Sunday, October 23, 2016

CUBS WIN: Hampered By Crowd, Cops Only Arrest 7 After NLCS Victory

Good news: The Cubs advance to the World Series and the Chicago Police Department says they only arrested six people. (We've tracked seven. Whatevs.)

Bad news: Many more arrests would have been made, but police were unable to transport detainees from within the massive crowd.

Most serious incidents: man pistol-whipped, gun recovered, taxi driver robbed, and shots fired.

Now, by tepid demand, our highlights of last night's Chicago Police Department radio traffic:

4:56PM — Arrest #1 of the night — man detained for selling fake tickets at Sheffield and Addison.

5:04PM — Deputy Chief: “If we lose tonight, we gotta talk about starting earlier tomorrow.”

5:14PM — Arrest #2 at Sheffield and Addison.

7:42PM — “Large, mortar-type fireworks” being set off a block east of the stadium.

9:09PM — Drone over left field. “Let’s identify the operator. Let’s get that drone down first, then take him into custody and take the drone with him.” Neither the drone nor the operator is arrested.

9:30PM — Battery arrest at Clark and Cornelia. #3 of the night.

9:32PM — The 19th police district, which includes Wrigley Field, goes into “RAP” status. That means no officers are immediately available to handle incoming 911 calls. The district remains in RAP status at the time of this post.

9:45PM — “Tell them to move that SWAT vehicle off of Addison!”

Get SWAT off of Addison....and get Addison off of SWAT  | @OGPOPUNK on Twitter
9:46PM — Dispatcher: “And this game’s over. 2146 hours. 22 October 2016”

9:53PM — “The visiting team is requesting a police escort for the visiting team buses, but I believe that due to the crowds, that is not going to be able to happen.”

10:00PM — They just broke the windows out of a squad car at Clark and Grace.

10:01PM — The caller says a mob of 100 people is coming at them in the alley. 1100 West Patterson.

10:03PM — “I need every available officer and team to come up here. We need to gain control of Clark and Addison.”

10:03PM — “OK. Just so you know, we pretty much lost control of [Sheffield and Waveland].”

10:05PM — “We lost Newport and Clark.”

10:07PM — It seems that the barricades have been compromised.

10:10PM — Dispatcher: "This says 'climbing the light poles and breaking the newsstands.' That’s all we got.”

10:11PM — “Is Waveland looking OK?”
“Waveland is not clear whatsoever. The crowd has not come out of the ball park. The streets are full and they just took down a stop sign, so no, it’s not.”

10:27PM — We got people climbing the pod surveillance cameras. 3531 N. Clark. (VIDEO)

10:34PM — They’re trying to disassemble the pod surveillance cameras. 3531 N. Clark.

10:50PM — “The caller wants police to know he got punched in the nose by a man in a red Acura. He doesn’t want the police or EMS. He just wants you to know.”

11:04PM — “Get doze gize off da pod camera!”
Doze gize on da pahd camera | Video grab via the1stmikec
11:05PM — Arrest #4 at Taco Bell.

11:14PM — Sportsworld is holding four shoplifting offenders. Unfortunately, the police cannot get to Sportsworld to transport the arrestees.

Dat burrito Mexico place
11:22PM — “Emergency! Big fight! We’re gonna need some units. 900 Addison!”  “It’s that burrito Mexico place!”

11:28PM — The four guys being detained at Sportsworld have become aggressive.

11:29PM — A man with a large head wound just dropped a gun in the alley and ran away. 1200 Addison.

11:32PM — “I’m here right now, there is blood and a weapon.”

11:39PM — Ambulance is called for the man who was pistol-whipped in an alley on Addison. He “has a gash across his head” and appears to be a crime victim, not the owner of the gun.

11:33PM — Command post: “We have eyes on four Black Lives Matter people walking northbound on Clark and Addison.”
Deputy Chief: “Well, they’re allowed to. They’re gonna be moved like everybody else.”

11:39PM — Traffic aide reports a man being beaten up by several men at Clark and Grace.

11:45PM — The man who was beaten up by several men has now been run over by a car.

11:43PM — “Oh, hey. Did those Dodgers buses get outta here?” “Yes. They have left, sir.”

11:55PM — People are stealing and causing disturbances inside the CVS Pharmacy. 3637 North Southport.

12:07AM — “Do you have a unit [available to help with an arrest] at Taco Bell?”
“We don’t have anybody available, but I know they can’t navigate the crowd. We got four being held at Sportsworld and people stealing from the CVS, so…”
Criminals get a pass if the police can't get to 'em. | Chicago Police Department
12:10AM — Sportsworld says that Clark Street is clear, so maybe we can pick up their four shoplifting offenders now?

12:42AM — At 3500 North Sheffield, one guy's playing the drums and four others are throwing beer cans and punches at people as they walk past.

12:43AM — George says the parking lot attendant gave his car keys to an unknown person and now George’s car is gone. Clark and Waveland.

1:30AM — “[Sigh]. This [drunk] woman probably needs a bus, but her friends are asking for an ambulance.”

