Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Nuts On Clark" Burglar Gets 10-Year Sentence

Eight-time convicted burglar Armando Vadillo can now be accurately referred to as nine-time convicted burglar Armando Vadillo.

Vadillo pleaded guilty to repeatedly burglarizing Wrigleyville landmark Nuts On Clark this spring.

The judge slapped him with a 10-year sentence, which means he will be paroled in less than five years on May 24, 2021. Mark your calendar, Nuts On Clark.


Hard Time For Car Break-Ins

Also receiving a heavy sentence is John Rodriguez, the 61-year-old Uptown man who was caught breaking into a string of cars near St. Joseph's Hospital in late September. Rodriguez entered a quick guilty plea to five counts of burglary and received a seven-year sentence.

Lakeview Burglary/Robbery Brings Dual Sentence

And Cordell Patterson, accused of breaking into a home in the 3200 block of North Kenmore in July 2015 and battering the homeowner who confronted him, has pleaded guilty to burglary and robbery. A judge sentenced Patterson to concurrently serve six years for the burglary and three years for the robbery.

Patterson's alleged co-conspirator, Jahlil Porter, is due back in court on December 5.

Among other recent sentences:

- 34-year-old David L. Smith of Uptown received one year's probation after pleading guilty to a Lakeview burglary. A homeowner in the 3200 block of North Seminary woke up to find Smith pushing in their rear window at 2:30 a.m. on May 24, prosecutors said. Cops found Smith hiding in a nearby garage, they said.

- Joshua Davis, who told arresting officers that he "fell into" a Lakeview homeowner's window after seeing a $20 bill inside, pleaded guilty to attempted burglary. The judge sentenced him to three years' probation.

- Dillon Barrett-Rao pleaded guilty to the burglaries of two dorm rooms on the DePaul University campus in nearby Lincoln Park. Barrett-Rao was a student at DePaul at the time of the crimes. One of his victims went to police after Barrett-Rao failed to make agreed-to restitution payments, according to court records. A judge sentenced Barrett-Rao to two years probation.
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  1. So I guess we'll be seeing the three clowns who got probation on this website again in no time! Great news!

  2. Cwb, you do terrific work. Does the city tell you which judges gave what sentences?

    1. Thank you. Yes, judge info is included in court records.

  3. These sentences are a joke. These scum bags will likely serve less than half!!!

  4. Probation for entering someone's home uninvited? And anyone wonders why I bought my first firearm this year?

  5. Probation for all three mopes caught breaking and entering? So nice to know they'll be back out on the streets, free to break into more homes.

  6. Stiff sentences I'm sure they would have received probation if they shot or killed someone

  7. And why the hell did Patterson not receive and be convicted of a assault and battery? People who break into other peoples' homes should never just get probation. And someone who breaks in to a person's home and then batters the homeowner should spend at least 10 full years in prison. Again the legal system has absolutely failed to protect society.