Saturday, October 08, 2016

Robbed At Work. Robbed Going To Work. Robbed 3 Blocks From Wrigley During Last Night's Game. And On And On.

The street muggings just won’t stop.

Police are investigating at least six robberies reported across Boystown and nearby neighborhoods since yesterday morning’s rush hour.

The victims include a woman who was beaten up and robbed less than three blocks from Wrigley Field while last night’s Cubs playoff game was underway.

That victim told police that she was walking home around 9:30 p.m. when the offender attacked and tried to rob her in the 700 block of West Grace. An ambulance responded to assist the victim who describes the attacker as a black male between 15- and 20-years-old. He’s 5’9” tall, weighs about 130 pounds, and wore a white tee shirt and jeans.

Boystown: Robbed Waiting For Bus

A CTA driver called the police for a man who got robbed while waiting for the #8 bus at Halsted and Aldine Friday morning.

The victim said that an unknown man roughed him up and took his backpack at the bus stop around 7 a.m.

He describes the offender as a black man in his mid-20’s who stands about 5’6” tall, weighs 140 pounds, and has curly black hair. The robber was last seen running southbound.

Lakeview: Robbed While Walking To Work

A man told police that a panhandler forced him to withdraw money from an ATM as the victim walked to work around 11 a.m. Saturday.

The victim said that the offender approached him near Halsted and Clark, asked him for some food, and then began following the victim, police said.

After a short distance, the offender motioned as if he had a gun and put something to the victim’s side as he demanded money, the victim said.

Both men walked to the Bank of America at 3051 N. Clark, where the victim withdrew $200 and gave it to the offender along with $50 that the victim had in his pocket.

The offender is a black or Hispanic man who’s wearing a black shirt, a black sweatshirt, and headphones.

Lincoln Park: Convenience Store Robbed

Lottery tickets and cash were taken during a hold-up this morning at the R&A grocery, 2601 North Halsted.

A man entered the store around 8:45 a.m. and rushed behind the counter, telling the clerk “Don’t make me hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you” as he took money and scratch-offs.

The robber is s a black man in his late 20’s who’s wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers cap and sunglasses. He stands about 5’6” tall and weighs about 135 pounds.

DePaul: Woman Pushed Down, Robbed

Charges are pending against an offender who pushed a DePaul-area woman to the ground and took her wallet and phone in the 800 block of West Lill around 5:45 Saturday morning.

Police tracked the stolen phone’s pings and located a suspect in the 1600 block of North Wolcott minutes later. That suspect, a woman, is in custody at this hour.

North Center: Worker Robbed At Construction Site

It's a $1.69 million home. And it's gonna be a beauty when it's completed. But, for now, it’s just really expensive armed robbery scene.

A beautiful crime scene with all of the modern amenities.
A man working on the new home in the 3900 block of North Claremont was held up at gunpoint around 10 a.m. Friday morning.

The construction worker told police that an unknown man entered the site, pulled out a silver handgun and forced him to lie on the ground while the offender collected valuables.

Taken were an iPad, and iPhone, and a black backpack.

The offender is a stocky male Hispanic with some facial hair who stands about 5’8” tall. He wore blue a blue hoodie with the word “Chicago” written on it.

Police believe the robbery is related to a similar incident that was reported earlier Friday morning in the 1400 block of North Oakley.
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  1. No amount of CAPS meetings, no number of organized community watchdog groups on Facebook, no more empty promises of additional resources for this neighborhood .... it's history now. Welcome, thugs and thieves!!! The 'hood is YOURS. No longer mine because I'm leaving Monday. God help all of you who live and work here.

    1. So sad...especially if you are young. The hood was safe 24/7 for a LONG time. I squarely blame the COH for it's demise. I too feel nothing can be's a decade's worth of build up now.

  2. Where is Tunney .. where are the Police brass Crime out of control like in a 3rd World Country

  3. WOW ! All this happened ? And I feel so safe with all the added security and a "few" more police officers in the area that Tom Tunney says we have for the playoffs . . . Tom ? Tom ? are you listening ? You were on every TV news broadcast yesterday saying how safe the area would be . . . . What happened ? I am sure your "staff" will get back to us. LOL

    1. I'm sure they're all "looking into" the issue and "working closely with" blah blah blah blah.

  4. And so your jurisdiction allows weapon carry under law. Crime here does still go un-opposed because...
    (wish I could legally defend myself here)

  5. Only going to get much worse
    With this war on police and Nothing is
    Being done about it crime is spiking in
    All urban areas
    When the masses feel unsafe there will
    Be a rush to move out of the city
    History repeats itself

  6. So much for the extra resources the Commander promised would watch the neighborhood during the playoffs.

  7. Recommendation: when walking in Boystown, enter 911 in your phone and carry it in your hand, ready to press "call"

    1. That would be a great idea if only we had the police to respond to the call for help. Remember when you call for help - the police are only hours away.

    2. Recommendation: stay out of Boystown entirely, because it's become a shit-storm led by lying city officials. Your safety cannot be guaranteed at all, no matter the time of day/night.

    3. Right, and the police should arrive about 30 minutes or more after the offender has left you.

    4. Better yet arm yourself and keep your hand on it at all times 911 will take 15 minutes top to respond and a lot can go down in that15 minutes

    5. How soon AFTER you have been robbed do you expect the police will arrive and what will they be able to do about it?

    6. Their first question will be "But did you 'exchange words' with them?" then they'll offer to drive you around to look for them as a nice gesture.....but they were long gone on the Red Line and 12 stops away by then.

  8. I work in the system. Branch 42 and now 44. I see a ton of critical comments regarding the justice process. Yet very little reflection on victims following up. Going to court is a process. I've worked with Judge Luckman & can share that he's a decent man who takes time for defendants & victims explaining the process.

    1. Your comment makes no sense. What is your point?

  9. This is REALLY such old news.
    Don't you know the problem's been solved?
    The Great Leader made a promise:
    "... more police officers 2018..."
    Problem solved.
    Also, there's this:
    - The Stooges
    So, sit down and shut up. Everyone.

  10. 2 offenders were caught and charged with Felonies for Robbery of the Depaul area victim that happened early Saturday am. Thank you, CPD!

    1. That's excellent news. Thank you for the info. We'll put the case on our court research list.

  11. The fact these are happening in the middle of the day with people around is a good sign that the criminals have no fear of getting caught. It was only a matter of time before they realized this area has no police presence and that hitting the daytime crowd is more lucrative.

  12. Bottom line: we are fucked.