2:21AM — It’s a man with a knife in a stand-off with a man who does not have a knife at Bacci Pizza. 950 West Addison.

2:34AM — Arrest #5 at the Addison Red Line station.

2:55AM — “Caller says 25,000 people are standing outside of Lucky” sandwich shop. 3472 North Clark.

2:55AM — Arrest #6 and #7 at Clark and Addison.

3:35AM — “Take a ride with EMS…Caller says a male is face down in a puddle of water in the alley. The caller isn’t sure if he’s breathing or not, but will wait so the man does not get robbed.”

3:37AM — Taxi driver robbed in the 400 block of West Belmont. They punched him in the face and took his money and cell phone. White man with a 5’3”-tall Asian woman. Unit: “Any clothing description on the offenders?” Officer: “Cubs stuff.”

3:56AM — Shots fired behind Redmond’s Ale House, 3358 N. Sheffield. They saw a tall white male shooting from a Chevy Malibu.

9:03AM — A guy who lives across the street from Redmond's Ale House woke up and found a bullet lodged in his apartment wall.

11:35AM — Caller says they just found shell casings behind Redmond’s Ale House. “Oh. That's probably the other part of the bullet I recovered earlier..."

And here are some other highlights from earlier post-season play:

October 8, Game 2 vs. San Francisco Giants

11:25PM — “Drunk people have commandeered construction equipment and are operating in the rear.” Newport and Clark.

1:25AM — “Intoxicated male white, heavy-set, long brown hair. He cannot walk and his friends are dragging him down the street.

October 15, Game 5 vs. LA Dodgers

3:55PM — “There’s a plane hauling a Lumber Liquidators banner over Wrigley Field. We have a [temporary flight restriction and] that plane’s not approved. Call the FAA.”

4:34PM — Call of counterfeit tickets being sold at 3500 North Clark.

4:44PM — The temporary flight restrictions are only in effect between 1 hour before and 1 hour after the game. Lumber Liquidators is all good.

6:40PM — More fake tickets being sold. 3400 N. Clark.

8:36PM — Even more fake tickets sold. There’s a description this time; Black male, scruffy beard, 44 years old, 6-feet tall, 260 pounds, black hat, braided hair, and black jacket with gold lettering. And he’s probably laughing his ass off. (We made that last part up.) The victim is sent to the 19th district station to file a report.

9:50PM — Two more victims of fake ticket sales. Sheffield and Addison.

9:54PM — Seven people are beating up the bouncer at L&L Tavern.

10:40PM — Man arrested for “waving a switchblade in the air with several hundred Cubs fans around…causing them to fear for their safety.” 3700 N. Sheffield

11:46PM — Traffic aide reports a man in his 20’s is taking off his clothes in the intersection of Clark and Sheffield.

3:25AM—Quite possibly the quickest police response ever caught on tape.

October 16, Game 2 vs. LA Dodgers

4:40PM — Deputy Chief: “That plane is overhead again. What’s the window? 2 hours? They were warned yesterday. We need to have them written.”
Command Center: “It’s one hour before and one hour after.”
Deputy Chief: “Oh. Well. I still think we’re OK to call and have them removed.”
Command Center: “Yes, sir. Right away.”

8:15PM — Daniel says a man just sold him fake Cubs tickets at Belmont and Clark. The man is wearing a brown coat. Daniel is wearing a blue Cubs shirt.

10:10PM — Inside the Friendly Confines: A 37-year-old suburban man is accused of intentionally knocking a 56-year-old man to the ground, causing one of the victim’s leg bones to pop out of his skin.

10:19PM — Two men arrested after threatening to come back and shoot up Beer on Clark because the bar won’t let ‘em drink on the public way.

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  1. Multiply all of the above by 1000 for next weekend's game. I hope the city officials will be adequately prepared ... ESPECIALLY if the Cubs win out on Saturday or Sunday .... or lose out on Saturday or Sunday.

    1. Pray for sub-freezing temperatures and a heavy rain right at the end of the game. If no rain, might I suggest water cannons.

    2. Considering the sh*tshow after the Bulls win, this is nothing.

    3. Unseasonably warm weather is forecast for the next whole week. Damn. : (

  2. Wait...RAP status from 9:32 last night (Sat night) till at least past 4:24 tonight (Sunday night)??? There's been a RAP status all that time?!

    1. WTF??!? Why so long? Has this area gone completely shitty and become a war zone??

    2. We are fucked next weekend. Unless the governor calls up the national guard which Rahm would never allow since he still has deslusions that he is going back to Washington.

  3. Good thing the poor guy with a drone didn't get caught, he would have probably been in jail longer than any killer or mugger in this fine corrupt city of ours. Ridiculous that a cop would even talk so crazy about a drone operator when so much more serious crime takes place within blocks of Wrigley.

    1. did you ever think what that drone could be carrying?

  4. In reality, this is a massive breakdown in law and order. It's very clear that there were not anywhere near enough police to control the massive crowds and if something very bad did happen, God only knows how bad it would have been. Our politicians should be embarrassed and citizens should be scared to death for their safety, but alas the MSM continues to report everything was good and only a few minor arrests.

