Wednesday, October 05, 2016

BUSH LEAGUE: 81 Home Games. 87 Arrests. And We've Tracked Them All

Image: Drunk Clark The Cub
Oh, Cubs fans. We love you. Sorta.

The Loveable Losers' winning season was analyzed a thousand different ways. Except one.

Police action.

That's where we come in.

CWB Chicago's been tracking every detail of every arrest during every Cubs home game this year. We've read every arrest report. Several of them were quite funny. (Thanks, Daniel!)

We counted 87 arrests during the Cubs' 81 home games. With Wrigley attendance hitting 3.23 million this year, the arrest-to-fan ratio is 1:37,154

And, then, there are these details:

The Opposition 

Some visiting teams are much "better" at generating arrests than others. Much, much better.

The race for first place in total arrests literally came down to the last home game of the season.

The St. Louis Cardinals generated three arrests during the Cubs' final homestand, but that just wasn't good enough.

Congratulations to....The Milwaukee Brewers, breeders of 20 Wrigleyville arrests!

But the Brewers also earn another award for their (very) empty trophy case. In addition to having the most arrests overall, they also tied for most arrests per game played at Wrigley! Nice job, Cheeseheads!

Wait a minute.

Why are we celebrating violence here?

Let's reward the peacemakers.

Congratulations to the three teams that spawned no arrests during their visits to Wrigley Field this year:

  • The San Francisco Giants
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers
  • The Angels of Anaheim. 

Good job, Cali boys. You almost made up for carnage inflicted by the San Diego Padres. Almost.

Wrigley Field is the most common arrest location, obvs.

But how did bro hotspots like John Barleycorn and Deuces and Diamond Club not make the top five?

Welp, that's why God gave us the post-season, right boys?

Second place goes to The Cubby Bear, edging out Sluggers World Class Sports Bar by just one pinch.

That parking lot outside of the shuttered Einstein Bagels makes a surprise showing in the cleanup. spot

The three-way tie for fifth place goes to Taco Bell, Country Club Bar and the Sports World souvenir stand.

Address Of ArrestNearest Establishment# of arrests
1060 W ADDISON STWrigley Field21
1059 W ADDISON STCubby Bear6
3540 N CLARK STSluggers World Class Sports Bar5
3455 N CLARK STEinstein Bros. Bagels (Defunct)4
1111 W ADDISON STTaco Bell3
3462 N CLARK STCountry Club Bar3
3555 N CLARK STSports World3

The Arrestees

Who's most likely to be arrested at a Cubs home game?  Young men, of course.

And a young man named "Samuel" or "Sammie" was most likely to be jailed followed by the odds-on favorite—"Justin."

Men were arrested seven times more often than women this year.

The youngest arrest? 18. The oldest? 69.

Now, pull up a chair and get ready for the real action. Cubs post-season play starts this Friday at 8:15 p.m..... At Wrigley Field.  We'll be there.


Editors determined if an arrest was "Cubs related" by reviewing police reports for all arrests made within a quarter-mile of Wrigley Field and within 3 hours of any Cubs home game in 2016.

When individuals face multiple charges, we only include the first two counts on their arrest reports.
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  1. You guys have outdone yourselves. This is an amazing analysis of what's happening outside my window. I was thinking that the california contingent had that hippie/love thing going on, then you hit us with the padres stats!

  2. Old Style has not been sold at Wrigley in 2 years-please make that a doug's sausage instead

    1. Old Style is still served in Wrigley. Four taps alone in the Bleachers.

  3. WoW .. incredible, detailed job. Must've taken so long. Thank you SO much for ALL you do so well. Hope the Cubs notice all the good and the essential public service you provide. MUCH appreciated.

  4. CWB, excellent work! Please consider running for alderman. Or mayor. Job well done!!!! Thank you so much for all that you do. We love you!!!!!!!!

    1. I second that. CWB for Mayor ‼️
      Thanks for all your hard work.

    2. I think many of these people become alderman with good intentions, then they learn the ropes Chicago style and......well, let's just say I know many in Chicago from my home state and they didn't learn that stuff there.

  5. Very interesting article, CWB. Thanks for keeping these stats and updating us.

    Would be interesting to know how many incidents were attendees of the games vs. outsiders who were here to cause trouble and prey on drunk fans.

  6. What's the neighborhood consensus of Stu Zirin and the bar owners in general of the area? He made comments last night at the CAPs meeting which rubbed me the wrong way stating that the issues aren't a police problem but the residents problem to deal with, and if we want more police are we prepared to pay for more police... Are you kidding me? Yes the neighborhood has to take some responsibility but this city's systemic issues and wasted government call for a major overhaul, including we police. While I know there are other neighborhoods that require a larger police presence, I wonder what proportion of our neighborhood's high taxes go to funding our district versus others. Maybe we have 1 too many bars is the hood. He's also suggested the issues stem from 7/11 and gas stations serving single alcohol containers and drinking in the street. Jesus Christ... Way to deflect all the blame on other groups. Maybe we should limit the number of drinks each patron at mini bar can be served...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, I had some wrong information in that post. Anyway , what I wanted to know is : Did anyone attend the Wednesday meeting and what was it like ?
      Any kind of wrap- up or description would be appreciated.

  8. Why would you count arrests outside the park? Littering, street performer permit, and I'm sure there are others.

  9. I keep cracking up at that cartoon of Clark the Cub getting ready to baaaaaaarf.

  10. Thank you CWB, we would ALL be in the dark if we didn't have your excellent reporting! I second the nomination for Mayor or Alderman! You are the only true source we have for crime in our neighborhood!!!!! Keep telling it like it is Please! Outstanding analysis.