Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gunman Who Robbed Local Stores Also Struck In Edgewater

The gunman who robbed a Boystown Walgreens and a North Center Jewel-Osco within 20 minutes early Sunday is also responsible for robbing two drugs stores in Edgewater the day before, according to an alert issued today by Area North detectives.

Without naming specific businesses, the alert warns of a Hispanic male gunman between 25- and 45-years-old, and weighing 180- to 230 pounds who robbed two stores in the 6100 block of North Broadway on Saturday in addition to the Walgreens and Jewel in our area.

A law enforcement source identified the targeted Edgewater businesses as the CVS Pharmacy at 6150 North Broadway and the Walgreens at 6121 North Broadway. The hold-ups occurred at 4:19 a.m. and 7:40 p.m. respectively.

While the alert says the man wore a tan Carhartt-style jacket during the hold-ups, CWB Chicago learned independently that three of the four victims said he was wearing a blue and black jacket.

At least two victims said the man has a mustache.

During the hold-ups in our area, witnesses said the gunman fled in a white four-door vehicle, possibly a Maxima or Altima, that was driven by another person.

Anyone with information about the offender is asked to call Area North investigators at 312-744-8263.
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  1. I have been to that jewel more than a few times. In my most recent experience I wasn't allowed to let my car idle just outside the entrance with my wife inside by security. But the same security is incapable of preventing or stopping a robbery. What's the point of the security? Is it simply to stop the horrendous crimes that are parking violations?

  2. I said this years ago here and ill say it again. Your goal should be to make this outstanding web site have nothing to report on crime. Fill out an application to carry a hand gun and learn how to use it. The Chicago Police are way outnumbered by the takeover of our once great city by all the thugs hell bent on destroying it and us. The more of us that carry and start fighting back well maybe then they might get scared off enough to stop robbing and killing us. Take that Rham. Why don't you teach the citizens of Chicago this Rham? Hillary lost. Your stuck here Rham. Start protecting us.

    1. This is probably the best suggestion I've heard. Groupon has a few gun courses available by trained professionals. Concealed carry, safety courses, foid card applications, etc. I have convinced myself that if I'm going to get robbed at gunpoint I want to have the option of defending myself with a handgun. And yes I voted Democrat.But I'm tired of seeing the bad guys winning in the city I was born and raised in, on the damn news,every single day.

  3. Hey, CWB -- thank you for posting this. I reside in Lakeview and work in Edgewater near the CVS and Walgreens abd appreciate the info.