    If we had true journalists left any more, they would be camped out at Rahm's doorstep next to his son's college counselor to demand answers. Instead, the citizens will be dumb enough to vote for him again, along with the moron aldermen in these high crime districts. Shameful.

    1. We need a tough on crime Republican to run for Mayor.

    2. All the cops in the world are no match for tens of thousands of drunk and destructive morons. Cabs, police wagons, SWAT wagons, ambulances, buses, etc. were all surrounded with no place to go. Unless they want to run over a few bodies...(I won't tell). It's the same with St. Pat's Day, T-BOX (12 Bars of Xmas), Stanley Cup, etc., and it's happening more and more frequently. That's why the older, established community is fed up with traffic gridlock and parking bans, and every year they fight tooth-and-nail with the Ricketts over the number of night games and concerts so they can at least enjoy a night or two of peace and quiet at home. Some can't even sell their properties to get away from that crap because too many people already know what it's like and don't want to pay top dollar for such grief.

    3. This is when we need to call in the County and State sheriffs to help.

  5. How about voting the Wrigley area DRY...that might cut down the craziness.

    1. GTFO OUtta here with this non sense

    2. There's already enough illegal drugs slinging around there and Halsted St. to take the place of the alcohol.

    3. There is always some ignorant fool who thinks Prohibition is a good idea. Geezus. Read a history book and discover what the crime was like in Chicago in the 1920's & 30's created by Prohibition.

    4. It is not nonsense, the voters in a Chicago precinct can vote it dry. All it takes is a petition signed by 25% of registered voters in that precinct to get it on the ballot of the next general election. Then if 50% of voters vote dry in the general election it is a done deal. The vote dry provision is in the Illinois state constitution and has withstood all challenges. The average Chicago precinct has about 750 voters. So yes, Wrigleyville can be voted dry one precinct at a time.
      If enough people in a precinct are upset about how the bars and their crowds are affecting quality of life get organized, that's all it takes

    5. Anonymous @ 12:20 PM An ignorant fool might be someone who thinks closing a strip of rowdy bars is akin to Prohibition. Alcohol can still be consumed in dry precincts but not sold by commercial establishments. Far cry from Chicago in the 20's and 30's when there was no legal booze at all and gangsters were supplying it illegally. If the strip of bars along Clark street closes there will plenty other bars in Chicago for the frat bros to drink at.

    6. Regardless of if it could be done, financially it's a crazy idea.

  6. So what the criminals discovered is that the rest of Lakeview is prime for the taking during the World Series.

  7. These police scanner posts are always priceless. Thanks!

  8. Getting the gel out of here for next weekend - and hoping my property wil be unscathed when I return Nov 1. OMG, next weekend biggest the kind. A World Series event PLUS th festive Halloween weekend shenanigans. God help us all.

    1. We should try to schedule Pride Parade next weekend also along with Halsted Market Days---get it all over in one weekend. Then we could all rebuild for the following year.

  9. "11:22PM — “Emergency! Big fight! We’re gonna need some units. 900 Addison!” “It’s that burrito Mexico place!”"

    ---Umm, this is directly across the street from the 19th District Station. So basically, having a police station on the corner is no longer a deterrent. The cops are basically calling for reinforcements to protect home base. And the possibility of winning the World Series next Saturday - Halloween Weekend -- It just may become the zombie apocalypse. Stock up this week folks.

  10. I dont remember any mass arrests win the sox won in 2005....northside take note!

    1. Is there anything to destroy around whatever they call that park now?

    2. You sir or madam are an idiot. The south side has more arrests and shootings on any given weekend. It's just not news worthy. At this point it's just statistics. It is scary. It is tragic. It is sad. Southside take note.

  11. Other accounts show this victory celebration as peaceful and only a few arrests.

    1. Is that according to press or is that according to a reliable source?

  12. I hope no horses were hurt. If any of those drunks hurt a horse, I think the person should be shot.

  13. May I suggest the people living in the area do like the east coast folks do when a hurricane is otw.... boarded up houses, if planning on staying then stock up and do not leave but I would go on a short vacation

  14. I think we need a law and order type of mayor next - think Rudy Guiliani.

    1. The entire world needs a Guiliani. A pro-gay conservative who says no to crime.

  15. The half-wit that knocked down the barricade posted their video on Facebook. And that's all I'm saying about that.

  16. I'm from NYC. There are still a million lawsuits from civil rights violations during the Giuliani era. They also had a nasty habit of railroading innocent people (cost them $40 million of the taxpayers dollars for the highest profile case). NYC crime is still down with a very pro civil liberties mayor, and even Bloomberg had curtailed some of the worst practices. It ain't the mayor that's the problem.

    1. If it ain't the mayor, then who IS the problem ?

  17. Rahm promises to have '1,000 more police on the street before the next Cub's pennant win...'

  18. These recaps, although scary at face value, are extremely solid entertainment. I look forward to them after every major event. Anything for Halloween weekend?

    1. Ah! You get it. That's good to hear. Nothing for Halloween per se, but we kept track of the weekend's Cubs shenanigans. We're tracking down all of the reports and such for an upcoming report.