

The offender drove the victim to her destination and then lured her back into the car by convincing her that she forgot something, police said.

Once she was back in the vehicle, the assailant drove to a new location and sexually assaulted her in the rear seat.

Our source said the attack took place near an Uptown high-rise in 4300 block of North Clarendon. The victim sought treatment at Weiss Hospital, the source said.

The woman was attacked near this Uptown high-rise.
Police said the man weighs 300 pounds and is in his early- to mid-40’s. He had a tan complexion, a round face with white stubble, bushy black eyebrows, short black hair, and he spoke with a thick accent, according to detectives.

The offender's car is an older model 4-door beige, tan, or white Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla.

Detectives today warned ride-hailing service users not to get into vehicles without first verifying license plate and driver information.

Anyone with information about today’s incident or the suspect is asked to call Area North Detectives at (312)-744-8261. Refer to case HZ504471.
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  1. A small amount of personal responsibility would have prevented this (and this is in no way saying the victim "deserved it"). Always check your drivers car make, model, license plate # and picture when you use a ride-hailing service. Uber and Lyft symbols can be downloaded from the internet very easily.

    1. You have to realize too that many Uber drivers register a decent car with them for ride sharing, but because those rates are so low and they're not making jack sh*t, they actually USE a different beater that just barely gets by the rules/criteria (if at all) and the riders don't care either. They just want to get home or to the airport - as CHEAP as possible so they have more money for craft cocktails and tips for the bartender (and the bartenders liability ends right at "Did you drive tonight?). There is irresponsibility all the way around.

      The fact that Illinois requires a license plate on both the rear AND front of the vehicle, unlike many other states, makes the laziness border on "blame the victim".

    2. P.S. Those Lyft light up mustaches, etc can be PURCHASED on the internet. Try ebay. Many Lyft drivers were upset they didn't get one from Lyft as promised after they met their 90 day goals, etc. and they were directed where to purchase one on an online forum. The turnover is SO high with that ride sharing business, those that quit would just sell them and others didn't want the silly things in the first place.

  2. I drove for Uber. I always kept my doors locked until confirming condition amd NAME of the rider before allowing entry Do you want to know the percentage of drunk females yanking on my door handles when making a pick-up at a bar? You'd shit. They don't care. "Yeah, that looks like the car in the picture and he stopped right there so...."

  3. Kind of ironic, I had my first uber ride on my own last night and was getting out of the car a block away about the same time this was happening. I had wondered a few times if I had gotten into the correct car. I ensured to check the license plates. I'm a guy, but that doesn't mean anything these days. It also took my 2 hours to download their app on my phone.

  4. Ladies out there, please DO NOT DRINK if you are by yourself or going home by yourself. I work in boystown and every weekend I see a young woman laying down on the sidewalk completely vulnerable or sometimes I will see drunk women asking strangers for rides or just jumping inside a car. Many times I see men asking drunk women if they want a ride, ladies please becareful out there. If you don't take care for yourself maybe nobody will.

    1. And how do they get in that condition? Your only concern is getting home with your body and $300 in tip cash intact.

  5. The description of being tan and having a foreign accent could match the description of millions in this city.The fact that this creep was obese,can narrow the search.What about surveillance cameras in the area?Ladies please be careful.In case you didn't notice,this ain't Mayberry.