Sunday, September 04, 2016

Cops Investigate Attempted Shooting In Wrigleyville

Police are investigating after a man was reportedly shot at during an incident in Wrigleyville Sunday morning.

A man said he got into an altercation in the 1100 block of West Addison when the other man pulled out a gun and opened fire around 3:05AM. No one was shot, police said.

An officer on patrol reported hearing shots fired west of Clark on Addison at the time of the altercation. Moments later, several residents and passers-by also reported gunfire near Racine and Addison.

Witnesses and the victim describe the shooter as a 25-year-old black man with short hair who was wearing a white shirt and long red shorts. He was last seen running southbound on Racine from Addison.

Boystown Incident

Also Sunday morning, a man reported having a gun put to his head following a road rage incident on Halsted Street in Boystown.

He told cops that he got into an altercation with another driver at 3300 North Halsted around 4:10AM. The victim said that the other driver got out of his vehicle, put a silver handgun to the victim's head, and racked the gun's slide. No shots were fired.

The man with the gun was described as being Hispanic and about 20-years-old. He was with a Hispanic female passenger in a black 2002 Hyundai that was last seen turning west on Belmont.

A Wild One

This morning's gunplay came after a particularly troubling Saturday in our neighborhood:

- A woman was carjacked in the 1200 block of West Belmont by a man who implied that he had a gun around 4AM. (Full story HERE)

- An off-duty Chicago police officer and a companion were robbed by three men who all pointed firearms at the victims in the 3100 block of North Ravenswood around 9:25PM. The thugs escaped with the victims' wallets and the cop's gun. (Full story HERE.)

- An Uber driver with a concealed carry license was carjacked in the 3600 block of N. Racine around 11PM by a gunman and three other offenders. In addition to the victim's car, the robbers also scored his firearm and two loaded magazines that were in the vehicle's center console. (Full story HERE.)

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  1. How are these thugs getting the jump on people with guns?

    1. Pretty easy.

      In one case, there were three men with one gun each. That's a losing proposition.

      In the other case, the gun was in the vehicle's center console. And the victim was outside of the car.

    2. Pretty easily is correct. for Conceal/Carry to work, you really have to see the assailants and act before they are on top of you, guns drawn. Remember, they are driving around the neighborhood, looking for targets. As soon as their car pulls over, you would have to act, as they are already have their weapons out.

    3. Exactly. When my buddy saw 2 guys jump a guy on Cornelia & Halsted, he said the bad guys were slinking in the shadows behind the unsuspecting victim and before anyone could do anything, they rushed the victim, tackling him and then punching him numerous times, while rifling through his pockets. It was all over in seconds. The perps then ran down Reta TOWARDS the Town Hall Police Station. I'm sure they were on the Red Line back to the South Side before sunrise.

    4. Anonymous Sep 4, 2016, 9:00:00 PM: When (date and time) did this Cornelia/Halsted incident occur? I don't think I've read about that here or elsewhere. I live above Peet's Coffee at that corner. Scary shit!!

    5. "Scary shit!!" started happening in Boystown years ago and no adjustments were made at the local law level to defend what was once a wonderful area. Dumb deaf and blind leadership. Most of Chicago was a cool place to be. It was fun to be there. Spend money while shopping and drinking and not really worried about getting robbed. We are in the process of watching before our very eyes the demise of a great American city.God help us all.

    6. The quickest way to die is to draw on a drawn gun.

      It takes the average EXPERIENCED shooter approximately 1.0 to 1.5 seconds to draw and present a firearm. It takes a fraction of that time to pull the trigger on a gun already drawn.

      Moreover, the Tueller Drill, developed by Sgt. Dennis Tueller of the Salt Lake City Police Department, illustrates that the AVERAGE individual can, from a dead stop, close a distance of 21-feet in 1.5 seconds. If they're already in motion, they can close that distance even faster ( The CCL holder would have to be in Condition Orange or higher to effectively respond with his or her firearm. That's why when outside I almost always have my pepper spray -- small, discreet -- in my weak hand at the ready.

      If I feel others might be sizing me up, I can let a little of the canister show as a warning that they can find easier prey. If attacked, I only need raise my arm and depress my thumb. That can buy me some time and distance in case I choose to deploy my CC weapon with my strong hand.

      The typical adult should be able to spend their entire lives fully and safely functioning in Condition Yellow whenever outside their residence -- which is the only safe place to be in Condition White.

      It is important for each individual to have options and a plan for responding to anticipated threat.

      Stay safe -- and THANK YOU to all those good men and women of the CPD who make up our woefully understaffed thin blue line.

    7. That was last summer while I was away on a business trip. If the victim didn't report it, you'd have little change of reading about it. Believe me - lots of crime goes unreported. Lots of intimidating encounters happen as well, but since they don't necessarily result in a reportable crime, it's not in any DBMS.

    8. Action beats reaction. Think about it If a person already has a gun pointed at you, by the time you draw your weapon 1-3 shots can be fired at you possibly even killing you. Keep your head on a swivel and pay attention to every little detail. If you do carry and observe someone you think may be getting ready to attack you, either run or stop and turn with hand on weapon ready to unholster.

    9. That's exactly why concealed carry is a foolish concept. If the armed victim is already held at gunpoint, it's futile to attempt to pull out a concealed weapon.

    10. Completely impossible.
      Concealed carry is the single solution to all crime worries. Stated so many time here, it must be fact.

  2. Thank you CWB for continuing to keep us informed of these incidents. Unfortunately it appears to be getting worse on the north side with every passing week...

    1. We sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you.

    2. There is a 1 minute video of the fight and gun shots on Addison and Racine, how can it be posted??

    3. Email it to us. contactingcwb at

  3. I just found out a good friend of mine lives in his car in the suburbs after giving up his cheap uptown apartment. He has a full-time, well-paying job near where he "park" and loves the savings he's accumulating avoiding rent. He says he feels safer in his car in Lake County than in an Uptown apartment.

  4. It is abundantly clear that nothing is going to change in the near future. Even if the city were to hire new cops and place them in the net tax producing areas, that will take two years and it seems the liberal courts and politicians have taken away the ability of the cops to actually police.

    What's the point of even caring? People talk about making gun laws tougher but what's the point when you cannot enforce those laws effectively through police action and you don't ever implement the full penalties?

  5. Thanks to the coppers yesterday for chasing down that jerk punching people on Halsted.