Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Man Carrying $1400 Cash Tried To Rob 3 In Gold Coast

Two men who tried to rob three Uptown roommates in River North were foiled when their would-be victims flagged down a passing police car. Then, cops discovered that one of the offenders didn’t need to be robbing anyone—he was carrying more than $1,400 cash!

The incident unfolded outside of a multi-million-dollar mansion in the 800 block of North Dearborn.

Dixon | Chicago Police Dept
Prosecutors say 23-year-old Deangelo Dixon, 21-year-old Leandrew Wallace Jr, and four other unknown men approached the victims from behind around 10:40 p.m. on October 17.

Wallace grabbed the one of the victim’s arm as Dixon went through the man’s pockets while pretending to have a gun under his sweatshirt, police said.

“I’ll kill you,” Dixon reportedly said. “I’m gonna fucking shoot you.”

Wallace | Chicago Police Dept
As Dixon reached for the victim’s cellphone, one of the other victims flagged down an approaching 18th District squad car. The officers stopped and detained Dixon and Wallace while the other men fled.

Police said they recovered $1,403 from Dixon’s backpack during arrest processing.

Dixon and Wallace are charged with attempted aggravated robbery-indicating firearm.  A judge set their bails at $150,000 each.
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  1. Let's do that math. The amount he will need is $15,000 if Mr. Dixon had $1,403 that means he only needs $13,597 for his bail. You are almost there!

  2. Good thing they did not go before Judge Luckman. After hearing that one had $1,400 cash in his back pack he would have said that there was "no probable cause" because he had all that money and did not need to rob anyone.

  3. 150k seems low for threatening to end someone else's life. How do our county's judges sleep at night?

  4. The man who mugged Senator Carol Mosley Braun in Hyde Park in 2007 got a 20 year sentence. Why don't judges issue long sentences anymore?
    BTW, the mugger's name was Joseph Dixon - maybe he is Deangelo Dixon's daddy.

    I was reading about crime in Hyde Park this morning because a relative of mine got a full scholarship to the University of Chicago, but he just turned it down because Hyde Park and the city of Chicago seemed too dangerous to him.

    1. Good choice. And despite what they say about Hyde Park you "don't cross this street" or "that one". Nothing to do and they'll be spending whatever money they have on transportation to other parts of the city. Uber is even rather limited there. As a driver for a short period, Hyde Park is where I shut off my device as I didn't want to get pulled further south, or even west after a drop off.

  5. Leandrew and Deangelo - not that either one could spell or understand it - 'Morally bankrupt douchebags'. A real credit to the community.
    Whatever you have $1403, or 14 cents, all the way down to your socks, you deserve none of it. None. Nothing.
    You fuckwits oughta be cleaning gum and cigarette butts out of the gutter at freeway exit ramps, with your teeth. $1 a pound until you pay off what it costs to keep you one week in jail.