Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lakeview Hate Crime, Local Robbery Cases Wrap Up In Court

Here are some court updates on cases that we've covered at CWB Chicago:


Lakeview Hate Crime

Giovanni Mattina, the Lakeview man charged with a hate crime for writing “your Nazi lives here” on a neighbor’s sidewalk and throwing bricks at their door, has pleaded guilty.

Mattina received 30 months probation and is ordered to pay $3,460 restitution.

Belmont - Clark Robbery Case

Devontae King, 21, pleaded guilty to jumping a woman and robbing her outside of the MB Financial Bank, 3179 North Clark, last October. He received a three-year sentence.

The case against King’s alleged accomplice, Michael A. Lee, is still working its way through court. Lee is due back in court on October 20.

North Center Starbucks Robbery

Carlton Cherry has pleaded guilty to robbing a North Center Starbucks in May. He’s been given a two-year sentence.

Career Burglar Pleas

Career criminal John A. Cline has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of theft in connection with a burglary in the 3600 block of North Western last winter.

Cline, sentenced to a combined 36 years in prison for seven different break-ins since 1991, received a modest 364-day sentence (offset by 175 days of time served) in exchange for his plea.

More Charges In "Chicken Hut" Rape Case

Finally, a grand jury has returned a stack of charges against Carlos Ortiz, the 40-year-old Chicken Hut manager accused of raping an employee in the restaurant’s basement on June 15.

Ortiz now faces four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, four counts of criminal sexual assault - consent, and one count of criminal sexual abuse.

A judge also declined Ortiz’s request to travel to Ecuador with three family members where he hoped to spend time with his mother. Ortiz said he bought the airline tickets months before the alleged rape.
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  1. It blows my mind that the Chicken Hut guy still works there, especially since that is where the assault happened.

    1. Agreed! I've known this guy 15 years. Saw him with the first young girl he hired. Things looked off,
      Some days before the rape of this young lady you could just see it him
      Standing behind her sizing her up with a smirk on his face but yet no one was talking.
      I just pray for the young lady that you can move forward after such a horrific experience.
      CWB- Thank you for the update and please keep us posted going forward. I guess the local media missed us too.

      was drooling over her watching her every move I even commented at the time to my husband somethings not right here .

    2. Holy crap, seriously? I don't live there anymore, but I used to be right behind it. Went there all the time, probably gave this guy a tip at points too. Sheesh.

    3. It blows my mind that he thought he was going to still go on vacation anyway. I'll give the judge kudos for that one. It was worth a try I guess, but you know we'd never see him again.

    4. He is still working? Who the hell owns that place. I posted this article on YELP. All please flood their yelp page to warn young females (and everyone else) to stay away.

    5. I'm pretty sure I saw him working on Saturday when I walked past in the afternoon.

  2. Its like we live in hell. Come visit Chicago. Never. The 7 year take over will only grow. And grow..

  3. Morale of the story....don't rob a Starbucks with a tattoo of your first name across your neck while asking for an extra cherry.

  4. The Center on Halsted has become a magnet for petty criminal activity. Its been that way since the beginning and the board does nothing to change that. They have more concern for the 20-30 petty criminals that make the building and surrounding area dangerous than they do for the thousands of law-abiding residents that frequent the building. Go there on a Sunday during volleyball and watch the petty criminals wander in and out of the gym and lounge area looking for an opportunity to steal from jackets and gym bags. This is not what it was supposed to be and people in charge need to learn you can offer services and be sympathetic while holding people accountable for their violent and criminal behavior.

    1. They get money (from the gov't but ultimately our taxes) based on clientele, not on how the neighborhood feels about them.

  5. Thank you so much for doing these follow-ups. This is the only news outlet in the area that actually reports on what happens beyond the initial arrest.

    Off topic but was there ever any developments in the Klepacz murder? I know about the arrest over 2 years ago but couldn't find any information online about a pending trial or plea.