Thursday, September 08, 2016

Source: 1 Adult, 1 Juvenile To Be Charged With Robbing Off-Duty Cop; Officer's Gun Recovered

Charges are expected to be filed today against an adult and a juvenile in connection with multiple North Side robberies, including last weekend's armed hold-up of an off-duty Chicago police officer in Lakeview, according to a law enforcement source.

The source told us that the 18-year-old adult was found in possession of the off-duty cop's handgun when officers pulled him over in the 1400 block of N. Halsted late Tuesday night. Cops scooped up the juvenile on Wednesday afternoon, the source said.

CWB Chicago is withholding the adult's name until charges finalize.

The 18-year-old gave a Near North Side home address when he was arrested for criminal trespass to vehicles in Humboldt Park this summer. He currently lives in the Lathrop Homes near Diversey and the Chicago River, according to our source.
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  1. Six months of probation and send them on their way.

  2. Smaaaart, rob a copper and keep the gun on you. Enjoy jail moron. (sadly only for a few years as this is after all City of Chicago, Crook County). Between the free housing, food stamps, free education this turd has been given his whole life and now more free housing and free meals you have to wonder how do we get the $ back?

  3. The BBC recently posted a short documentary about "Life and death on the lost streets of Chicago" showing how violent the south and west sides are (actually they seemed to be glorifying it)...and...lo and the first 2 minutes (at the 1:13 mark) they showed a clip of a north side shooting that CWB reported on last year ( Conveniently there is no mention in the documentary about the rise in violent crime on the north side or downtown. Don't want to scare away the tourists.

  4. I am so-o-o-o worried !! WHAT did they stop the guy for ?..( understand it was a different car ) Will the ACLU look at the paperwork and decide the guy has a lawsuit against the officers , instead of realizing that GOOD police work SOLVES crimes ??

  5. Any idea of the vehicle description when the 18-year old was pulled over and arrested?
    Perhaps a silver-gray Suzuki SUV?