Tuesday, November 01, 2016

HE'S OUT: Man Charged With Trying To Steal World Series Banner From Wrigley Field

A 53-year-old Lincoln Square man is charged with trying to steal a World Series banner from the side of Wrigley Field in broad daylight, prosecutors say.

Kinsloe | Chicago Police Dept
Robert J. Kinsloe climbed a ladder on the Clark Street side of the stadium around 11 a.m. Thursday and began using a pair of wire cutters to remove the once-in-71-years souvenir, according to court filings.

As you may have guessed, Cubs security intervened before Kinsloe could complete the removal process.

Kinsole, a self-employed construction worker, is charged with attempted theft.
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  1. That sound you all heard at 5:10 pm was not a clap of thunder. It was me, face-palming.

  2. I swear, some people are just eat-up with the dumbass. How did he think he'd get away with taking that item without being apprehended? Geez.

  3. Not quite a criminal mastermind.

  4. I bet he serves his full sentence.

  5. Once I stole a Hot Wheel from Kmart back in 1975. It was a Ford conversion van replica that I just had to have. I was 10 years old and got my ass kicked in the store and again when I got home.

    Chicagoland must not have had Kmarts, or the Hot Wheels were behind glass cases. My guess is he never got his ass whipped with a Hot Wheels track either.

  6. And a MASSIVE congratulations to you, sir.
    Superb effort! At 11AM no less. You may well earn that place, right near the front entrance, in the Dumbass Hall of Fame.
    Here's a suggestion (like that's really going to matter, but what the hell)...if you think there's a chance you'll find yourself out on the street with human beings, ask for a chaperone. Get one with an IQ larger than his shoe size. That'll help.
    Oh, and don't chew gum unless your seated and concentrating hard on it.

  7. i'll bet his face didn't look like that on his way UP the ladder