Monday, September 12, 2016

Man Shot In Wrigleyville Monday; Lakeview Records 10th Shooting Of The Year

Police are investigating after a 25-year-old Belmont Cragin man was shot on the Clark Street bar strip in Wrigleyville around 2:15 this morning. No one is in custody. The victim is in good condition.

Witnesses describe a confusing scene with the victim being shot in the arm and a person being dragged by the shooter’s vehicle as it pulled out of a parking space near Country Club and Rockwood bars on Clark Street.

Three men—two Hispanic and one black—fled the scene in a white Chevy Caprice or Crown Victoria with one headlight and a taillight out, according to a witness. The vehicle was last seen turning the wrong direction, westbound, on Newport from Clark Street.

On A Tear

Ten people have been shot in Lakeview this year, compared to four shooting victims in 2015. One shooting victim died last year and one of this year’s shootings was found to be a justifiable homicide.
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  1. During my 10 years in Lakeview I never realized it was that dangerous - but once I started reading this blog and looking around a bit more, I realized I was just lucky all those years. Anyhow - sold last fall (in 4 days mind you) and moved. I miss the lakefront running path and Pat's pizza - both things are sadly lacking where I moved - but it's safe here.

  2. where are the cops the cubs promised even on non-game days? At 2am a squad should be parked on Clark between addison and newport EVERY NIGHT

  3. They went to eat ...and that guy tried to stab the shooter