Sunday, November 06, 2016

Shots Fired At Police In Uptown, Two In Custody

Screen grabs showing an Uptown gang member flashing a gun at 1144 West Wilson in March | CWBChicago
Two suspects are in custody after gunmen shot at people on an Uptown street and then fired on police officers who pursued them Sunday evening. No one was injured.

Officers on foot patrol near Truman College reported hearing three shots at 7:42 p.m., police said. The officers immediately gave chase to a man who was seen running from the area while holding his side.

That man, possibly a teenager, turned and fired shots at the pursuing officers, cops said.

One shot was captured on police radio as the officers called in the pursuit.

The gunman who shot at police—described by officers as “that kid from the Youtube video who was holding that gun at Snacks 4 Less”—slipped away, but was taken into custody 30 minutes later at his home.

In March, CWBChicago published a gang member's Facebook video to Youtube in which a young member of Uptown’s Hi City Hoola Gang flashes a handgun while standing outside of Snacks 4 Less, an independent convenience store located across from Truman College at 1144 West Wilson.

It was not immediately clear if the individual shown with the gun in this video was the one who fired at police on Sunday.

Officers arrested the second gunman in the 4400 block of North Magnolia about 10 minutes after the initial incident. Cops found a gun nearby.

Early Saturday, five people were injured in a mass-shooting incident outside of the Aragon Ballroom. Four men and a woman suffered relatively minor gunshot wounds in the incident, which unfolded in the 4800 block of North Winthrop around 1:30 a.m., police said.

No one was in custody for that incident.

Forty people have been shot in Uptown so far this year, nine of them fatally.

The neighborhood recorded 31 shootings, including nine fatalities in all of 2015.
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  1. This is what the new police are up against.

  2. 31 shootings (minimum)
    9 fatalities
    .....isolated incidents.

    1. That's not including the other shootings where no one was hit...

  3. And what pray tell will the dessert queen have to say about this? Kids just getting ho ho s?

  4. Glad I moved to Andersonville. What a shame...I was hoping the Wilson Red Line project would revitalize the area, but it'll probably just become Mugging Central for the neighborhood thugs. Things were really bad about four years ago when the Popeye's was still around. The guys from the Wilson Men's Hotel would start drinking beer on the sidewalk at about 8 in the morning. You couldn't even go into the convenience store at the corner of Wilson and Magnolia.

  5. Why did i move here again?

  6. Good job police! These punks will never learn and have no respect for the neighborhood. When will Tunney and Capleman wake up and smell the coffee?

  7. And fuck gangbangers that shoot at the Police.

  8. Off topic, but does anyone have a list of judges who keep dumping this trash back out on the streets? I know Let Em Go Luckman isn't up for reelection, but he can't be the only judge who keeps giving these criminals slaps on the wrist.

  9. Why not close that building would where the ald office is ?? That is where all the people live and can come from.. walking down the sidewalk you see these gangbangers go in and selling drugs right out frount of the ald office.. why is alderman man not doing anything with drugs being sold right out side his door??? Can someone tell me this

  10. Cappleman has got to go.

  11. How will these upstanding young men tirn their lives around if the police keep hassling them?

  12. I voted early and the nearest polling place was Truman college. Although it's only 2 blocks from where I live, I swear once I passed Target it was like entering into another world. I knew it was a hotbed of violence but it was beyond my worst nightmares. I could feel the tension as I passed the people hanging out on the street screaming and cursing at me and other passersby. I don't know how the construction workers can tolerate it. I will never venture up that way again, for any reason whatsoever. It's amazing how a neighborhood's character can change just by crossing the street.

  13. God bless & protect the CPD .. the environment in which they must work and the
    overblown negative publicity makes for a dangerous brew for them. I thank them
    every single time I see them .. where would we be without them? Total anarchy!

    This year's various bar association links to judicial voting recommendations, if you're voting tomorrow:

    Am I correct that Luckman's term is not up this year?

    As always, thank you so much, CWB, for ALL your devotion getting us the critical info we need.

  14. What a joke society is. Fuck it!

  15. They are always posting new videos please keep the people informed. They have quite a few guns in broad daylight as well as in very public places in these videos

  16. How appropriate - at the :08 second mark, you can see a "Vote for Foxx" sign at the bottom of the screen. Ha Ha HA!!!!

    Can't wait to see if Foxx - financially supported by none other than Soros - has any demonstrable change on Chicago crime.