Monday, November 28, 2016

Reports: Carjacking Near Wrigley, Sexual Assault In Boystown Alley

Police are investigating after a Lakeview man reported that a gunman carjacked him a half-mile from Wrigley Field on Sunday.

The man told police that he was cleaning out his car in the 3800 block of North Wayne around 7:15 p.m. when an armed man  approached him, displayed a revolver, and told him “give me everything.”

The gunman then jumped into the man’s Volkswagen Passat and sped away, according to the victim, who described the offender only as a black man in a hoodie.

“No Report, No Crime”

Another gunman robbed a man near Belmont and Sheffield shortly before 4 a.m.  on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the victim did not wish to file a police report, so the crime is not included in police statistics.

According to the victim, the offender was a Hispanic man with an unknown name tattooed over his right eyebrow. The gunman escaped in a black 4-door Chrysler, the victim said.

Boystown Sexual Assault Reported

Detectives are investigating a reported sexual assault in a Boystown alley early on Thanksgiving morning.

The woman flagged down officers outside of Scarlet nightclub, 3320 North Halsted, around 2 a.m. and reported that the attack happened behind a nearby insurance office, police said.

Police were unable to secure a description of the offender immediately.

Doctors at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center treated the victim.
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  1. 4am Saturday night at Belmont and Sheffield, shocker. Its not like there is predictable crime at predictable times on predictable days at that intersection for the past 7 months. Maybe the CPD needs to look at a map and crime stats. There's been so much gang related crime there it should be enough for our new commander to enact a Gang Loitering Ordinance.

    1. 7 months?? More like at least 5 years. Horrible location over there, avoid at all costs.

    2. That is illegal now thanks to the whiners of Illinois.

  2. No report, no crime?
    We need to make it easier for victims to file reports, we need the court trials to take place in a place convenient for the victim (such as Daley Center, rather than the crappy neighborhoods where they currently take place) and we need to provide the victims with some protection from revenge from their attackers.

    1. ...and THAT, my friend, would just put a damper on the whole 'crime is down / under control / as good as it can get (false) narrative. Plus it'd be SO disrespectful to the Preckwinkle / Foxxxx social justice warrior crowd. Not a chance in hell that'll happen.

    2. 26th and Cal is a "crappy" neighborhood? Good grief, you really need to get out more often.

    3. Uhm 26/cal isn't a crappy neighborhood? I've been to plenty of people shot in that area, including rifle fire. 010 is a really fast district with a lot of shootings and bloody gang batteries. Sure, there's plenty of good, hard-working Mexican families in the area but if you think murders, shootings and robberies don't make a neighborhood "crappy," I question what does.