Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cops Snag 2 Suspects After Boystown Mugging

A quick police response resulted in two robbery suspects being captured just two blocks from the scene of the crime in Boystown late Tuesday night.

The Hoff
Two men are now facing robbery and weapons charges.

The two robbers attacked a woman in the 800 block of West Buckingham at 11:55PM and then fled toward the Halsted Street.

Officers stopped one offender who was seen running in the 3300 block of North Halsted Street.
The other offender was found behind the 3300 block of Halsted Street near the victim’s wallet, police said.

A weapon was recovered, the victim’s purse was found, and both offenders were positively identified, police said.

One of the offenders faces additional charges for damaging the police vehicle that transported him to jail.

CWB Chicago is withholding the arrestees’ names until charges are finalized.
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