Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homicide #8: Every Time Alderman Posts Baked Goods Pix, Somebody Gets Shot In Uptown

A troubling pattern emerged yesterday as Uptown recorded its eighth homicide of the year: Every time the neighborhood’s Nero-esque alderman posts a picture of baked goods to social media, someone gets shot nearby.

Yesterday’s victim was shot four times in the chest at 3:45 p.m. in the 4400 block of North Racine, a few doors south of his home.

Police said the 26-year-old died at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center about 90 minutes later, at almost the exact moment that Alderman James Cappleman posted this photo of scrumptious birthday cake!

A law enforcement source identified the victim as Tramell Williams, a leader of the local Black P Stone gang faction.

The cake, we hear, was chocolate. (You devil, James!)

Cappleman has all but ignored the blood pouring into his ward’s streets lately.

Eight people have been shot in Uptown since September 1, three of them fatally.

But one thing Cappleman cannot ignore is…delicious baked goods!

Since September 1, Cappleman has posted three photos of belt-busting baked goods to his Twitter account. And every time Cappleman posts cake or pie, someone in Uptown gets shot.

It all started on September 3 when James shared a pic of some tummy-tempting chocolate pecan pie! Good gracious! I’m gonna have to spend an hour at the gym from just looking at that! Shame on you, James!!

Unfortunately, two hours after James posted that toothsome taste treat, a double shooting claimed two victims in Uptown.

Now, can we talk about October 16? Oh. My. Gosh. Just look at that chocolaty-nutty-creamy platter of sin that James’ neighbor baked that evening!

Sadly, three hours after he posted this photo, local basketball hero Gregory Tucker was shot to death nearby.

“Oh, the job of an alderman!”  Indeed!

Of course, we’d never tell anyone how to do “the job of an alderman,” but maybe one of ‘em oughta lay off the baked goods and focus on…you know…a certain problem.
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  1. A happy birthday indeed, no more gang leader. Keep on carbo loading Crappleman so long as the targets remain the trash you stuff in your pie hole.

  2. Which came first, the pics or the cake?

  3. I was coming back from the gym on Montrose yesterday around 4:30 and saw the ambulance lights flashing down the street. I figured something was up. I had no idea that gang members actually live in this area so close to Buena Park. I know there are gangs (2 officially, according to the city), but man that is way too close to home. This guy is my neighbor. I have to get out of this shit hole. Your neighbors are drug addicts, gang members, sex offenders, murderers, thieves, and perhaps worse than all of that--Democrats.

  4. Maybe TOONey is a gang leader and those baked goods he posts are secret messages that he's giving the green light for a hit. I wouldn't put it past the corrupt politicians of this fucked up town. Go Indians!

  5. I want to vote early but I'm actually afraid to venture to Truman College or any of the other early voting polling places. They are always in awful neighborhoods with gang activity. I'm literally trying to figure out a way to get to one via the safest routes. BTW, I'm voting GOP across the board, not that it'll matter once the machine changes my votes to Democrats.

  6. Now, I could see if this happened every time Rahm ate baked goods with his "Let Them Eat Cake" mentality but this IS bizarre.

  7. Maybe it's a code to the gang members.

  8. A sweet treat and another banger off the streets sounds like a win-win to me. I just hope the rest of the shootings were one banger shooting another.

  9. He is complete joke worse than Tunney.

    1. Dear God!!! I don't really know much about alderpuss Cappleman, but alderpuss Tunneys is the worst of the worst. To state that Cappleman is worse than Tunneys must mean ... damn, that guy must be a total piece of work! Cappleman + Tunneys = $225K a year of taxpayer money for not doing their part-time jobs. Jesus God Almighty on the side of the fucking mountain!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Once Frank Sinatra and the mob got tired of Uptown the Appalachians moved in. Right from the side if the mountains.

      "So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Uptown Eeeeeast....drugs that lanes and tents....

  10. CWB - Thank you for (finally, in a sense) taking on Cappleman by name. He's been WORSE than Tunney, WORSE than Smith. Those two occasionally pretend to be concerned about the crime wave.
    Mr Social Work???.....Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip. He's the damned embodiment of the clueless, feckless, supplicants who are turning this neighborhood and this city into shit.
    The 'baked goods correlation' is priceless.

  11. He really is a buffoon such an idiot

  12. Please, Alderman. STop posting photos of your beloved baked goods. LIves are at stake here.
    WHy don't you bring a couple cakes over to the homeless people at Wilson? Or are you saving up for boxed Thanksgiving dinners?

  13. One thing is certain...

    The Williams brothers have made fine targets in Uptown...

    God, does it ever end? We are hearing from several readers that there were 3-4 shots fired near Magnolia and Sunnyside just a few minutes ago. Police immediately responded and someone was taken into custody on Racine just south of Sunnyside. From the photos, as well as EMT equipment on scene, it appears someone was hit.

    Update: We are hearing that the person hit was Tyriese Williams, one of the leaders of the Black P Stones. Injuries are non-life-threatening.

    From 2012...

    This time it was Andre Williams:

    "I was studying and heard about 10 gunshots from my bedroom at 5:45pm. One of the victims ran in the alley between Magnolia and Malden to hide with a black winter hat, low jeans and a black hoodie over a white t-shirt. A white Toyota drove behind him at least 60 mph to hit him and continued to shoot while heading towards Montrose.

    Now, tell me again why criminals are allowed to openly live in the subsidized housing clustered about Magnolia Sunnyside and Racine????

    Time for a RICO investigation of those who own and operate those "non-profit", tax funded entities.

    Very apparently that's where the -REAL- criminality is.

  14. Hey--Put down the Twitter and your pics of baked goods and your Hillary posters, and demand more police officers in your ward and stop the murders. We were promised no cops would be lost when 19 and 23 merged and we are down BIG time, CWB has been saying this for YEARS! Real people are dying out here and you are more concerned about the Hillary campaign. Are you a puppet of Rahm, rubber stamping all his votes and the Chicago machine establishment, along with your buddy Tom?

  15. Holy Crap! He looks like an imbecile.

    It is our own fault.

    We are the worst voters in North America.

  16. #ImWithHer? Hmmm, it's obvious by his little display of baked good love for HRC that Cappleman is ethically challenged. Though many would say he is testosterone challenged as well. But no self-respecting aldermen, even corrupt, @ss-kissing Chicago Democrats, should ever make such proclamations. His man card should be turned into the nearest precinct immediately.

  17. Posting those photos while your ward is full of starving homeless people is another example of Chicago's failed leadership. Who are these people? Who the hell do they think they are!

  18. Tell me it just isnt so that Hillary and I and this freshly backed pie share the same birthday together. Screw you.

  19. Oh the job of an alderman is to protect his people you creep.

  20. Perhaps there are so many people pissed off with his comments and photos that CWBChicago crashed.

  21. lol I sent him this article on twitter and he blocked me. What a baby

  22. What a fucking douche.

  23. Both Tunneys and Capplemans are pussies when it comes to doing anything about the issue. But they're sure there bright and early for stupid photo ops with children and old people and whenever a new "social service" facility is opened.