Sunday, September 04, 2016

Off-Duty Cop Robbed In Lakeview, Handgun Taken

An off-duty Chicago police officer’s weapon was taken during an armed robbery in Lakeview Saturday evening. No one is in custody and the officer was not injured.

Three offenders, each armed with their own handgun, approached the off-duty cop and a second victim around 9:25PM in the 3100 block of N. Ravenswood.

The gunmen took the cop’s .38-caliber handgun and took wallets from both victims, but they dropped the officer’s police star nearby, a source said.

All of the robbers climbed into a dark-colored SUV that was last seen heading west on Belmont.

The off-duty cop described the offenders as three black males in their teens or early 20’s. Each of them was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and was wearing dark clothing and a hoodie, the officer said.
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  1. This post and the last post seem related...

  2. Replies
    1. Rahm will personally be investigating this. The guy says crime is getting better. What he meant to say is that the criminals are getting better and bolder. You just didn't listen carefully. What a joke... The cop should be embarrassed! This is where my property taxes are going.... Yo pay the expensive pensions of these Clowns.... Wow

  3. Hey, glad the mainstream news outlets are on this (not)

  4. CWB - thanks for providing this info that nobody else will give us. I hope it's okay that I sent your link to every news outlet in the city, requesting that they cover what happened.

  5. So let's recap the last day or two:
    - off duty robbed at gunpoint, gun/star taken
    - this morning at 0500, officer followed by vehicle. Occupant in said vehicle opened fire on officer at 31/loomis (009 is 31/halsted and I'm taking it that's where he just got off work from). Officer grazed but returned fire and vehicle left. Targeted hit or mistaken identify? I think targeted.
    - off duty ISP officer carjacked in Cicero by armed offenders who also took his weapon.

    Chicago and immediate surrounding areas are up for grabs. Skokie, Niles and Evanston are all seeing violent crime spikes. Once insular districts in 016/017 are also experiencing armed robberies, sometimes combined with CSA (Edgebrook).

    When police are not given to tax-paying neighborhoods, they can't respond to violent crime. When we can't police proactively, even if we are there, we have to wait until we get a radio call or see a forcible Felony in progress. We are all too afraid to do our jobs the way we used to. The criminals know it and they love it. They know they have us by the balls. This city is screwed and it's going to get far, far worse.

  6. Sadly - this is the new America. They say crime is down but it seems that Chicago's is out-of-control. Why is NYC so much safer than Chicago, with 2.5x more people? They have more than 8 million to our less than 3 million - but we have more crime (especially murders).

    1. Why the difference in crime?
      Easy. Just listen to our illustrious elected officials and their mouthpieces. It's all due to hopelessness, intrenched segregation and Indiana handguns.
      Nothing we can do anything about.
      Now please go back to watching TV. When there's something important to know....we'll tell you.

  7. On a Saturday night at 9:25 pm in Ravenswood. Make sure to not go outside after 8:00 pm. Better yet, start the moving out of Chicago plan.

  8. Snake Plisken's BrotherSep 5, 2016, 10:21:00 AM

    And what has been said by Lakeview's illustrious Cinnamon Roll Maker In Chief about all of this?


  9. These crimes are due to open windows and improperly installed air conditioners.
    Nothing to see here.
    Move along citizens......